’s Dan Riehl in ICU Prayers Needed

By Gary P Jackson

Sad news to report. Blogger extraordinaire Dan Riehl is in the hospital fighting for his life.

FishbowlDC reports:

Conservative blogger Dan Riehl is fighting for his life and in the ICU at Fairfax County Hospital. Riehl publishes Riehl World View and writes for Instapundit is reporting that medical personnel had to do a pulmonary bypass.

More here.

Chris Smith, “Smitty” who writes with Stacy McCain reports visiting Dan and that he is in bad shape and desperately needs our prayers. In a heartfelt piece Smitty writes:

Dan has worked harder than most (e.g., me) on the effort to tear down the walls of the mainstream media Jericho over the last few years. You have to drop names like that of the late, lamented Andrew Breitbart to name somebody who was working harder on the restoration of the country. Multitudes of folks echo the current news (and don’t stop; we make an important chorus) but Dan was a maker of news. His contacts and investigative skills (of which I had the merest glimmer of insight) allowed him to dig up crucial facts on a host of stories (go see Hating Breitbart for just one example).

Dan is a true leader, mentoring those who will listen, flogging relentlessly those who will not. I’ve no idea what the medical bill will be like for a few days in the Intensive Care Hotel, but it can’t be cheap.

[ … ]

Do consider his tip jar, as you are able.

More here.

I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Dan in person, but have had pleasant back and forth with him via Twitter and email. We haven’t always agreed on things, but who does? Dan has always been professional and a man of integrity. The sort of fellow you’d love to call a friend.

Having had a heart attack earlier this year myself [though thankfully no where near as serious as any of this] I can tell you the hospital bills ain’t cheap. If you have an extra buck or two think about hitting the tip jar on Dan’s website.

I know Dan has many friends who can visit in person, but the rest of us can pray for his speedy and full recovery. Dan is the sort of man we need on our side fighting for Liberty and Freedom.

At this time we all need to be on his side cheering him on and praying for him in his fight against this illness.

Please include Dan in your daily prayers.

Smitty also reports blogger “Zilla” another true warrior, is also in the hospital in bad shape, and has a bedside video report here.

Please pray for Dan, Zilla, and all of their friends and families.



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7 responses to “’s Dan Riehl in ICU Prayers Needed

  1. We Call Upon You Now God

    God is now with them for they are fighting to save a whole people of a nation and verily, deserve being saved~ I will pull every bit of energy I have with my own personal connection to God~ I will ask God to stand beside them until they make it through~ I dont forget~ I dont let up~ I stay on course until they are healed~ And if by chance God wants them in Heaven for any reason it is there they will reside~ God’s love will give them the choice first and foremost~ And for their families he will give them the strength to make it through such tragedy~ Amen~!

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  3. Just as I got my breath back, I learned about Dan and it breaks my heart. Thank you for mentioning me, I am home now and I will heal. Let’s hope and pray to Almighty God that Dan will be healed as well. He is a true blogging hero and a very nice man.

    • Gary P Jackson

      So glad to hear you are home! You sounded pretty wiped out in that interview. We need you and Dan. We’re in the fight of our lives and can’t spare a single warrior!

      Take care of yourself, rest up I pray you continue get better.

      ~ Gary

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