Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee Mixed Up In Massive Houston Medicare Fraud

By Gary P Jackson

Another stunning example of how cronyism and corrupt politicians are stealing tax payer money, giving it to crooks, and enabling criminal behavior.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee, from the 18th congressional district of Texas, has deep ties to Riverside General Hospital in Houston. She also has close ties to top administrators who were just rounded up after massive Medicare fraud was uncover at the hospital.

M. Catharine Evans from American Thinker has the explosive details:

Systemic Medicare Fraud Under Houston’s Sheila Jackson Lee

Will Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee have to distance herself from Houston’s Riverside General Hospital now that top administrators have been caught in a major Medicare fraud scam?

Last week’s roundup makes me wonder why the Obama administration is cracking down on Medicare/Medicaid fraud in the first place. Aren’t they the ones shelling out hundreds of millions to their Solyndra-like cronies with no consequences?

Is it to make them look tough on crime, or is it to make sure the recovered monies are going into their own wallets at the end of the day?

Since her days on the Houston City Council, Jackson Lee has pushed to use city funds to keep Riverside’s doors open. At that time, the councilwoman suggested that the facility was a good investment for the city.

Jackson Lee’s interest in Riverside goes back to the ’80s when her husband Elwyn C. Lee, now University of Houston vice-chancellor (see video), served on Riverside’s board from 1981-1988. In his last year at Riverside, Mr. Lee was made chairman of that board, and over the years, husband and wife have been influential in keeping the financially strapped hospital open. Jackson Lee was voted into Congress in 1994, representing the 18th district, where Riverside is located.

The president of Riverside, his son, and five others were arrested on October 4 as part of a nationwide Medicare fraud sweep. Earnest Gibson III, chief executive officer of Riverside General Hospital for 30 years, has been charged with bilking $158 million out of Medicare over the last seven years.

His son, Earnest Gibson IV, was charged with thirteen counts, including money-laundering and conspiracy to commit health care fraud. The older Gibson became president around the same time Jackson Lee’s husband was appointed to the board in the early ’80s.

Friday’s arrests at Riverside came nine months after the arrest of Mohammad Khan, the hospital’s acting administrator, who pled guilty to his role in the Medicare fraud scheme and is now serving time.

Four months after Khan’s arrest, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services suspended payments to Riverside. Gibson, who was still president at the time, sent a letter to all past and present supporters, friends, community leaders, and activists to help stop the federal government in its attempt to aggressively “shut down the 94-year old hospital.” Gibson asked his addressees to contact President Obama and Sheila Jackson Lee, congresswoman for Houston’s 18th district.

Ten days after CMS took action against Riverside, Jackson Lee wrote CMS Acting Director Marilyn Tavenner requesting she reconsider the agency’s decision.

It appears that, in suspending the Medicare payments you in effect have jeopardized some of the most vulnerable patients whose access to Medicare is literally their lifeline,” the congresswoman wrote in a letter.

This is classic corruptocrat strategy. Jackson Lee not only asks taxpayers who have already been bilked out of hundreds of millions of dollars to pour more money into an inner-city hospital run by alleged crooks, but she then blames them when her poor and vulnerable constituents are sacrificed to the streets while administrators and politicians rake in more dough.

It’s unlikely that Jackson Lee would not have been aware of the rife fraud and abuses occurring at Riverside over the last decade. Not only did it happen in her district, but Jackson Lee’s own husband served on the hospital’s board for seven years in the 1980s, when Gibson was president. The Lees’ interest in Riverside continues up to the present day.

In 2010, Jackson Lee personally handed Gibson a one-million-dollar check for the hospital’s new Post Traumatic Stress Clinic after she was able to secure the grant through the Department of Defense. Lee stated that the money would provide more resources for Houston veterans suffering from PTSD.

Last year, Riverside’s Edith Irby Jones Healthcare Center, a drug, alcohol, and addiction rehab facility, was awarded $19.4 million in FEMA funds for structural repairs following Hurricane Ike. The FEMA website explains that money is awarded to the state of Texas and then forwarded to the eligible applicant.

