Sarah Palin Visibly Angry as She Calls Out Obama for his Treasonous [In] Actions During Benghazi Massacre

Ambassador Christopher Stevens sodomized, slaughtered, and dragged through the streets by Muslim savages as Barack Obama and as many as 400 regime employees knew and watched in real time, and did absolutely nothing.

By Gary P Jackson

As I just wrote, it’s now known that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other key members of the Obama regime, possibly as many as 400 people, not only knew within hours the attacks in Benghazi were well organized terror attacks, not some “spontaneous protest” over a You Tube video, that at the time few had even seen, but Obama and the regime actually watched all of this go down in real time, and did absolutely nothing to save Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the others trapped and eventually slaughtered by Muslim savages.

Sarah Palin appeared with Greta Van Susteren tonight and was visibly angered as she spelled out Obama’s failures and what I feel are actions that border on treason. As she tells Greta, Sarah has loved ones, including her son Track, serving in harms way under Obama’s incompetent and reckless command.

Video courtesy SarahNet.



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4 responses to “Sarah Palin Visibly Angry as She Calls Out Obama for his Treasonous [In] Actions During Benghazi Massacre

  1. Time Has Come

    That is very unfair that her and the families of these victims have to endure such concerns; hardships as well, as the rest of the populations~ I mean who wants to be under the control of this leadership~? NO-ONE~! And it is time for the sleeping GIANT to rise~! The Founders had to leterally, fight~ Todays people seem to want to go punch something in a computer~ It is like being in the middle of war and trying to tip toe through the tullips~ Doesn’t work to well~

  2. M. Corburn

    It’s been 1.5 months and bHo has yet to give the American people a thorough, detailed report of what actually happened in Libya. That he hasn’t raises some red flags. Was the death of the ambassador and three others planned for some reason by this administration or did they just look the other way? Was Stevens’ usefulness over or did the Dems think Stevens betrayed in some manner? The CIA involvement casts a new, scary shadow on all this. Was Stevens covertly involved in getting arms to Syria and did something go awry? Was Stevens supposed to be kidnapped and held for ransom (so bHo could miraculously save the day) but the plan went horribly wrong? None of these reasons justifies letting Americans get murdered, but bHo would sacrifice anyone in order to keep the narrative going that Arabs (the Libyans in this case) are now happy campers, loving their new steps to democracy, brought to them courtesy of United States military might and/or US meddling. Acknowledging that terrorists are now stronger than ever would destory the illusion bHo is trying to create, that is, he is the great Healer of the Middle East, bringing everyone together.

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