“Experts,” Without Knowing Sarah Palin’s Actual Diet, Proclaim it Causes Cancer, Heart Disease

Sarah Palin looks into the camera and points as if to stay “Hey corrupt media, stop making things up!

By Gary P Jackson

I thought I was done with this stupidity last week after addressing the 100s of “me too” articles proclaiming Sarah Palin was [all of a sudden] “scary skinny.” Evidently not.

As readers know, Sarah is in the process of writing a diet and exercise book. Having already penned two New York Times number one best sellers, it seems the media is doing it’s best to make sure this book doesn’t reach the same huge audience.

A gorgeous, fit and trim Sarah Palin sits in the Dancing With The Stars audience on Oct. 8. / Adam Taylor, ABC

Now “experts,” who haven’t seen the unwritten as of yet book, and have absolutely no details about the Palins’ diet, are already claiming it to be unhealthy, and likely to cause cancer and heart problems.

Here’s a version of the latest bullshit, from US News and World Report oddly enough, in the Washington Whispers section:

Sarah Palin responded to criticism of her very thin appearance in new photos online this week by telling People magazine that she was working on a fitness book. “Our family is writing a book on fitness and self-discipline focusing on where we get our energy and balance as we still eat our beloved homemade comfort foods!” she told the celebrity magazine in an E-mail. “We promise you what we do works and allows a fulfilling quality of life and sustenance anyone can enjoy.

But several prominent nutritionists says Palin’s diet might not be so healthy.

Gabrielle Shaughness, a nutritionist based both in New York and Washington, tells Whispers that the likely new diet of the 2008 Republican party vice presidential nominee could lead to a number of life-threatening diseases.

Though Palin, who is 48, has not released the details of her new diet, she has previously spoken out a number of times in support of low-carb, high-protein diets. In 2008, she told the Wall Street Journal that she and her family ate a diet “heavy in wild Alaskan seafood, moose, caribou and fresh fruit.” Throughout her campaign, the former Alaska governor professed a love of moose cheese dogs and moose chili.

Shaughness says she does not promote low-carb, high-protein diets to her clients because of their health risks. “High animal protein diets are high in saturated fat and cholesterol,” she says. “They are damaging to the arteries, and can cause diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Susan Levin, director of nutrition education at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a Washington-based nonprofit that promotes plant-based diets, tells Whispers she is “very comfortable saying” that a low-carb, high-protein diet is “a bad idea.”

Low-carb, high-protein diets are lacking in fiber, phytochemicals, and antioxidants,” she says. “You can lose weight adopting this, but it’s difficult to sustain because you don’t feel very good.

A study published in the British Medical Journal in July found that low-carb, high-protein diets were popular with women trying to achieve weight loss, but that the diets came with an increased risk of heart disease. A study published in the Nutrition Journal on low-carb diets in June came up with similar results.

You may be skinny but the inside of your body will not be in great shape,” Shaughness says. “At what cost is looking good?

First off, Sarah Palin isn’t exactly “skinny.” Yes, she is what some might consider petite, but she has fantastic muscle tone. Also, she is in fantastic physical shape. She has a workout routine that would wear most people out, and that’s how she starts her day! She’s also a long distance runner. You have to be in excellent physical condition to do these sort of activities.

Silly liberals, this woman isn’t skinny. This is what a happy, healthy person looks like. Being liberals, we understand why this is confusing.

Let’s look a little further though. The Palins eat organic almost exclusively. Almost 100% of the meat, fish, and fowl they eat at home is something they hunted or fished for themselves. The wild game they eat is far leaner than the typical meat that the average American eats. In other words, low in saturated fat.

Todd and Sarah own a commercial fishing business, and they haul in thousands of pounds of salmon every year. A good amount of this ends up in their home freezer! Salmon is high in antioxidants. Smoked salmon, a Palin household staple, is incredibly healthy, what one might call a “super-food.”

