Black Conservative David Webb “Shuck and Jive is a Great Cajun Bar in Dallas”

By Gary P Jackson

The loony left is still going nuts because Sarah Palin has been whipping Obama like a rented mule over his treasonous actions concerning the Benghazi massacre. And when she made fun of them, it really set em off. As I discussed here, the left has run out of ideas, run out of solutions, so now they are down to calling anyone who disagrees with Obama in any way, a racist.

In this video Conservative David Webb and Sean Hannity put radical leftist Jacques DeGraff on the spot. DeGraff is still crying “racist” while Webb and Hannity make fun of him.

Webb says that “Shuck and Jive is a Great Cajun Bar in Dallas“. My guess is he is right! If you are in Dallas and want to verify that it is, stop in! For more info click here. Looks like a fun joint.{Tell em we sent ya!]

We are reminded that Chris Matthews, one of the mentally unstable democrats MSNBC has hosting a show [and really, aren’t they all mentally unstable over there] has used the phrase “shuck and jive,” as has socialist Andrew Cuomo, who used it when talking about Obama in 2008, while campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

Evidently it’s only racist when a white person says “shuck and jive” to, or about, a black person if the white person is a Conservative. If they are a democrat …. the democrat party being the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, segregation, etc. …. it doesn’t count. Funny how that works

Video courtesy SarahNet.



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3 responses to “Black Conservative David Webb “Shuck and Jive is a Great Cajun Bar in Dallas”

  1. It Is Not From True Empathy

    The only thing Black about Chris is his liberalism and same goes for the entire left~ I would love to walk through the getto with these leftist extremeist and ask the Blacks if they want him or others like him being their spokesmen because I know they dont~ So QUIET Chris~!

  2. Interesting topic, thanks for sharing this video does not seem to address or solve anything, they both wear the same suits so why do they not go to to the same hair dressers.

    • Gary P Jackson

      We proved liberals are pains in the ass and don’t belong in civilized society? Oh, and that the Shuck and Jive looks like the place to go the next time you are in Dallas!

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