Sarah Palin Talks with Brian Kilmeade About the Biden-Ryan Debacle and the Future

Governor Sarah Palin signs legislation

By Gary P Jackson

A good and frank discussion between Sarah Palin and Brian Kilmeade about Thursday night’s debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden.

Sarah doing a better job of making Ryan’s points than he was able to do himself. Brian asks her how things would have been different had she and McCain won the election, and how things have changed since becoming a world wide political force.

Brian asks her about the possibility of her being named Energy Secretary by President Romney, and she talks at length about energy independence and how energy is where much of her expertise lies. Before being elected Governor, Sarah was Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the board that regulates oil and gas production and serves as the state’s ethics watchdog over the industry.

As Governor Sarah was the Chairman of the Nation’s Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, and her fellow Governor chose her to lead the National Governors Association’s Natural Resources Committee.

She would be the right choice for Energy Secretary, that’s for certain.

They also talk about Todd and Bristol as well.

Great interview:

Audio courtesy SarahNet.

Governor Sarah Palin and her team


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One response to “Sarah Palin Talks with Brian Kilmeade About the Biden-Ryan Debacle and the Future

  1. The World of Dixlexia

    Sarah, Herman, and Allen are over everyone of the wealth power elites not under~ The elites should be serving them~ FORWARD is actually, totally, BACKWARD!

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