Hate Tweets from General Hospital “Actress” Nancy Lee Grahn and Death Threats Toward Sarah Palin From Other Demented Democrats

Vile hatred wrapped in a pretty package is still vile hatred. Nancy Lee Grahn is the face of the psychotic wing of the democrat party. [It’s a HUGE wing]

By Gary P Jackson

Liberalism is simply not compatible with civilized society. Today’s democrat is totally incapable of engaging in reasoned public discourse. All they have is the ability to spew over the top hatred for those with whom they disagree. And not just screaming hatred, but death threats to all, as well.

Nancy Lee Grahn, an actress on the soap opera General Hospital is a piece of work. Those of you who followed Bristol Palin’s time on Dancing With The Stars may have also followed the show on Twitter. If you went to hashtag #DWTS you no doubt encountered Grahn. She hate tweeted after every show, raising hell about Bristol. Nasty, vile tweets. This is supposed to be a grown woman. She’s older than I am for God’s sake! She has the maturity and mentality of a child though. A child possessed by the devil!

Our friends over at Twitchy caught Grahn’s latest hate filled tweet after Sarah’s dressing down of Obama.

Like a good little democrat drone, she went with the party line, calling Sarah a racist. As I talk about here, screaming racism, where there is none, is the last refuge of tyrants. Being called a racist by a democrat is a sure sign you are winning your argument against them.

If this isn’t pathetic enough, Grah recently participated in the NoH8 program [trying to stop hatred] and posed for this photo:

Damned shame she didn’t leave the duct tape over her hate spewing mouth, and didn’t wrap her hate tweeting hands in the same magical product.

At this point I need a roll of tape myself, so I can wrap my head in it, to keep it from exploding!

Question: How do you spell hypocrite?

Answer: N.A.N.C.Y. L.E.E. G.R.A.H.N.

Grahn’s psychotic rants are bad enough, but her continual unhinged rants fire up other democrats to tweet far worse. Go through her recent tweets about the Palins and read em for yourself. Grahn is a nasty hater, but her fans out do her.

Sarah Palin was the target of multiple death threats in the wake of Grahn’s latest hate tweets. Twitchy caught a number of the threats, here’s a few here:

Yung CoCoButter” is now protecting his tweets [though it’s saved on Twitchy forever] so I can’t embed, but this is the type of hate you see. Yung CCB is black,:


Go die you racist fuck@SarahPalinUSA: Obama’s Shuck and Jive Ends With Benghazi Lies fb.me/1m3q5c2IR”—
Jules (@Yung_CocoButter) October 24, 2012

Here’s more:

This darling got in a shot at Bristol as well:

Wait a minute, this “non-racist” democrat is making it sound like a major insult to have intimate relations with a black man. How in the hell is THAT not racist!

BTW, if any gays are reading this article, have you ever noticed that democrats love to insult people by calling them gay? Think about that the next time you go to vote!

Another “loving, caring, non-racist” democrat:

There are more hate tweets, plus commentary here.

Can we finally stop pretending democrats are good and decent people?

There used to be a time when I thought it was just the the extreme leftists who were the hate filled loons, but I’ve come to realize all of the decent human beings left the democrat party long ago. Look at Hollywood, with few notable exceptions, you see nothing but hate and contempt for everything that makes America good and great, including the American people. Turn on any news channel, or read any major newspaper or website, and you find the same. The Marxists, the communists and socialists, the sixties radicals, the worst of the worst, have taken control of the democrat party, and driven out those capable of reasoned conversation, and honest interaction with their fellow human beings.

As Conservatives, we’ve long been at war with the dangerous elements of society who look to change our Republic into something that in no way resembles the visions our founders had for this great nation. The Great Ronald Reagan spoke of a Shining City on a Hill when he described his vision of America, Sarah Palin also speaks of that same wonderful vision.

Democrats want to turn the lights out on the American dream. They seek to create a totalitarian society where individual thought is not allowed. Where Liberty and Freedom are just meaningless words, describing outdated concepts. We’ve seen these intolerant radicals attack anyone and everyone who dares to disagree.

