Woman Who Set Herself on Fire and Blamed it on the KKK Remains in Critical Condition

By Gary P Jackson

Something not being widely reported in the America press is an attempt by 20 year old Sharmeka Moffitt of Louisiana to create a racial incident.

Moffitt, who told authorities she was attacked by three white men in hoodies, who then set her on fire, has been proven a liar, after the FBI had been called in to investigate a “hate crime.” Obviously the young woman suffers from some sort of mental instability. Who in their right mind would douse themselves in lighter fluid and then light themselves up?

It’s rather despicable she tried to blame this on whites, and a shame she’s burned herself so severely.

From Sky News:

A woman who told police she had been subjected to a racist attack in which three men set her alight and scrawled KKK on her car was lying, according to US investigators.

The wounds were self-inflicted,” said Kyle Hanrahan, a spokesman for the FBI’s Louisiana bureau.

Sharmeka Moffitt, 20, was seriously burned in the fire and remains in a critical condition.

She called police from a park in the town of Winnsboro on Sunday night and told them three men in white hoodies had doused her with a flammable liquid and ignited it.

The letters KKK, for the white supremacist organisation Ku Klux Klan, and a racial slur were scrawled on her car in what appeared to be toothpaste.

According to local media, investigators decided the burns were self-inflicted after finding Ms Moffitt’s fingerprints on a cigarette lighter and lighter fluid.

Louisiana’s KATC News reported her family had issued a statement saying: “Our family is devastated to learn the circumstances surrounding our daughter’s injuries.

While this was not the resolution we had expected, it is a resolution, and we appreciate the thorough investigation by the local and state police as well as federal agencies.

We are sincerely sorry for any problems this may have caused and wish to express our appreciation for the outpouring of love, prayers and support we have received from friends, acquaintances, church organisations and government officials.

The FBI was called in to assist local authorities because the apparent attack was initially considered a possible hate crime.

Classy response from the woman’s family, one can only imagine what they have gone through and are still going through.

This isn’t the first time someone has blamed an attack of some sort on whites, only to have been found out of having made the entire thing up, and created evidence themselves. And to be fair, there have been instances of whites claiming to have been attacked by blacks. Democrats pretending to be attacked by Republicans, and so on.

This is despicable behavior no matter who does it. It’s hard to imagine what kind of devious mind thinks they have to engage in this sort of behavior. It truly boggles the mind this woman would go so far as to burn herself up.

This makes it tough on people who are really attacked by evil doers. In her mind Moffitt may have thought she was “advancing the cause” whatever “the cause” may be, but in fact, she’s hurt the real victims of real crimes.

May God have mercy on her soul.



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5 responses to “Woman Who Set Herself on Fire and Blamed it on the KKK Remains in Critical Condition

  1. A Spiritual War

    I am sorry her mental capacity was low enough to cause this~ And it was obviously, her mental capacity and not something I wish upon anyone~ God be with her~!

    • Gary P Jackson

      She’s a pretty girl too. Of course, look at Nancy Lee Grahn, she’s pretty too, and psychotic!

      Many lives ruined over this. Tragic.

      • A Spiritual War

        There is no way someone in their right mind would be able to do this~ I equivelate it to a nervous breakdown~ I mean honestly, she didnt even know Democrats are who created the KKK, Jim Crowe laws and Slavery~ And she felt so low she probably, didnt even care about truth~

  2. So typical but the news media will always run with any story that they feel with sell .. Rev Jackson is a known whore monger yet had no problems telling Wild Bill clinton about morals


    • Gary P Jackson

      Oh yeah, our media would be rooting this poor disturbed woman’s story was true, and never, EVER backtrack once the truth was known. It’s a sad commentary on the state of the union.

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