Exclusive Photos-Video Sarah Palin at New Orleans Investment Conference 2012

By Gary P Jackson and Isabel Matos

As you know, Sarah Palin was at the International Investment Conference in New Orleans over the past weekend. She gave the keynote speech and also sat on a panel of experts that included Charles Krauthhammer, Dinesh D’Sousa, and Rick Santelli.

Kip Herriage, CEO of Wealth Masters International, and Publisher/Editor of Vertical Research Advisory, tweeted this photo from the event:

Contributor Isabel Matos, from The Follow-Up attended the event and provides us with photos, video, as well as her thoughts. We are more than pleased to be able to share.

Take it away Isabel:

October 25th-27th, 2012.

Sarah Palin was in New Orleans this past weekend impressing the New Orleans Investment Conference attendees – entrepreneurs who came from as far as New Zealand to be there. Sarah Palin was the keynote speaker this year. At the end of every conference participants are asked to vote for the person they most would like to see as keynote the following year and they chose Sarah Palin by popular demand.

Among the guest speakers present (there were dozens), were Rick Santelli, Charles Krauthammer and Dinesh D’Souza. Sarah participated in a panel prior to her speech with the guests mentioned. Needless to say, she did not disappoint! She held her own and garnered even more support after delivering her own speech, which lasted a little over 45 minutes.

    Part I: Introduction:
    Part II: Solution to DCs Power and Alaska’s Natural Resources:

The part missing in the clip is just a few seconds. Sarah makes a few comment about the election.

She says the race is too close to call, and that whenever the Liberal Media calls the race a “toss-up” that means things are not going well. The audience laughs. She then mentions that the situation is nothing that a good old election can’t fix, that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but that there are serious issues confronting us today.

The first is to reduce the size and control of an out-of-control and out-of-touch government and the second one is to reduce the size of the debt.

Regarding the Democratic Party as seen at the DNC Convention: It is their belief that Government is the only thing we belong to. Good Lord! I don’t belong to government. It’s not my faith. It’s not my community.

    Part III: Common Sense to clean up Corruption in Wasilla:
    Part IV: We are an Exceptional Nation:

    Part V: Washington is running out of other people’s money:

    Part V: Q & A Session following her speech:

Best advice you got on your experience on the campaign trail in 08:

      On the Media cover-up of the Benghazi cover-up:

      Best advice you could give to someone who is in the situation you were in:

    There was one question about her running for office. She answered it by saying, “Never say Never.”

    Meeting Sarah Palin was the real reason why I went to the Conference in New Orleans. I had made plans to do so after she decided not to speak at the RNC Convention in Tampa. This venue was better in the end.

    Getting a chance to see Sarah Palin in person was extraordinary. She is even more beautiful up close than on television, or in the hundreds of pictures and clips I have seen. I spent most of the day thinking about what I would say to her, hoping the words would come out just right in that instant.

    Thankfully she is a great listener and was very supportive when I shared my first thoughts. I also got to tell her I was from Miami and mentioned my adopted candidate Karen Harrington hearts Sarah!

    At that point she sent me over to Todd who was as stoic and handsome as he is on television. But he intimidated me (which is really my fault because I am a chatty person around quiet people who bring that out it me. I do it to ease my nerves). Meeting Todd was an unexpected yet very pleasant surprise.

    I did say to Todd that if Sarah ever came to Miami, she would be in “Bush” country but that people would easily “vote” for her. Then I corrected myself. Well, you know.. she would be very popular!

    The next time I take my picture, I thought that it will be with Sarah in Miami, at her next fitness book signing. Sarah, I can lose another 10 lbs and will do what I can to help you sell it here if you help me get there!



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7 responses to “Exclusive Photos-Video Sarah Palin at New Orleans Investment Conference 2012

  1. Thank you, Gary & Isabel – very inspiring! And it’s great to hear her speak, as usual, with such self-confidence & assurance! What a positive RELIEF from the empty platitudes of the Boy King!! And thanks, Isabel, for “covering” the event for all of Sarah’s many fans & admirers – much appreciated!

  2. Thank you Joy. I appreciate your reply. I have gotten a tremendous response from the blog post and I am grateful for people like Gary who know the kind of leader Sarah Palin is. I have learned a lot about her this year. Sarah is a confident speaker, but what makes her wonderful is now truthful and natural her presentation is. It is such a rarity in politics that it takes time for people to appreciate it and adjust to her way. Time is on her side, though, and she earns respect with every presentation she makes. This one was no exception.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Let me add that we are blessed to have hard working grass roots leaders like Isabel who devotes much of her time to holding both the democrats, and the Republican Establishment™ accountable. We’d be nowhere without folks like her.

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