The storm severely damaged the second-story roof, allowing water into the 118,000-square-foot structure. The funding will cover the replacement of the entire Edith Irby Jones Facility.

This facility is a vital part of the south Houston medical community,” said FEMA Region 6 Administrator Tony Russell. “These grants will assist the state in its efforts to get the hospital and the city back on the road to recovery.

This award represents the largest in a series of FEMA-funded projects to date for Riverside General Hospital totaling $28.2 million.

In August 2012, a month after Jackson Lee appealed to CMS on behalf of Riverside’s indigent and vulnerable patients, 70% of the hospital’s Medicare payments were restored. CMS lifted the suspension even though federal investigators were only two months away from arresting Gibson and the others. Jackson Lee’s intervention seems to have caused even more taxpayer monies to be directed toward a hospital brimming with corruption.

CMS has yet to comment on why its people granted the congresswoman’s request to continue pumping money into Riverside despite the $116 million in Medicare fraud uncovered at the beginning of 2012, which led to the arrest of Mohammad Khan.

Amid a nationwide investigation and ongoing allegations of fraud involving cheating taxpayers out of millions in payments to ambulance services, home health care, and mental health clinics, could it be that CMS believed that Khan acted alone?

In February, the Houston Chronicle reported that Earnest Gibson IV, son of Riverside’s president, had previously been in business with Julian Vence Kimble. Kimble was found guilty in 2011 of operating an $8-million Medicare fraud scheme in which he used four ambulances to carry individuals posing as patients to various mental health clinics in the Houston area.

If Gibson IV’s association with a felon charged with Medicare fraud wasn’t a big enough red flag to shut down places like Riverside, what about U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany, Jr. (R-LA)’s testimony before a House Ways and Means subcommittee in early 2011, where he raised concerns about health care fraud, stating, “Nearly a year later, recent reports out of Texas suggest … providers continue to operate with impunity”?

Boustany was following up on a Houston Chronicle investigation into rampant Medicare fraud in the Houston area in which $488 million was paid out over 5 years for nonemergency ambulance services. In 2009 alone, Houston paid out $60 million in claims, compared to New York City, which paid only $7 million for the same year.

More here.

This is massive fraud, and like Evans, I have a hard time believing Congresswoman Lee didn’t know what was going on, especially since she and her family have been so intimately involved with the hospital for decades.

We can’t continue to tolerate this corruption. Obviously corrupt politicians like Sheila Jackson-Lee must be defeated this November, but more importantly, we must make sure we elect ethical men and women to replace them.

Of course, replacing these corrupt politicians is just the first step. We must demand Congress clean up it’s act. There is need for major reform. Reform creating laws that have actual teeth! It’s time members of Congress are not only are forced to live under the laws they create, but held to an even higher standard than the general public.

Congress is entrusted with trillions of tax payer dollars. OUR dollars. They do a rotten job of managing our money. The number of corrupt members of Congress who feed their cronies with our money is staggering. It’s time for this to come to an end, and people go to jail.

It’s time to clean house!



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33 responses to “Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee Mixed Up In Massive Houston Medicare Fraud

  1. The Nature of The Beast

    I believe she is a racist~ And it is my opinion of some hearings I have witnessed her in~ I mean these people I believe dont think the American public is going to do anything about it living in their bubble~ Evidence~ RIchard Nixon impeached just on watergate~ Bill Clinton just on sex scandal~ And let us think about all these things~ Someone tell me who is going to punish crimes if all of them are committing them together~? Looks like ” We The People” are left to fend this one on their own~ And people having to work and live their daily lives which is normal are just going right along with their everyday life~ However, I am optimistic and realistic~ SOmething will give~ Do I want riots no~ But I do understand that it is in these tyoe of situations that opens doors for more wiser and sophisticated people to come and make change~ This is going to be painful but it is the children who will suffer the most and this in itself is honestly, worth fighting for~

