The Chucks [Heath] Jr and Sr Talk to Hannity About “Our Sarah”

By Gary P Jackson

Chuck Heath Sr and Jr talked to Hannity Friday night about their new book: Our Sarah, Made in Alaska.

I’m in the process of reading the book and will give everyone my thoughts when done. I can tell you this is an enjoyable read and should be on everyone’s reading list.

Video courtesy SarahNet.



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5 responses to “The Chucks [Heath] Jr and Sr Talk to Hannity About “Our Sarah”

  1. Sorry Off Subject

    JUST IN~ Dick Morris has confirmed that 48 UN inspectors are going to be sent to virtually every state in America to monitor voter suppression~ What~? He is calling for all Governors of these states to block them~

    • Gary P Jackson

      The UN has no business in America, and frankly America has no business being part of the UN. This is an attempt by the democrats to create a narrative that Romney stole the election after he wins. It’s such a Atalanta attempt too.

      This won’t set well with the American people. I’ve been reading about it but need to do more.

      • Dismantle UN

        I guess if you find out just post it or shoot me an email~ Whatever, I am highly interested~ We dont need the UN in America~ Matter of fact, I stated to some Gov officials last year to literally, take it over and I will be dag gone if they are not doing the opposite, go figure~ I guess I should have only told the Military~ Good post here by the way~ I am interested in the book myself although, I am not much of a reader~

      • Gary P Jackson

        That’s prime real estate. Run the UN out, take the building and sell it as a tear down for a more useful purpose. From what I understand the damned thing is falling down anyhow.

        The UN is filled with dictators, butchers, and hate mongers who have the same vote as more civilized nations.

        Think about it, Iran, the world’s largest sponsor of terror world wide, and routinely kills it’s own people, is on the “Human Rights Commission”!

  2. Neil Nieminsky II

    one must remember …
    Woodrow Wilson gave us the ” League of Nations ”
    the precursor to the United Nations …
    it failed
    FDR had the idea for the United Nations …
    he sold out half of Europe to Stalin to get him to join up
    THEN we ended up fighting the ” Cold War ” with the Soviet Union
    (( Patton was right in his desire to go after Russia after the end of WW2 btw … it would have completely prevented the Cold War ))

    Now we have the United Nations …
    full of countries that do not like us …
    and want to see us brought down to the status of ” Third World Nation ”

    Its time we stand up again as a country …
    tell the UN where to go
    and kick them out of our country

    We are a Sovereign people …
    NOT to be governed by anyone but those we elect

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