This Week’s Steel Resolve: Please, Please Wake Up!

By Gary P Jackson

Here’s the first installment of Steel Resolve from Sarah Steelman and SarahNet Radio. Sarah has a powerful message for all: Please, please wake up! We need sudden, relentless reform! [Who does that remind you of?]

Sarah reminds us that while Obama is horrible, and must go, many of us fear Mitt Romney won’t be the reformer we must have in order to really change Washington. Obviously, Obama must go, so that means we must vote for Mitt, but it’s with a heavy heart we do so.

In this inaugural segment, a wake up call from Sarah Steelman! Hear why a new Dave Matthews song has Steelman thinking about how certain things used to be and how they’ve changed for the worse. Steelman explains why a vote for Romney, while necessary, isn’t enough.

She’s calling on We the People to usher in sudden and relentless reform. Hear Steel Resolve each week on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla.

To hear the complete edition of The Palin Update With Kevin Scholla in which this Steel Resolve segment was featured click here.


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