Breaking It Down With Bristol Palin- Episode 4

By Gary P Jackson

This week’s episode of Breaking it Down with Bristol Palin from Kevin Scholla at SarahNet Radio:

Bristol Palin charges on! After an exceptional routine on the latest installment of Dancing With The Stars: All Stars, Bristol stays alive in the competition and she is here today to talk all about it with Kevin Scholla.

It’s Breaking It Down With Bristol- Episode 4. Bristol and Mark Ballas dance on a giant chess board and survive a double elimination. Hear the backstory on their performance, learn about the argument between Bristol and Mark, find out what to expect this week, and see how Bristol is handling some of the baggage that comes with putting herself out there


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2 responses to “Breaking It Down With Bristol Palin- Episode 4

  1. I suspect that Bristol is reading some of the negative talk out on the bloggisphere and that is contributing to her stress and paranoia. The poor girl is hated by some of the American audience, and yet she has so many supporters she remains on the show, so she can’t be too upset. DWTS is a highlight of my week to be honest and my DISH coworker comes over each week to watch it. We can’t always get together on the same day, so it is nice that my PrimeTime Anytime recording saves for eight days so we see it later, but don’t get behind since we have eight days to watch.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Lot of hate from the liberals. It’s pathetic, really. Bristol is a decent dancer. I hope she starts taking more risks. The more she does the better she’ll do. She and Mark do have a huge fan base, and that’s half of what the show is about. Rarely does the best dancer actually win.

      I think Bristol is 100% better than she was the last time she was on. More confident.

      I had never watched the show before, but it’s good entertainment.

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