Michelle Malkin on Benghazi 9/11 Slaughter: Obama Regime “Malicious, Reckless, Den of Lying Crapweasels”

By Gary P Jackson

Michelle Malkin has a way with words, as she showed us Wednesday night on The Sean Hannity Show:

I love Michelle Malkin!

Malicious, Reckless, Den of Lying Crapweasels.” Not only does this perfectly describe Barack Obama and his dangerous regime, this would make a great name for a rock band! [Sorry, if I don’t laugh once in a while I’d cry all the time!]



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3 responses to “Michelle Malkin on Benghazi 9/11 Slaughter: Obama Regime “Malicious, Reckless, Den of Lying Crapweasels”

  1. As Rush said yesterday morning – spending the entire 3 hours! – this is (or certainly should be!) a real scandal, “bigger than Watergate!” But the media can only react with a minimum of concern – and almost
    no outrage! Obviously, they’re still carrying water BIG TIME for the Fraud-in-Chief; and although they’re still “smarting” from the wretched performace at the first debate, they’re loathe to blame O or his dastardly regime for ANYTHING bad or mendacious about the total failure of his policy in Libya, as well as his “amateurish” attempts to cover up, lie and pass the buck (and/or, as MM said, find someone to hang out to dry!).

    As earnestly as they can and with mounting evidence to support their hard questioning, the GOP are still ridiculed and blamed for “politicizing” what the Ovomit Regime has politicized from the get-go!! It’s as vicious and back-biting as I’ve ever seen – and I think the next thing we’ll see (thanks to the Demonkraps) will be a 4-pane security glass separating the two (D & R) warring factions in both houses of Congress!! And they’ll have armed guards as well!

    Palin and the brave and determined folks like her have an absolutely ginormous task before them; but if we want to clean up our Gov’t, we need to begin at the White House and in the Congress. We’ll worry about the Judiciary when Romney appoints a relatively Conservative Justice to replace the ancient Ruth Bader Ginsburg…

    • Gary P Jackson

      No one died from Watergate!

      It’s not just this, you got Fast & Furious, and all of the other lies. Hundreds of dead bodies laying directly at Obama’s feet!

      BTW, instead of blaming that stupid You Tube video, Obama should look at himself for taking Bin Laden’s dead body on a parade lap all summer long!

      Obama must be defeated. Nothing else matters. He must GO. THEN we can concentrate of fixing things, which will take a generation or more. Hell, a century or more. We are more than a generation removed from Jimmy Carter and still dealing with hundreds of his screw ups on a daily basis.

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