Readers may remember just a few short weeks ago, actress Stacey Dash came out in support of Mitt Romney in a rather benign tweet:

The reaction from democrats? As Twitchy reported, these “non-racist, loving, caring” creatures immediately invited the lovely Miss Dash to kill herself and “get cancer twice and die once,” of course. Those that didn’t want her to die outright called her a “house Negro,” and an “Oreo.” The gender confused called her an “Uncle Tom.” But don’t you dare call these vile, hate filled Obama supporting democrats racists!

Head over to Twitchy and read just how vile and filthy democrats are towards blacks who “leave the plantation” so to speak. If you make Twitchy a regular stop, you’ll see this kind of hate is the norm for democrats, not the exception.

As I said at the beginning of this, liberalism is not compatible with civilized society. It rivals the most evil of ideologies the world has ever known. It’s totalitarian and highly violent in nature. No nation, not even a nation as great as the United States, can survive forever with so much evil, so many evil people in it’s population. This kind of hate and violent rhetoric is a cancer on society. Like any disease, it must be eradicated.

It would be one thing if all of this was just confined to Hollywood psychopaths like Nancy Lee Grahn, and random fools on Twitter, but turn on any show on MSNBC, or for that matter, CNN, and you’ll run across the same people. Same goes for the networks.

You’ll find these same sort of nasty traits: the hate, the contempt for America and the American people, in elected democrats, from the White House on down. This cancer has grown to a point it’s where it’s about to destroy the nation.

We must defeat these people at every level.

We must defeat this evil ideology.

We must fight this evil like our lives depend on it, because they do.



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30 responses to “Hate Tweets from General Hospital “Actress” Nancy Lee Grahn and Death Threats Toward Sarah Palin From Other Demented Democrats

  1. Betty

    Excellent article. You hit the nail on the head! Demoncrats preach tolerance until you disagree with them. Look out as they spew vile from their mouths. They are worse than any conservative I have ever seen.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thank you.

      You lost me at the anti-Conservative jab though. It’s Conservatives who want reasoned dialogue. Unfortunately, democrats make it impossible. Conservatives just want to live the American dream.

      • nicole

        “It’s Conservatives who want reasoned dialogue.” Liberals and Conservatives are equally unreasonable and hateful.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Bullshit! Conservatives are quite reasonable, but firm. Democrats USED to be as well. Now they are just angry, hate filled savages. Liberalism does that to human beings. Liberalism is not compatible with civilized society. It’s destroyed many nations from within. It’s destroying the greatest nation the world has ever known.

  2. A Spiritual War

    “The leader of evil gives his minions a false sense of empowerment~ And the only “beings” in the whole world who are to kneel before God are satan; his legion~ And in due time this he and his minions will~ I can now taste a raunch flavor of their ending right around the corner~ Mark it~!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b11-37Me_a4

    • A Spiritual War

      “We do not cause or wish death or pain on anyone with understandng that wth patience all hate; immorality self destructs; falls apart long bfore it ever finds “Victory”~ If hate; immorality are in our face offnding or threatenng death or pain it is then that we defend in the name of God’s love to SAVE: that HIS name may live on; be spread to othrs~ We can SAVE peace by not pacifiyng to either~ We can show power by not offending but defending~ This is God’s way~ Love thy enemy only means we cannot be hate~” The Light

  3. Among all those nasty, hate-filled tweets, did you notice that not only are so many of them TRULY racist (the “Black dick” remarks), but if they aren’t advocating DEATH & killing, they’re almost all universally advocating RAPE?!? They find their vengeful hatred best expressed
    by RAPE of Palin and her daughters! That’s the ultimate weapon these creeps all use in their unbelievably vile imagery! And in the case of Palin and her daughters, they certainly wouldn’t advocate abortion of a child that was the result of a rape! On the contrary, they’d view both the pregnancy and the birth/delivery “just punishment” (to use Ovomit’s words when describing an unexpected – and unwanted pregnancy by one of his own daughters!).

    • Gary P Jackson

      Oh yeah, liberals are obsessed with the violent rape of their enemies. They are savages. No different really than the Muslim savages who sodomized Christopher Stevens before murdering him, or Kadaffi before killing him.