  2. Notice exactly where these fraudsters operated. They were all in Mental Health, PTSD, and Substance Abuse facilities. Even at the best possible level of legal compliance these “disciplines” are not very rigorously defined. Notice how there was no mention of surgical fraud. The decision to perform surgery is pretty cut and dry (well maybe not dry!). Since an unnecessary surgery puts the surgeon himself at significant risk for malpractice and even board problems, we do not see much fraud. The surgeon can literally point to a CT scan or MRI and show the need for the “procedure”.
    But, can the “Mental Health Provider”? In Addiction Medicine, an entire bogus subspecialty has evolved to fill this rich ecological niche heretofore unexploited by doctors and allied mental health care providers.
    They merely need to wait for the Courts or the Employer, or the Board, Union, Guild or Bar to refer the unfortunate soul who has come to their attention. Usually a routine traffic stop produces a minimally positive blood alcohol level. In this incestuous industry, state legislatures are lobbied by groups such a MADD. Who donates to MADD? Presumably Drug & Alcohol Rehab facilities are well-represented in the rolls of donors. And lawyers who represent DWI defendants.
    Once scooped up and placed in the Rehab Archipelago the “patient” will be treated by “Art Therapists”, “Hypno” and “Yoga Therapists”. And he/she will spend hours in Re-Education circles desperately demonstrating for the Substance Abuse Councillors the “frank” honesty and “earnest” efforts being made in recognition of his incurable but manageable “disease”. He has twenty eight days to show that he has made great strides in his recovery. He will then be allowed perhaps to return to his previous employment but with a Consent Decree. He consents to having urine tests randomly demanded. He is required to continue “treatment” with some Mental Health Care Provider.
    This is BIG BUSINESS. The potential loot is extraordinary. And that is if it is done perfectly legally. Add the various therapies that can be billed and paid for and of course the damaged Rehab must be replaced!

  3. I worked at Riverside General Hospital fo 7 months as the Human Resource Assistant and while I couldn’t prove how they were conducting fraud what I could prove what I’ve publically blogged about for months and even made a you tube video about. Please log on to to

    • Gary P Jackson

      Awesome, Thanks for the link! This is a major scandal that isn’t getting nearly the attention it should,

      • Thanks! Also go to to see the inside information that I still get from many of the employees there on a daily basis! Friday was payday but NONE OF THE EMPLOYEES GOT PAID!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Damn, what a mess. I am so sorry to hear that. Hopefully everyone involved gets what they deserve.

  4. Also go to you tube and type in the Human Resource Girl Campaign to see the video I made about Riverside

  5. By the way I reported Riverside to FEMA a few months ago but I haven’t heard anything back from FEMA. The Edith Irby Jones you speak of had never even been open during the 7 months I worker there and it was locked off and no program was running out of it. The building right next to it was called Devotions Care Healthcare Solutions and was operated by Gibson’s son. Infact, all of the administrators there were related and the Devotions PHP is were the relatives of Gibson worked. It bares the same EXACT address as the Edith Irby Jones building that you speak of (7600 Bellfort Ave.) but there are property taxes owed on both buildings. On July 12 the FBI raided the Devotions PHP as well and it was closed down a week later. As of last week they have just RECENTLY, POST my compliant knocked down the Edith Irby Jones building but we are 3 months shy of 2013…Hurricane Ike was in 2008. I can tell you were the dead bodies are around there! Please check out both blog sites and The people of Riverside are very angry at me for the information I have blogged about yet NO OF THEM has challenged anything I said…how could they when all I speak is truth? I really need your help and support.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Wow. Thanks for all the great information and links. I hope all of our readers take a look at your blog and videos.

  6. Pamela Cashaw is the CEO of Riverside. She has been there for decades. The hint of suggestion in my blog regarding Pamela Cashaw and drugs was about her. Allegedly back in the 70’s or so Pamela Cashaw worked in pharmacy (actually that is a fact: she worked in pharmacy then Human Resources then CEO, during my time there I was the H.R assistant and I have seen the files stating such) and would take cocaine primarily out of the lab and give it to her husband (James Cashaw, just recently released for drug case-check public records, and also the owner of Cashaw Motors on OST) who was a big time drug dealer back in the day and he would “flip it” for lack and better words and then sell those drugs on the street. Remember, the original use for cocaine was a numbing agent, often used in surgery, and used for the purpose of doing good until people started to abuse the drug.

