Video: Ambassador John Bolton and Greta Discuss Latest Treasonous Obama-Benghazi Revelations

By Gary P Jackson

Ambassador John Bolton was the lead in guest on Greta’s show Tuesday night. Greta and Bolton lay out all of Barack Obama’s treacherous acts.

Video courtesy SarahNet.



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3 responses to “Video: Ambassador John Bolton and Greta Discuss Latest Treasonous Obama-Benghazi Revelations

  1. Load of Hogwash

    Ideology~? yes, like the type that helps the enemy consitently thus gets people killed~ And all of this going on but the debates were sure fun to watch and now talk about for the next two weeks~ Trey Gowdy said this could take 20 months like Fast and Furious~ What a joke that aint even funny~ But I tell you what they will make sure they still have elections want they~? My God the enemy is on the inside of the flippin building~ And all who talk around it and do not solve it to me, are just as guilty~! I wish to God the Military would just take this out of the children’s hands~ And if Romney gets it which I am sure he may, I would like to direct the Military and them control him to make sure special interests and crazy ideologies etc arent being served but the people are~ My trust of any of them is “0”~

  2. If President Romney (please, God!) doesn’t tap this man (Bolton) to be Sec. of State, I – and millions of other Conservatives – will be damn mad! (“Disappointed” ain’t strong enough!)

    OK, while we’re at it, maybe Pres. Romney might also have
    commonsense enough to ask/appoint sarah Palin to be Sec. of Energy as well. Well, we can DREAM, can’t we?!?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Many of us think Palin should be Secretary of State! She’s spot on about foreign policy, and as it happens, William Seward was Andrew Johnson’s Secretary of State. There’s just something cool about that!

      Rather than Energy Secretary, President Willard could roll all of that into the Department of Interior. That would give Secretary Palin the chance to personally fire Kim Elton. Payback is a bitch! Makes better sense as well.

      Not sure Sarah wants anything to do with any of it though!

      That said, I would LOVE to see Bolton as Secretary of State, or even Secretary of Defense. I trust that man, and our enemies fear him.

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