Breaking: Heinz CEO Bill Johnson: Re-Electing Obama Would Be The Very Definition of Insanity

As Einstein said, doing things the same way and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

~ Bill Johnson, CEO Heinz Foods, on re-electing President Obama.

By Gary P Jackson

Tuesday afternoon on, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Neil talked with Heinz CEO Bill Johnson about the effects of Hurricane Sandy. During the interview Neil asks Johnson about President Obama’s performance during this crisis.

Johnson is diplomatic, saying most presidents rise to the occasion, and Obama is no different, but then goes on to say the President’s actions now have little do do with his poor performance during the last four years. Johnson goes on to quote Einstein’s definition of insanity regarding the notion of Obama’s re-election.

Video courtesy of our friends at SarahNet.


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9 responses to “Breaking: Heinz CEO Bill Johnson: Re-Electing Obama Would Be The Very Definition of Insanity

  1. Albert is the man~!

    Such as keeping the two party system~ Or the status quo~ Or electing the only choices given by the elites behind the scenes; not the people~ If that is what he is saying it is a bullseye but if it is only half a notion then he is way off the mark~ I am voting for Albert~ Because to only say this quote about one football team so to speak is insane~

  2. Who the hell is Albert?!?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Albert Einstein?

      • Yes, it must be Einstein – my bad! I just overlooked the reference in his somewhat convoluted comment! But I liked the excellent video (narrated by Rudy Giuliani, I think), pointing out the differences between a democracy & a republic. The LSM and all the talking heads, including WAY too many politicians, just keep spreading the misconceptions & ignorance by dredging up the word, “Democracy,” at every opportunity!! I don’t think half the pols in DC (or in every State house, for that matter!) realize that the USA is a REPUBLIC, thanks to and protected by the US Constitution!!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Yeah that’s my pet peeve as well. We are a Republic.

    • Where My Mind Frame Comes From on Voting

      Insanity – doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results~ Albert Einstein

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