    FACT: Currently Pamela Cashaw’s daughter, Dr. Jamie Cashaw works in pharmacy at Riverside

    FACT: Dr. Jamie Cashaw was a TSU graduate (Priscilla Slade, Earnest Gibson-on board at TSU and taught there)

    FACT: Dr. Edward Patten that currently works at Riverside is the brother of Pamela Cashaw (his children Jessika Patten & Malcom Patten also work at Riverside)

    FACT: Dr. Patten has stipulations on his license (cited 1996)

    FACT: Many TSU students internship at RGH under Dr. Edward Patten (Pamela Cashaw’s brother) & Dr. Jamiee Cashaw (Pamela Cashaw’s daughter)

    FACT: Yesterday Gibson’s defense team called a motion hearing please log on to (

    Facts about Sheila Jackson Lee…..

    FACT: Shelia J. Lee is the founder of the Veteran’s program on the 2nd floor of Riverside General Hospital

    FACT: Shelia has helped RGH countless times get grant money (i.e 2011 Shelia had FEMA give RGH 19 million dollars for damages at the Edith Irby Jones building, during my 7 months there that building was never open nor operating any sort of program, bears the same address and located right next to Devotions (RGH-PHP) which was raided on July 12th, there are property taxes owed for the property)

    FACT: On Oct. 4 (THE EXACT SAME DAY EARNEST GIBSON WAS ARRESTED), 2012 at 2:13 p.m CONGRESSWOMAN SHELIA JACKSON LEE CALLED MY PERSONAL CELL PHONE FROM 713.227.7740, the conversation lasted 3 minutes and 14 seconds, please log onto my other blog to see my open address and details about the call at the name of the blog is entitled Dear Sheila

    FACT: On Oct 5 Shelia had a meeting with the administrators of RGH in the front reception/lobby area of Riverside General Hospital

    FACT: On Monday, just 14 days after Gibson’s arrest Shelia Jackson Lee “claimed” she is a breast cancer survivor

    FACT: In 2009 many people were outraged at the disrespect shown from Shelia Jackson Lee during a breast cancer survivors so each at a local town hall meeting (check FOX news archives)

    In my opinion (not that it means much per se) but I have a problem with the fact that if there is any truth to what Pamela Cashaw has done then you mean to tell me the same people who bill Medicare for helping drug, detox, and psychiatric patients are the same people who sold it into our communities anyway??? They double dip by giving innocent people in the community the disease of addiction and then back door and bill Medicare like they are helping.

    I have a problem with the fact that everybody from the Mayor Parker, to Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and Senator John Cornyn and many more have contacted me months ago when I FIRST contacted them and Shelia didn’t get back to me until the day Gibson gets hauled away? I contacted her months ago as well. Now we are suppose to feel sympathetic toward her because she and her team have probably thrown together this story of her having breast cancer that she had never had before now because its breast cancer awareness month?

    She knows good and well know one can check the facts on that due to HIPAA but even greater then that she stating that not only did she get it this year she has been cured of it all of a suddenly as well. Yet just 3 years ago she clearly had no compassion for a fellow survivor. Don’t get me wrong as a believer I know God can do some awesome things in the healing department, but also as that same believer with a gift of discernment I think this story is convenient for her in terms of damage control. If she is a survivor of it that means it’s gone now right? So let’s refocus back on her Riverside General Hospital affiliations, why has she not come to save them this time…like she normally does?

    Please go to you tube and type in the Human Resource Girl Campaign for details.


  7. Phuch Yu


    • Gary P Jackson

      Sorry, but your entire racist attack on a woman who is trying to tell the truth about Riverside will not be printed. Though I love to show the world just how vile, racist, and evil democrats are, not gonna give you the satisfaction.

      • I read the blog you wrote about me and I think it was well written. Thank-you so much for that but for clarity purposes I have never supported or voted for Shelia

      • Gary P Jackson

        My mistake. Going from some of your initial comments I thought you had supported the Congresswoman at one point.

