Obama Supporter Who Bragged About Voting 5 Times is in Charge of Voter Registration in NC Precinct

Jim Turner, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, seen in family photo posted on Facebook. Turner, an election official and Obama supporter openly bragged on Facebook about voting five times for Obama.

By Gary P Jackson

Last night I posted a tweet From Brad Marton that has Chapel Hill, North Carolina’s Jim Turner bragging on Facebook that he had already voted for Barack Obama four times, and was on his way to vote a fifth time.

Now we learn that Turner isn’t just some random Obama thug, but is actually in charge of voter registration in his area.

There is now a petition online asking authorities to investigate this, and take the appropriate actions.

The text of the letter that will be sent along with the petition reads:

Prosecute “Jim” Turner of Chapel Hill, NC for Interstate Voter Fraud

Eric Holder says voter fraud does not exist. Mr. Turner is openly confessing to multiple voting and is charge of Voter Registration in his area while simultaneously communicating methods by which he himself voted five times for Barack Obama.

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This should anger every red blooded American, no matter the party they belong to. Voting is one of our most sacred rights. Voter fraud and voter intimidation is very real, and something democrats have done for so long, and gotten away with for so long, they now feel comfortable enough to brag openly about it to the billion or so people on Facebook.

Of course, we all remember this incident from 2008….

…. and while these vile Black Panther terrorists were convicted of civil rights violations and voter intimidation, Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder vacated those convictions.

No wonder Turner thinks he can get away with voting five times. If a domestic terrorist can get away with armed voter intimidation …. well …. why not!

This of course mustn’t be allowed to stand. Jim Turner has committed a felony, and is obviously encouraging others to also commit felonious vote fraud.

Contact the North Carolina Board of Elections:

(913) 733-7173

North Carolina Department of Justice:

(913) 716-6400

Also: Federal Prosecutors, FBI Announce Hotlines for Voter Fraud Reports

Federal prosecutors and FBI agents will be on duty on Election Day to field complaints of voter intimidation, bribery, vote buying and related crimes, U.S. Attorney David Hickton announced today.

The office has set up a hotline at 412-894-7516. Mr. Hickton has appointed Assistant U.S. Attorney Shaun Sweeney as Western Pennsylvania’s district election officer.

FBI agents can be reached on Tuesday at 412-432-4000, and the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Voting Section in Washington can be reached at 1-800-253-3931 or 202-307-2767 or online, the office announced.

The Department of Justice will act promptly and aggressively to protect the integrity of the election process,” Mr. Hickton said in a press release, which indicated that enforcement of voter rights is a longstanding role of the Department of Justice.

Federal law, according to the release, “contains special protections for the rights of voters and provides that they can vote free from acts that intimidate or harass them. For example, actions of persons designed to interrupt or intimidate voters at polling places by questioning or challenging them, or by photographing or videotaping them, under the pretext that these are actions to uncover illegal voting may violate federal voting rights law.

Burn those phone lines up.

It should be noted North Carolina’s Governor Bev Perdue is a democrat, which may also be why Turner figured he could do all of this free of repercussions.

A free nation must have free and FAIR elections. Voter fraud destroys nations. Every American must take the time to demand Jim Turner, and all of those like him, face swift justice, and the full force of the law. Anything less would be justice denied.



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66 responses to “Obama Supporter Who Bragged About Voting 5 Times is in Charge of Voter Registration in NC Precinct

  1. therightsscooop

    Everyone of you are the most ignorant people I think I have ever seen or heard from: Do you not understand this was a hoax? Do you not understand that this man would of been arrested asap? Are you really that dumb to believe the man is going to brag about illegal voting on twitter and not expect to be arrested? Have your little brains not realized that this person is a registered republican trying to get negative attention towards the democrats? OMG, I can’t believe I live among such ignorant people, how pathetic you people are. I sure hope none of you have children as it should be considered child abuse to have such idiotic parents. My god are you people stupid.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Uh, stupid democrat, you had ARMED domestic terrorists out there in 2008 that got away with civil rights violations and voter intimidation. OF COURSE this moron figured he could get away with voting five times for Obama!

