Sarah Palin on Monday’s Debate: So Many Untruths Spewed by Obama

Hold on Sparky, you’re going a bit too far with a lie like that.

~ Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

Monday night’s debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was rather disappointing. Obama told one lie after another, rapid fire, machine gun style. Bob Schieffer, was useless. The most frustrating thing though was Obama told so many lies, and left Mitt Romney left so many good opening, and yet Mitt never took advantage of any of them.

Many were frustrated that the talk went from serious foreign policy to our domestic economy, but in the end, that may be a blessing for Romney. The majority of Americas think Romney would be much better on the economy, and the economy is the number one issue of this election.

Sarah Palin talks to Sean Hannity about the debate, all of Obama’s lies, and some serious foreign policy issues that neither man talked about.

Video courtesy SarahNet.

Many, including me, think Sarah should be Mitt’s Energy Secretary, but I also think she’d make an equally great Secretary of State. We need strong leadership in that post.


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6 responses to “Sarah Palin on Monday’s Debate: So Many Untruths Spewed by Obama

  1. True Conservaties Rule

    I kind of Knew that was going to happen~ There were so many problems talked about I knew the solutions were going to be minimal of what is to be done in the next four years~ And in this regard both failed~ But hey it is what it is~ And I aint into controlling people either way, even if I could~ And yes when it comes to preferring trust over likability Sarah and a couple others fit the mark to the tee~ I mean when you are unbelievable nonstop worker bee, have leadership skills and charisma you can pretty much fit into any role and go right to town~ And I trust that is possible~ And because there is trust whatever is done in this regard we all know it would benefit the people in a whole~ Almost makes you want to forget about them other two guys running~ What were their names again~?

    • True Conservatives Rule

      Typos I am tired~!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Indeed. I’ll tell you though, the notion that Americans don’t like Sarah Palin is a myth created by the dishonest media. She’s better liked than either of the actual candidates.

      There a reason why, in 2008 McCain was drawing 10,000 people tops, Obama 20,000 tops, and Sarah as many as 60,000 at some stops. The American people thirst for someone like her to lead.

      • True Conservatives Rule

        You have a great point and I couldnt have said it better~! Guess it is time to hit the hay sack it is 5 am here in SC~ Post that UN issue when you get to it if you can~ I would like to see a follow up~ They did talk about it on FOX again today and even the commentators seemed mad about it~ Said UN dont have juristiction~ The first thing I thought is under Obama anything is possible~ And if that aint scary in itself I dont know what is~ See ya~!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Yeah me too Should have been in bed hours ago. Thanks for stopping by!

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