        I’m just glad you are setting the record straight on what is going on down there. That takes a lot of guts to do.

  8. Thank you Gary! I get hate mail all the time from that person and I know exactly who it is.

    • Gary P Jackson

      It was such a nasty rant I wasn’t about to give it the satisfaction of seeing it in print. It’s left two other hate filled rants that have been deleted.

      Racism has no place in civilized society.

      I know you are doing what is right despite your strong feelings for the Congresswoman. That can’t be easy, but it shows an integrity that many are missing these days. Keep up the fight! You have God on your side.

      • Thank you deeply for your words because it has been hard. A lot to those workers there (as much as I hate to say this) have a slave mentality.

      • Gary P Jackson

        I know it takes courage to do what you are doing. You are to be admired.

        It’s not really a “slave mentality” so much as tradition, and being totally misinformed as to the issues. People get comfortable with tradition, and those who don’t actively follow the issues are easily swayed by slick advertising and slicker politicians.

        Honestly, I’ve never understood why blacks voted for democrats. It wasn’t all that way. The first blacks elected to national public office were Republicans. The democrat party is the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, segregation and more. Al Gore’s daddy, along with many democrats fought Civil Rights legislation tooth and nail, and until he died a few years back, Robert Byrd was a celebrated democrat Senator. He was also a high ranking member of the KKK.

        Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, still a hero to the democrat party, fought to legitimize abortion as a way to kill off the Negro race. Sanger called blacks “human weeds” and got the help of the KKK in her goal to make abortions acceptable in society. We’ve seen mass genocide of black babies since. It’s horrible. One more reason why Planned Parenthood is bad for civilization.

        Both parties have problems, and many of us are not at all pleased with the Republican Party and it’s timidity at tackling real problems, including major ethics reform to Congress and the Executive Branch. We have so many problems and all we ever see is politics

        You keep fighting. You have truth on your side. Hopefully, some day we can look at politicians in both parties we can all be proud of again.

        God bless you!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Cool! I need to do a follow up on all of this.

  9. Administration makes the staff think “the white man is picking on us poor negros” blah, bla, blah garbage and there is no white man…just an overseer that looks just like them in hue! Bottom line that have done some sick things to people, period..color has nothing to do with it. They want the world to come feel sorry for them and get sympathy so that CMS will feel guilty, give them money for the hospital, and then they swindle it! That’s my money, your money, and all the taxpayers money these “reputable” black administrators are stealing!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Crime doesn’t care about race. There are crooked whites, crooked blacks, crooked Chinese, and so forth. There are just crooked people, period.

      It’s the politicians that facilitate a lot of these huge crimes. Look at Obama and all of his cronies. Billions of dollars on so-called “green projects” like Solyndra. Almost a billion dollars to that bunch, and yet they never produced a product, and went bankrupt.All had ties to Obama’s campaign, and these were Chicago style paybacks. Obama was still shoving money at them as they were heading out the door! Oh, and they left a toxic waste dump on the property that will take millions to clean up! That’s just one of a couple dozen just like it.

      Rick Perry has his own bouts of Crony Capitalism, as well as a string of bogus land deals that make the one Obama had with Tony Rezko look rather pedestrian. It’s why we didn’t back him for President, and Sarah Palin called him out by name in September of 2011.

      We backed Ted Cruz for Senate over David Dewhurst for the exact same reason. Dewhurst has many corrupt ties. We need to clean up Texas government as much as DC.

      It seems like an endless battle, but one we must all win. Corruption in government is one of the most important issues no one wants to talk about. That’s why we salute those brave enough to put it all on the line for what is right, no matter what!

      • With all that has come out about Riverside General Hospital in the local paper and the media I often wonder had this hospital administration been all white would the unfolding issues that have been exposed in the public taken place in the same manner?

        I wonder if the predominately black employees that have witnessed the abuse, neglect, and corruption that has taken place within the walls of that historically black institution been so passive at coming fourth with the truth or be as closed mouth had the administrators been white?

