Following up on Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee and Medicare Fraud at Houston’s Riverside General Hospital

By Gary P Jackson

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the massive Medicare scandal revolving around Houston’s Riverside General Hospital and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee, who has deep, decades long ties to the hospital.

One of the things I really love about writing is sometimes I have the chance to talk with interesting, brave, and honorable men and women. People who do the right thing when doing nothing would be a hell of a lot easier. LaCheryl E. Whitlow is one of those people.

As a result of the story, I’ve had a running conversation with LaCheryl about the total mess in Houston, as well as the corruption. She’s been blogging continuously about the situation, trying to set the record straight as well as offering up sincere, heartfelt commentary.

LaCheryl is a long time Jackson-Lee supporter, and you can feel the hurt and pain in her writing. You can also see LaCheryl is one of those extraordinary people who refuse to sit back while surrounded by corruption, when she can speak out instead. Her blog Truth Hurts Like Hell is a must read for those looking to get the latest on the scandals, and goings on at Riverside General.

As many of our readers are Palin supporters, it shouldn’t be hard to understand why I find myself admiring LaCheryl greatly. Reform, ethics, corruption busting, is why we admire Sarah Palin so much. Anyone who stands up and speaks out, when it would be much simple to sit down and shut up [safer too] should be admired and thanked.

I only know LaCheryl through our interaction and her blog, but I admire her courage greatly. Like any reform minded person, she’s being attacked mercilessly. I’ve had several who have viciously attacked her in our comments section. [Though I’ve not given them the satisfaction of seeing their hate in print, I’ve saved them]LaCheryl tells me she’s been getting steady hate from those angry she’s doing the right thing.

I want to encourage our readers to go back and re-read the lengthy story on the massive Medicare fraud the management of Riverside General has been involved in, as well as the various comments LaCheryl left along with videos.

I also encourage everyone, Texans especially, to take a look at LaCheryl’s blog to learn more about the difficult situation the workers at the Hospital now face because of the incredibly corrupt management.



…would any of this be a factor?

With all that has come out about Riverside General Hospital in the local paper and the media I often wonder had this hospital administration been all white would the unfolding issues that have been exposed in the public taken place in the same manner?

I wonder if the predominately black employees that have witnessed the abuse, neglect, and corruption that has taken place within the walls of that historically black institution been so passive at coming fourth with the truth or be as closed mouth had the administrators been white?

When payday rolls around and they have diligently worked hard, kept their work areas neat and clean, and respecting of management, and so forth and a white supervisor tells them, “Sorry we don’t have your check today because there is aglitchin the system, contact the Human resource dept.” Would they believe that had it come from a white person as the truth?

When they contact the Human Resources director and inquire about their pay and the H.R director (being white also in this case) told them to wait until the following week for their check or I’m not concerned if you got your check or not because I got mine, etc. Would the employees of Riverside General Hospital take that from a white H.R director?

What about the patient abuse that has taken place there? The shredding of files and other “cover-ups…IF THE ADMINISTRATORS OF RIVERSIDE GENERAL HOSPITAL WERE WHITE would the black employees there still be as nonchalant about speaking out against them?

If the director of nursing and the charge nurse on Riverside general hospital were white and talked to people in the horrible and disrespectful way they are KNOWN for would it be different…IF THE ADMINISTRATORS OF RIVERSIDE GENERAL HOSPITAL WERE WHITE?

If the CEO raced in a room and told people that “they could have the scraps” in the conference room, and people cleared the hall when she stepped downstairs, or bowed their heads and closed their mouths when she entered a room…would they do it is she were white? If the president of that hospital was accused of the EXACT same thing he is accused of now would the employees believe it more if he had blond hair, blue eyes, and white?

Much more here.

LaCheryl is black, as are most of the employees and management at Riverside Hospital. This took real courage for her to say what she’s saying. Her post speaks to the REAL problem we face when it comes to corruption.

It’s not just blacks who tolerate corrupt blacks in the name of “solidarity” it’s many groups. We’ve seen Republicans excuse corruption among Republicans. I know, I got attacked for exposing Rick Perry and others last year. We see democrats excuse all corruption in the name of politics as well. This sort of behavior breaks all social, racial, and political boundaries.

Sarah Palin was attacked by fellow Republicans after she took down much of the corrupt Republican Party [including the Attorney General and the state GOP Chairman]in Alaska. The GOP hates her to this day for it. From what I’m already seeing, LaCheryl has faced much of the same, from her peers.

Peer pressure is a strong motivator. It can motive one to do great things, or cause great evils. It can also cause many a good person to sit by as evil occurs, rather than speak up. That’s why we admire people who will stand up, no matter what the personal cost to themselves is.

The 18th Congressional District of Texas is a mess. It needs new representation. Sheila Jackson-Lee has held that district since 1995. [18 years] That’s more than long enough. The voters deserve a fresh face, and a solid leader.

Toward that end, I’d like to strongly recommend voters choose to send Lt Col Sean Seibert to Congress in place of Jackson-Lee on Tuesday.

From Sean’s website:

Over his career he has led our nation’s greatest resources, its sons and daughters, in numerous deployments (to include Guatemala, Bosnia, Persian Gulf, and Afghanistan). In 2009 Sean was selected to join the 82d Airborne Division General Staff on their deployment to Afghanistan. Starting off as the lead planner for the Afghan National Police, whose stalwart performance was rated as immeasurable. The Commanding General selected Sean as his number one choice to lead the efforts at the key strategic board crossing in the Khyber Pass (where 80% of all NATO resources entered Afghanistan from Pakistan).

In this role Sean increased revenue by 203 Million Dollars, while improving commercial throughput from 17,000 to 22,000 per month. While leading the NATO effort on the border he facilitated regular discussions between the Afghan and Pakistani Government Officials.

Sean’s approach to the local Afghan community was one of constituents, where he regularly listened to their issues and negotiated with the Afghan Government and NATO to obtain what the people of the area needed and wanted. These efforts lead to job creation and economic growth in the area.

Raised in Texas, Sean is the eldest son of an immigrant mother (who became a U.S. Citizen in 1967) who instilled a multi-cultural view of the world and gave him the encouragement and confidence to be the first in the family to go to college obtaining a BA in Criminal Justice and furthering his education with a Masters in Organizational Management.

Sean Seibert is a fiscal conservative who believes in debt reduction and has a philosophy of pay as you go.
Honors and Awards:

*Meritorious Unit Commendation
*Superior Unit Award (2nd Oak Leaf)
*Bronze Star Medal
*Defense Meritorious Service Medal
*Meritorious Service Medal (1st Oak Leaf)
*Joint Commendation Medal
*Army Commendation Medal (4th Oak Leaf)
*Army Achievement Medal (5th Oak Leaf)
*Army Reserves Commendation Medal (4th Oak Leaf)
*National Defense Service Medal (2nd)
*Armed Forces Service Medal
*Southwest Asia Service Medal (2 Service Stars)
*Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
*Armed Forces Reserve Medal (w/ hourglass & 4 & M)
*NATO medal
*Afghan Campaign Medal with two service stars
*Army Service Ribbon
*Overseas Ribbon
*Army Reserves Overseas Training Ribbon (3)
*Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia)
*Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)
*Army Lapel Button

Houston has a huge Chinese-Asian community, here’s an interview Seibert did with Local Houston Chinese TV:

This is from Red Radio back in January:

Texans, please get out and vote on Tuesday. And everyone, please go read LaCheryl’s blog and thank her for standing up and speaking out when sitting down and shutting up would be a hell of a lot easier. We need millions more like her!


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