Fantastic News! Dan Riehl Out of ICU, Zilla Back At Home!

By Gary P Jackson

This is great news, as I mentioned yesterday, both Dan Riehl and Zilla were in the hospital with serious issues. Today comes reports that Dan is out of ICU and sitting up. Zilla is at home and writes about her experience:

I am home. I am still very fragile but my family needed me so I was a bad patient until they finally let me out: all fulla steroids, stuff to (try to) keep me calm, and breathing meds.

A lot more from her here.

Stacy McCain tweets:

Indeed, if can, please hit Dan’s tip jar!

Smitty sends a photo of Dan sitting up and downing a Diet Coke:

This is a great sight to see! Prayers work, so please continue to pray for Dan and Zilla’s rapid recovery. Two warriors who we can’t wait to see back in action!



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7 responses to “Fantastic News! Dan Riehl Out of ICU, Zilla Back At Home!

  1. I can barely see the HAWT pic of Dan for the happy tears in my eyes. This is wonderful news! Thank you for sharing the good word.
    God IS good, all of the time. I know that thousands of prayers went up for Dan, and clearly they have been heard. May he continue to heal and get back home to his dogs soon!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Indeed he is. The power of prayer should never be questioned, that’s for sure! So glad to hear you are up and about as well. Being sick is no fun.

      Take care of yourself!

  2. Amen~!

    Hang in there Brother Dan; Sister Zilla~ And when you both come out I know you will be reborn with a new view on life~! Amen~!!!

  3. John Scotus

    This is really good news all around.

  4. It’s heartbreaking to find out that such good, good people have been suffering! And both Zilla and Dan have fighting to keep our country, as founded, alive and well (strangely, one of the hardest jobs on the planet these days…). I can’t help but think that all of us will be better and feel better once the illegal alien/enemy of the state is vacated from the highest office in the nation where he never should have been allowed to go in the first place. I have suffered from respiratory diseases since 1992 (not quite as bad as Dan and Zilla, but bad enough to know this kind of suffering) and I’m praying they are done with this and on their way back to normal. I hope our wonderful country is on it’s way back to normal starting next week too.

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