      A couple of years, some degenerate liberal wrote for Playboy magazine a list of conservative women, including Sarah Palin, he wanted to “hate fuck”. These people are just evil. They truly have no redeeming qualities. They don’t belong among civilized human beings.

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  5. Kat

    Yes I loved GH and used to love the character of Alexis but I’m not interested anymore. Just can’t with this stupid woman anymore. You left out one thing…she likes to tell people how to vote or threatens them. Her latest I think was …a vote for Romney is a vote against my daughter. Sadly I don’t care Nancy because a vote for Obama is death to our kids futures. She has of course banned me from her twitter because I called her a bully for the things she’s been saying about Sarah.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yeah, I saw that. How if you voted for Romney you were hurting HER children. I guess she’s been asleep for the last 4 years while Obama has hurt EVERYONE’S children.

      Government in general does more harm than good, it’s why Conservatives want as little government as possible.

      I’ve never been into soaps much, but people like Grahn will turn viewers off to a point it hurts ratings.

  6. Lakerfanalways

    this woman has real psychological problems..maybe she missed Chris Matthews, Cuomo, and Jay Carney ALL using the same phrase..This woman is really whacko scary..I mean like that crazed killer in Colorado Holmes nuts..I think Sarah is going to have to consider getting a restraining order against this woman..she seems like someone that would be willing to go on a shopping rampage one day..Can SOMEONE, ANYONE contact the powers that be on General Hospital and ask for this woman’s firing

    • Gary P Jackson

      Grahn is certainly not firing on all 8 cylinders, that’s for sure!

      These loons disgust me, but they serve as the very public face of the democrat party. It’s a good thing. It allows good and decent people to see what the party represents. How far the Party of Jefferson and Jackson has sank into the sewers.

  7. BS Inc.

    Look, the best we can hope for at this point is to split into multiple countries. Within a few years, the Left will be doing what it does best, killing each other as their policies fail and they need to find scapegoats. To which I say, great, I hope they kill each other to the last non-gendered person.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I vote that Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, parts of Nevada, Southern California, and Alaska all form a new Republic, called Texas. We’d be the economic beacon of the world. Also a beacon of Liberty and Freedom.

      • BS Inc.

        Think bigger, man. Look at the county-level Presidential results from 2008. That gives you a sense of what I think is realistic. If the Lefty scum from the cities want to come out and fight for those rural areas, let them try.

      • Gary P Jackson

        This is true, of course, and you are 100% correct. But as a Texan, born with Liberty and Freedom in my soul from hard fought revolution, I, like most Texans fall back on the notion we can go it alone.

        Texas is the only state that was once a free nation. We won our independence through bloody revolution, as did the United States.

        We have the largest armored military base in the world, as well as nuclear weapons in Texas. Read up on the Battle of Gonzales [Come and Take it!] and you’ll see where I’m going with this deal!

        Obviously the United States is worth saving. We just have to work to defeat liberalism. It will take a generation or more, but every able bodied man, woman, and child must be enlisted in this battle. Truth will win out over hate and lies if enough people fight.

        God save America!

  8. Dan

    Crazy (and racist?) bitch at TheSpeechATimeForChoosing.com claims that liberals are “uncompatable with civilized society” and hateful, even as liberals destroy Sarah Palin for being “hateful,” begging the question, if accusing people of being hateful is hateful, then wouldn’t TheSpeechATimeForChoosing.com be hateful?

    A “Hateful” Liberal

    • Gary P Jackson

      Well at least you described yourself well. Liberalism is an ideology of hate and destruction and nothing more. It is NOT compatible with civilized society. Something you hate mongering democrats prove thousands of times a day!

      BTW, I’m a bastard not a bitch!

      Thanks for stopping by. Hang around and educate yourself.

  9. Well said, Gary! LIberal thought and liberal morality are lower than a snake’s belly. I thought they couldn’t be more disgusting, unhinged, unAmerican, hateful and ignorant. But when they hit bottom, as they say, they just keep digging. If Texas secedes, I’ll apply for citizenship. I live in California but come from a long line of Texans.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Y’all come! We have a LOT of Californians who have moved to Texas. Our West Coast editor and myself often talk about what I’d like to call a “Greater Texas” That leaves the union along with the Southwest, including Southern California and the Central Valley, where she is, and Alaska. The democrats can have what they have already destroyed.