From Livestrong’s website:

Photo Credit: Fresh delicious smoked salmon image by Ewa Kubicka from Fotolia.com

[emphasis mine]

Smoked salmon is cured and then smoked either hot or cold. It is most usual for salmon to be cold-smoked, which does not cook the fish and results in a light, smooth texture. Hot smoking results in a more jerky-like texture. Smoked salmon is relatively expensive, but the health benefits relating to the antioxidant and omega-3 content of smoked salmon justify a high price.

Vitamins A, B, D, and E

Vitamins A, B, D and E occur plentifully in smoked salmon and provide antioxidants. The antioxidants from vitamins A, B, and D are credited with preserving eye function and vision, and they also aid calcium absorption in the body.

Vitamin E helps to regulate the function of bodily organs and cells and has the ability to act as an anti-inflammatory for blood vessels. This is helpful for general blood circulation and is especially beneficial for individuals with Type 2 diabetes.

In addition, vitamin E is necessary for retinal development and for preventing macular degeneration and cataract formation.

Antioxidants in Smoking Process

The smoking process introduces further antioxidants into smoked salmon, according to a 2009 study which compared the oils extracted from smoked salmon before and after smoke processing.

Commercial antioxidants, including ethoxyquin and butylated hydroxytoluene, may be added to the oils with the aim of reducing oxidation of the smoked salmon during and after the smoking process.


The health benefits of antioxidants stem from their ability to combat free radicals. Free radicals have been implicated as a risk factor for heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.

Free radicals are typically found in meats–especially blackened meats–and fried food. Antioxidants are found in fruit and vegetables as well as in smoked salmon.

Consuming the antioxidants in smoked salmon protects the health of the skeleton, eyes, heart and circulatory system, while also offering a degree of protection against stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases caused by free radicals.

So, far from being unhealthy, we learn that the Palin family diet is actually designed to combat the diseases the dishonest media’s “experts” claim it will cause. I’m shocked, shocked I tell ya!

Dr Richard Bernstein, himself a diabetic since 1946, has written a book about diabetes and the benefits of a low carb diet. He notes in the article here that “even today, many physicians ignore the need for normal blood sugars and focus on dietary fat.” Dr Bernstein notes further: “Recent results consistently support low carbohydrate, high protein diets, not only for blood sugar control, but also with regard to weight loss and cardiac risk.

It would seem those so-called “nutritionists” the media trotted out may have been all wrong!

A well balanced diet is essential, as is exercise, something I’m pretty sure Sarah will agree with in her book. Eating a healthy diet, something the Palins do, mixed with exercise, allows a person in reasonable good health to indulge in occasional “comfort food” as well as treats that would otherwise make you fat.

It’s funny, liberals consistently tell us that Sarah Palin is irrelevant, but the corrupt media has latched on to the notion of her writing a fitness book with the tenacity generally reserved for stories of national importance, say Obama’s Benghazi coverups, or the many lies he’s told about ObamaCare, such as it isn’t a tax increase, if you like your doctor you can keep him and death panels, what death panels!

I for one am interested in what she has to say, and hope she includes a lot of recipes that can be modified a bit so one can use more readily available sources of lean protein. Not many moose in Texas!

For some reason US News felt compelled to include this video of Sarah hunting for low fat sources of meat. So I might as well too.

If you saw the entire episode, Sarah’s dad Chuck had taken a nasty fall, and knocked her gun’s sight off. After missing the caribou, she takes a gun from their buddy, that she had never shot before, and nails the animal with the first shot.