        When payday rolls around and they have diligently worked hard, kept their work areas neat and clean, and respecting of management, and so forth and a white supervisor tells them, “Sorry we don’t have your check today because there is a “glitch” in the system, contact the Human resource dept.” Would they belive that had it come from a white person as the truth?

        When they contact the Human Resources director and inquire about their pay and the H.R director (being white also in this case) told them to wait until the following week for their check or I’m not concerned if you got your check or not because I got mine, etc. Would the employees of Riverside General Hospital take that from a white H.R director?

        What about the patient abuse that has taken place there? The shredding of files and other “cover-ups“…IF THE ADMINISTRATORS OF RIVERSIDE GENERAL HOSPITAL WERE WHITE would the black employees there still be as nonchalant about speaking out against them?

        If the director of nursing and the charge nurse on Riverside general hospital were white and talked to people in the horrible and disrespectful way they are KNOWN for would it be different…IF THE ADMINISTRATORS OF RIVERSIDE GENERAL HOSPITAL WERE WHITE?

        If the CEO raced in a room and told people that “they could have the scrapes” in the conference room, and people cleared the hall when she stepped downstairs, or bowed their heads and closed their mouths when she entered a room…would they do it is she were white? If the president of that hospital was accused of the EXACT same thing he is accused of now would the employees belief it more if he had blond hair, blue eyes, and white?

        If the maintenance man who works professionally and personally for the president of Riverside General Hospital continue to do all those things if his master boss was white? “Yes sir, I get that for you sir, you a good man sir I don’t know why they are picking on you sir because you have been so good to this black community sir, you have been the best WHITE boss I have ever had sir” if the president of that hospital were white? Would it be the same IF THE ADMINISTRATORS OF RIVERSIDE GENERAL HOSPITAL WERE WHITE?

        Would the accepting nature and behavior around there be the same if these administrators were white people? Would the black staff blink a blind eye and turn a deaf ear to all they see and know IF THE ADMINISTRATORS OF RIVERSIDE GENERAL HOSPITAL WERE WHITE??? Would they allow the white administrators to talk to them and treat them any type of way and intimadate them or use spophisticated collegic jargon when manipulating them about their pay?

        Now granted this is only my opinion and if you disagree that’s fine and if you agree even better but I’m almost willing to bet any organ in my body on the black market the answer instantaneously, unanimously, and un-questionably would be NO!

        Hypothetically: knowing that the white staff are related first and foremost would be a major no-no! That same black staff would resent that deeply and call the NAACP ASAP! Seeing the abuse of mental health patients and knowing that they were being taking advantaged of would be reported along with a host of other issues.
        I am all most positive and I’m sure many reading would agree that the administration of Riverside would not be in a position to do the things they have done and are continually doing IF THE ADMINISTRATORS OF RIVERSIDE GENERAL HOSPITAL WERE WHITE!!!

        So the alarming question then becomes why allow them the opportunity to do it just because they are black people? I assure you the current ones in charge there could not make it in predominately white hospital as administrotors. They lack major social skills, they are marginalized thinkers, of limited emotional intelligence, and not diverse or culturally accepting.

        The double standard of allowing any unethical practice to take place there is a larger problem we have in our society as a whole. For instance African Americans’ use to N-word amongst each often and it is culturally accepted almost as a term of endearment. However let someone outside of the black race or African American culture utter Nilla as in Nilla cookie wafers (wasn’t even uttering the N-word) and he/she is a racist!

        Sadly the double standard mark doesn’t stop there we even do it among each other in gender. Women can call up a girl friend with some awesome hot gossip, B@#$! I have some major news to tell you about blah, blah, blah HOWEVER if a man calls that same women up and his opening statement starts off with the word B@#$! he is disrespectful. Does any body remember the D.C snipper? The analytical outline of him was thought of to be that of a white man, do you remember how shocked people were to find out the perpetrator was black?

        Granted on the surface it was a racial stereotype on white men. Yet the double standard was that the intelligence it took to commit the crime couldn’t have come from a the intelligence of a black man because it require thinking and planning to execute. Nonetheless society should have taken note that crime is indiscriminate of color and anybody of any race can hurt and harm anyone of anyone. It is for the same reason that we need to know that anyone of any reason can heal and help regardless of color.

