Multiple Video of Obama Proves He Lied About Benghazi in Debate and So Did CNN’s Crowley

CNN’s Candy Crowley teamed up with Barack Obama in Tuesday night’s lie fest disguised as a presidential debate

By Gary P Jackson

If you saw Tuesday night’s presidential debate you know that Barack Obama started lying the very second he opened his mouth and never stopped. Of all of the massive lies Obama told though, was the lie that he, Obama, called the Benghazi attacks terrorism on day one. This of course, is a lie. It was 14 days before Obama admitted it was a terrorist act.

The Obama regime was fully invested in lying about the attacks and trying to blame the slaughter of brave Americans on a stupid You Tube video. Obama even went to the United Nations trying to sell that nonsense. All Obama did was justify the murdering savages, and give them yet another recruitment tool.

Here, in video courtesy of SarahNet, Sean Hannity and John Sununu talk about all of Obama’s lies, along with video flashbacks of what Obama actually said, and when:

CNN’s Candy Crowley, the debate moderator came to Obama’s rescue on many occasions during the debate, but she outright lied, like Obama when it came to the terror attacks. In fact, Crowley actually attacked Mitt Romney on Obama’s behalf. This wasn’t the only time, but the most egregious example.

In case you missed the debate, here is the entire disgusting display, in it’s entirety.



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3 responses to “Multiple Video of Obama Proves He Lied About Benghazi in Debate and So Did CNN’s Crowley

  1. It Doesnt Get Any More Threatening Than This

    Because the words like terrorists etc are not part of the Lexicon~ Maj Stephen Coughlin, Part 5: The Role of the OIC in Enforcing Islamic Law in America/ Analyst for Central Command, FBI, CIA; Military Acadamies~ Also this is explains what Hillary Clinton has been doing behind the scenes to help the OIC implement resolution 1618 which is an attack on 1rst amendment rights; may be the only reason why soldiers and others are dying in battle~

  2. Jim Thompson

    Well. It turns out I didn’t miss a damn thing. Both Pres. Obama and one Ms. Candy Crowley lied in front of a Nationwide Audience. I went to bed after the disappointing results from DWTS. Now both DWTS and The Presidential Debate both contained LIARS!!!!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      I can’t get upset about DWTS. Bristol did such a good job. She improved every week, and outlasted 5 previous winners. The kids have plenty to be proud of.

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