Sarah Palin: Obama Got His Sandy Photo Op Then Jetted off to Vegas to Party with Jay-Z

By Gary P Jackson

Friday night Sarah Palin appeared on the Sean Hannity Show to talk about Hurricane Sandy and Tuesday’s election.

Sarah notes people are freezing, without power, and have even died due to Sandy, and yet all Obama does is fly in for a quick photo op with liberal NJ Governor Chris Christie then jet off to Las Vegas for yet another party with Jay-Z and the Hollywood crowd.

It’s interesting how the corrupt media, which Sarah comments on, is covering Obama here, vs how they covered [and lied about] President George W Bush during Katrina.

Video courtesy our friends at SarahNet.



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10 responses to “Sarah Palin: Obama Got His Sandy Photo Op Then Jetted off to Vegas to Party with Jay-Z

  1. Children Will Be Children

    I feel so sorry for the American people of Sandy and in a whole to be lead by leaders who’s mentalities do not surpass third grade~ Like honary or contrary children~ These leaders spend all their time securing themselves what should we expect~ They need a real leader like me to come in and clear house so the adults can fix the problems (play da-da for them)~ Because I sure don’t trust these children having the solutions~ I mean it is like walking into the room and there is now paint all over the walls and toys ripped apart~ However, in this case people are dying from this nonsense~ Could it get any worse~? Yes it could~!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Exactly, people are dying up there and the regime is very slow in responding.

      • Children Will Be Children

        First you have to care~ And after never caring it is near impossible to instill it in the individual no matter how bad the situation~ Probably are waiting to hear all of the victims beg for government because it would feed their narcissism~

      • Gary P Jackson



    In order to defeat the oligarchy American Patriots are going to have to take it~ Founders had to literally, fight so they would laugh at the American people so to speak for thinking punching a box on a computer will do it~ The faces in the front change but oligarchy and agenda don’t~ You already know what you have now it is time to act~! Unless, all want to wait for water to be boiling to attemt to jump out~ THIS HAPPEN TODAY LYNDON L NATIONAL PRESS CONFERENCE 1 PM TODAY WASHINGTON DC ON OBAMA”S IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES >

  3. What I found disgusting – and, of course, somewhat self-serving on the part of the enemedia – was when they fell all over themselves trying to praise FEMA to the hilt, saying what a “great/superlative job” the current director – a Republican, they like to point out – that
    that wise old owl, Obama, appointed in a great display of bipartisan leadership! I just wanted to BARF! Obviously, a BIG stretch to compare the wondrous BHO with the nefarious GWB, and a mockery of Bush’s famous, “You’re doing a great job, Brownie!”

    I just wish that someday someone will document all that happened during Katrina and how it wasn’t all “Bush’s fault!” What in heaven’s name will the LSM ever do in the next 4 years, when blaming Bush will be even more lame & mendacious!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      From what I’m seeing reported, FEMA is doing a horrible job, and much like Katrina, the liberals have adopted an “every man for himself” attitude, rather than trying to help one-another get through it all.

      I feel for everyone up there, no one deserves this, but it’s an illustration of why you should never depend on government for anything.

  4. I agree – and also with your assessment of the job that FEMA is doing (or, more accurately, ATTEMPTING to do). After the LSM’s initial europhia and grasping at ANYTHING that would make their Boy King look good , the truth is (and even the LSM finally had to report
    what was actually happening on the ground!) that those folks in low-lying areas (Staten Island, Lower Manhattan, Jersey Shore – even points inland) have literally, been swamped, homes flooded and even carried away – and, in some cases, where there’ve been hot wires, homes bursting into flames! The storm really reached biblical proportions – and NO government (unless ALWAYS on high alert for such disasters) can do much when everything’s down and roads blocked, etc.

    The despair and shock in so many people’s faces & voices tells the story; I guess it’s a miracle that more people didn’t lose their lives – considering the breadth of the storm path and its total ferocity!

    May God ease their pain and bring solace & healing into their lives as quickly as humanly (and divinely!) possible!

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