        My people, my people (as in the human race, especially believers) the word tells us that we perish for the lack of knowledge. Perish as in die or fade away. True knowledge is gained by learning as many rules of the game you can, study it, see it, ask questions, and don’t be so quick to assume this or that.

        View it UN-EMOTIONAL and size what you the discover and know to be true NOT WHAT YOU ASSUME BASED OFF PERSONAL BIAS. Once you do that you study what you learn and began your journey as a craftsmen. Expounding daily and challenging your self always and keeping an open mind, open heart, and open to change.
        No that you will never know all things (that’s scriptural) and be content with knowing that but don’t ever stop learning! Knowledge is power. It was the number one thing that slave masters never wanted their slaves to have, it is the number one thing that a captured solider (God forbid) gets tortured and loses his life for, knowledge is what separates the haves and the have-nots, knowledge is the secret written on all the pages of every book ever written, it is the same knowledge that the black administrators of that hospital do not want the world to know.

        Knowledge is power. It is something that can never be taken from you as long as your heart beats. You can lose a leg, a loved one, your beauty can fade, the dog can die, and Sesame Street can go into syndication but the knowledge you inquire will be yours to keep. What a beautiful and priceless thing is knowledge!
        You don’t have to go to a college to get knowledge per se. A drunken man on the street can give you knowledge but if you size him up and cast him out as a nobody you may never know he use to be a great painter who lost his wife and caused his drinking. A person of another race could teach you about what it means to be loved but you will never know that if you think that all Hispanics speak Spanish.

        God himself would mean so much more to you if you didn’t classify who you think is as neither male nor female, black nor white and simply just believed in the existence there of. Challenge yourself today and get some knowledge. Do something different! Go visit the museum, purchase a book, visit an elderly person in a nursing home (the love that and don’t often get visitors), take a different route to work, eat at a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch, go to an opera this weekend, or simply take a walk. I promise you will discover something you didn’t know.

        Considering the above I challenge all those reading especially those who have been conflicted about what to do at Riverside General Hospital just ask your self (you don’t have to share the answer with me or anyone else) would you allow those things that have happened there to stay so hidden from the public and continue to work there under those conditions IF THE ADMINISTRATORS OF RIVERSIDE GENERAL HOSPITAL WERE WHITE??? Hispanic? Asian?

        If color makes a difference in whatever your answer is then know that color is not the real’s ignorance within which comes in all colors my dear friend and you don’t have continue on that way. Go out and continue to get knowledge today. Your already ahead of the game if you read this blog to the end (eye-wink.). Go do some early voting and vote for the best presidential caniadate…color should not be a factor only character but regardless of go VOTE!
        Know that a three strand cord is not easily broken.

        Know that knowledge is power.

        Know that you and I with the help of God above can make a difference by seeking a new diverse administration at Riverside General Hospital…yes we can.

        -be encouraged, be blessed.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Great points that reach across political, racial, and well, all lines.

        Keep up the fight! Don’t let the haters get to you either. As someone who actually gives a damn, you’ll find a lot of haters who hate you for a variety of reasons. None of them honorable.

        Our state, and nation need a whole lot more folks like you!

  10. Gary I like you (big smile), I really do because you are a very deep thinker and you look at things from different persepctives and that’s a good thing a wise thing and I love people who can broaden my mind on topic are make me look at something from a different point of view. I concur with everything you stated. Well put sir! And thank-you for sharing because often times African American’s are not aware of the basis of the republican party or the democratic party for that matter. I would really like if you repost your comment on my blog pages on the recent IF THEY WERE WHITE….if you wouldn’t mind (either or

    • Gary P Jackson

      That’s the nicest thing anyone can say. I really appreciate that.

      At the end of the day, the truth is what matters, and while we all have our biases, our way of looking at things, it still boils down to right and wrong.

      I’m hoping our readers are finding their way to your website and learning more about all of this.

      Stay safe and God bless you.

  11. Excuse my typos by the

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