Sarah Palin Debates Bill O’Reilly About Her and Biden’s Debate and Tonight’s

By Gary P Jackson

The video opens with Biden talking about Katie’s Cafe in Wilmington, which, in fact, closed in the 1980s, and the Home Depot. Sarah Palin goes into how Biden just “makes shhhh-stuff up“! I kinda wish she could have used the word she wanted to!

Hard to tell at times if O’Reilly is trying to ask questions of Sarah or challenge her to a debate. He finally shuts up and lets Sarah tell about her debate experience with Joe Biden, and her thoughts on tonight. Great answers from Sarah, annoying banter from O’Reilly. In other words, 8 pm as usual on Fox News.

At the end, Sarah tell O’Reilly to read her book Going Rogue if he wants to learn all of the details about the debate. I have and it’s good stuff. O’Reilly seems put off by this. Hilarious since Bill never misses a chance to plug one of his books on the show!

Video courtesy SarahNet.


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4 responses to “Sarah Palin Debates Bill O’Reilly About Her and Biden’s Debate and Tonight’s

  1. Over time, I’ve come to absolutely detest that DOM windbag, O’Reilly – except in those rare instances when he’s spot-on about policy or takes a hard and principled stand on something with which I agree. I say, “rare,” ’cause that’s when those moments occur!

    This particular interview with Palin makes O’Reilly look like an egotistical – and NON-listening! – interviewer, while Palin is serious, focused and not interested in the insignificant stuff – esp. if it’s not applicable or didn’t even happen! I might add, few “policians” would or even could answer as confidently and definitively as Palin did – she’s head & shoulders above the flotsam & jetsam that occupy the nether regions of the political landscape…

    • Gary P Jackson

      O’Reilly is all about O’Reilly. I know he gives the money he makes off his books to charity, as well as money from the goodies he sells on his website. That said, the entire show is structured to make HIM look good and be the center of attention.

      He occasionally does fine reporting, but he is the worst interviewer in the business, and interrupts guests, and often challenges them with his own stupid opinions. Case in point, when talking about energy, gas prices. O’Reilly has absolutely zero grasp of how markets work, nor does he understand the concxept of supply and demand. He’s had energy experts and traders on, people who DO know how things work, and where the problems are, and yet, O’Reilly comes off like an ObamaZombie spouting the same tired old left wing talking points.

      I have no respect for the guy and refuse to watch him.

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