BTW, if you eat well, exercise, and live right, you might not look this good, but you’ll definitely feel good:



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8 responses to ““Experts,” Without Knowing Sarah Palin’s Actual Diet, Proclaim it Causes Cancer, Heart Disease

  1. Anthony

    Who can blame her for being smart~ And I have learned all the junk elites or whoever is controlling such is putting in the food I dont blame her and her family one bit~ And honestly, I am starting to wonder if they are putting stuff in the school foods that effect the child’s harmones and etc~ So this is wise to break from the system~ Me because I do not hunt or what not I just try to eat as little as possible but the Palin family’s methods adds health so I cannot compete with that as of yet~ But I am trying to find a way around it~ And obviously, what we get from the ignoarant is ignorance which verily, holds no intrinsic value~

    • Gary P Jackson

      It’s simply amazing that everything in her diet actually PREVENTS what these clowns claim her diet may cause!

      • Anthony

        Now you know what I meant by welcome to the world of dyslexia~ It is like an infection or disease~ I am really, surprised these people who are infected don’t actually, walk backwards every where they go,as well~

  2. The enemedia are so insanely obsessessed with this fabulous woman (well, so are we – but in a healthy and positive way!!) that they grasp at straws – ANYTHING! – they think will bring her down and destroy her. They’re simply beyond help – and stoooopid as hell, to boot!

    Don’t they know that they can’t fight beauty, truth and good with ugliness, lies and hate?!? No, of course not – but that doesn’t stop them from pursuing a fruitless mission and a fool’s errand. I’m willing to wager that her diet & fitness book – with easy-to-do exercises and delicious & healthy recipes will be a runaway best seller! Back on top of the NYT Best Seller List – to the anger, chagrin & frustration of all the liburds out there who’ve never learned to simply live & let live – or, at the very least, “go with the flow…” Poor saps!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      It’s comical. Hundreds of stories in the past week about this “irrelevant” woman. All on this nonsense!

      The media is useless!

  3. Bogdan

    Hi there Friends! Remember when the so called “media” were spreading those nonsensical rumours that Sarah has allegedly got breast implants?
    In the conservative blog Pajamas Media one of the contributors from France quoted even his firend, a plastic surgeon who was sure that Sarah indeed has had those implants which, of course, proved to be an absolute rubbish.

    Then there were lies about her thinning hair. All nonsense.

    Now all those experts on health are wrong again. They just cannot come to terms that this phenomenal woman is at least a class above them all, exactly like all those politicos and yappa yappers on both sides of a barricade who cannot accpet that she is way smarter and more efficient as a politician and leader than all of them put together.

    Greetings from Australia – Bogdan

    • Gary P Jackson

      Hey mate! Thanks for weighing in! Yeah it’s all BS!

      The nutters, who to this day, claim Palin had a boob-job show just how stupid they are, and how stupid they think others are.

      Sarah is a tiny woman, but she’s always been rather nicely equipped, as they say, in that area. You can look back at high school and college photos of her and see. That outfit she wore at the Belmont Stakes showed off her figure quite well, but didn’t show anything that hadn’t been there forever. BTW, anyone who saw her visiting her troops in Kuwait, in 2007 know what I’m saying is true. She was in a loose fitting t-shirt and pants. In 2009 when she went to visit her troops in Kosovo and also wore a t-shirt, though a little tighter fitting. Anyhow, it ain’t rocket science.

      Sarah was pregnant when many first learned of her, and by the time the rest of the world saw her, it was just a few months after giving birth to her 5th child. Between that and the business suits she wore, well, you get the idea.

      It’s hard to get scale from photographs, or many of Sarah’s TV deals, as they usually show her alone. You see her, especially in fatigues, next to her troops, and she looks tiny! She’s small but strong and healthy. I understand she has a firm handshake reminiscent of an industrial vice! That makes sense as she’s been reeling in nets full of salmon for decades. We saw how tough she was on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” when they went commercial fishing for halibut. I’m a big guy but not sure I could drag one of those huge fish in like she did.

      What we’ve come to understand is liberals will lie when the truth would work better, and they hate Sarah Palin because she reminds them just how useless they are.

      Thanks again for stopping by! We are huge fans of anything and everything from down under!

  4. Mainstream media just muff off!!! Leave this lady alone. She is not in the game remember?

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