Sarah Palin and Megyn Kelly Handicap Tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin and Megyn Kelly talk about tonight’s vice presidential debate:

Video courtesy SarahNet.

What to look for during and after the debate from our friends in the media:


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5 responses to “Sarah Palin and Megyn Kelly Handicap Tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate

  1. Take Status Quo Out The Doe

    Romney and Obama are both flip floppers, panderers and they call it a mistake~ Yes like the mistake they will make when they do nothing they say for the American people~ ” We need change and we need it now~” GP
    Does this mean now or later~? I am confused~ Let us think a true patriot will “go against the grain to gain” not “go along to get along”~ Where are these patriots~? Am I the only one left~? This was the mentality in the day of the Founders~ Wish I had them with me~! Anthony Chad USArmy/B1971 Fort Gordon

    • Gary P Jackson

      The best thing one can say about Romney, that you can NEVER say about Obama, is that Romney loves his country. Yeah, he’s a squish, but he understands the fundamentals. He won’t be actively trying to destroy America. That alone makes him the right choice!

      • You are right and dont worry Romney already has it

        It is the men behind the two who are doing that(destroying)~ And is exactly, why they want Romney because he will heed(bought)~ Obama double crossed elites on that pipeline deal and wants to tax rich is another reason~ Soros also said the Obama and admin are wore out (so are going to shift to Romney(implied in video))~! Obama played them to get in; he is on side of Islam more which has been proven by appeasment~ (Why O stood down in debate) Romney and his backing were very angry with him and scared him to death)~ I have been inside this ball game for almost two years now~ I see it clearly~
        Sept 13 Everyone in America’s mortgages were bought by fed according to an elite source who’s name is not mentioned for protection~ They are going to invest all of those into the derivitives market approx 40 billion a month indefinitely until places like China Russia etc own parts of American’s assets~ Our country is being sold off~ The children’s futures are being sold to foriegn countries if it is not stopped(slaves)~ They love Romney~! Dont worry you got your man and so do they~ I am not laughing over here Brotheren~ I believe in this like I do God~ Both can be the unseen but are very real~! There are many others who have this info as well~ This is the final piece of puzzle so my job is done in this regard~

  2. Hyperinflation Death Dollar

    Add this on top of it~ I wont bother you on this no more~ And I will move on to new subjects~ I do thank you for not rejecting my comments~ It is hard for me to swallow~ I am concerned for everyone~ The guess by elite source(board meetings) is dollar maybe dead within 6 months because fed took that action speeds up process(he has been right everytime)~ I dont need the material of solutions being offered in this I just analyze the explained problem(expert non-bias economist 43 years experience)~ And this is why Military has shifted most support to Pacific~ I want to say for me it is not about party but about “We The People” so please forgive me if I have come off brash~

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