      That’s more fantasy than reality though. Truth is America is worth saving, it’s just going to take an incredible amount of work. California is in bad shape, and looking at the fight to pass Prop 32, the union thugs now completely control the state. Y’all have your work cut out for you.

      Keep up the fight!

      • Gary, for sure my wife and i will be voting YES on 32 (against the unions) and NO on 30, the Democrats’ idiotic plan to raise taxes again.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Prop 32 is a great bill. I hope it passes but I am told the union thugs are spending millions to defeat it. Keep up the fight!

      • If I were younger, I’d leave the formerly “Golden State” in a NY minute!! Lots of opportunities for growth – both personal & professional – in TX (as far as I can see); but the economy is so dreadful in CA that opportunities like that are getting slimmer with each passing day!
        I originally came from the land of the Great Rain Forest (the Pacific NW – and Seattle, in particular). I loved the life there (left 20 years ago this year), but decided that heading to sunnier climes with a new (and already retired) husband was the right move to make and at the right time! And, as the Northwest has increasingly become cesspool of Dirty Dems and Lib Prog Regressives, I haven’t looked back and don’t miss it one damn bit!

        But an amusing aside: We, too, in that part of the country – and including SE Alaska AND British Columbia (Canada), and which also included Oregon, Idaho & Montana – also dreamed of seceding from the USA and forming a new country, “Columbia!” We loved the natural beauties, the open and natural way/flow of life – and we had a real hate-on for CA, in particular (since so many of the folks down South had moved up to our part of the world!).

        Well, times change and now the Left Coast is sort of one big ugly political socialist state – and folks like me want to live BEYOND those borders and that mentality!! But I’ll be content to enjoy the beauties of the CA Desert and some of the amazing vistas I can actually see from my modest little apartment!

      • Gary P Jackson

        It breaks my heart. Back during the Reagan years, the 1980s, California was different. We used to go out there to the races. Look, Texas is the promised land. God personally blessed this state, but California is so beautiful. If it was run like Texas, I’d consider moving there. Beautiful climate, incredible scenery. Breaks my heart when I think about it all.

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  11. Laura

    Your argument about Nancy being hateful would carry more weight and not seem completely hypocritical if you hadn’t displayed such contempt in your position on her and Democrats in general.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Democrats are the most evil creatures this world has ever known. All one has to do is look at how the filthy animals have reacted after the massacre in Newtown, threatening to murder those who stand up for the Constitution and the Second Amendment. Those who stand for Liberty and Freedom.

      The left has brought an evil to America that was once considered impossible. They wallow in hate, greed, and ignorance. No words are too harsh for these animals. These un-American animals.

      • Excellent – and well-deserved! – response to Laura, Gary! While I still have some Dem friends & even family members (who, at best, are only ignorant, not evil), what they believe & espouse – i.e., the libturd point of view, liberalism/progressivism, etc. (all part & parcel of the Dirty Demonkrap Party) – is, in & of itself, evil (as you point out) and against everything we, as Patriotic Americans, believe and support!

        It’s like being pregnant: You’re never just “partly” preggers!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Thankfully in Texas liberals are far and few between, unless you are in Austin, Houston, or Dallas. It’s easy for me to just avoid them.

        There was a time when I felt there were like us, civilized beings, just mixed up, wrong, whatever. Now I understand they represent unspeakable evils. As you say, you can’t get “a little pregnant” and neither can you be just a little liberal. If you support Obama, or any democrat, you support pure evil. You, by supporting the democrat party, are by definition an enemy of all good and decent human beings. You are an enemy of Liberty and Freedom.

        All one has to do is check in over at Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy on a daily basis to just how hate-filled democrats are. Their entire website documents liberal hate 24/7. These people make the Nazis of old look like a friggin’ garden club!

        It’s just too much to continue to put up with. We’re long past the notion of tolerance.

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