      Democrats hold the patent on voter fraud.

      I guess you missed the news where Democrat Congressman Jim Moran’s son, and campaign field director, was CAUGHT ON TAPE, describing, at length, how to vote multiple times in the election. How to forge papers. He’s now under FBI investigation:

      O’Keefe bombshell: Corruptocrat Jim Moran’s son caught on tape in voter fraud/forgery scam; Update: Moran’s son resigns



      • Excuses Don't Change the fact it's fraud...

        I downloaded North Carolina’s early voting and absentee voting data from their online site on the 23rd of October. It does show a James Turner voting from Beaufort and Henderson, both white males, 67 years old. This may or may not be the same person, but it does seem to support what he wrote on twitter.

        The problem is that even if he didn’t do this, the post he made encourages others to do so. The idea that someone in a position responsible for upholding election integrity encouraging others, jokingly or not, to commit voter fraud and claiming it is about “the American spirit” has no real idea about what the American spirit is about. It has nothing to do with disenfranchising other voters by negating their legal votes with fraudulent ones, it has nothing to do with cheating to get your way and to win at all costs. Encouraging others, or committing the fraud yourself because you think you’re more right than another person who voted differently, is still fraud, regardless of how you try to wrap yourself in up in the flag afterwards.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Indeed. It’s likely he DID vote numerous time. And your evidence backs that up. Even if he didn’t, he’s certainly encouraging others to do it. As I posted in the comments, Virginia Congressman Jim Moran’s son, and Field Director, was caught ON TAPE teaching voters how to vote multiple times and forge documents.

        Democrats have been stealing elections for generations. They are actively teaching their trade-craft to others. This election you are going to see massive vote fraud by democrats. You can count on it.

    • Honestly!

      @ therightscoop: before you call us ignorant, try doing a little homework and you will see, as I have, his DAUGHTER’S post saying it was a joke but they both support Obama. So you are the pathetic one as are they because if he was joking, which I doubt, his joke has gone viral and many have complained to the appropriate authorities. As I asked Eva Longoria not so long ago after she managed to insult women and minorities: therightscoop: who’s the stupid one now?

    • Dan

      Geez…..if the dems are going to have shills posting disinformation and lies the least they could do is insure the people they select for the job you are attempting has an IQ higher than a popscicle stick. You must hold the patent on dumb.

    • Jeff Witt

      Actually 50% of the country are dumber than rocks. They actually think by voting for Obama they are going to get free stuff when in fact they have doomed themselves and everyone else to slavery.

      • Republic of Texas (Glenn's conservative/libertarian state)

        Box’s of Rocks voting for a Box of Rocks. Time to dissolve the Union and start over. Washington is screwed up beyond repair.

  2. casey

    The man in this story is a registered Democrat.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Not just a registered democrat, but in charge of voter registration!

      • Ann Ohn

        Can you please provide links to your sources? Links to the actual posts in the story? None if this is checking out. He is not the Secretary of State for N.C. (the person in charge of voting registrations & elections).

      • Gary P Jackson

        He’s in charge of voter registration in his area not the entire state. Go to his Facebook page.

      • Excuses Don't Change the fact it's fraud...

        Exactly. Joke or not, his position is to uphold election integrity and he did the exact opposite.

  3. Elaine

    Dens must be worried if they can’t be honest with voting. The means justify the end, ghee wonder where I heard that before, can you say van jones the avowed communist Obama supporter !

  4. Because this is such an important election, I think all suspicious voting should be investigated. After all, there is a history of such fraud in the 2008 election. I have been told there have been cases where someone voted for Romney and it was counted for Obama. They said it was because of the way the ballot was inserted into the machine. It has happened in other states as well. It sounds like a programming thing to me and it makes one think it is intentionally set to give Obama the advantage. Regardless, it needs to be fixed and counted correctly.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yes, there have been a bunch of reports, especially in Ohio, where people are voting on electronic machines, and their vote for Romney turns into a vote for Obama. This is why I prefer paper ballots I am highly suspicious of electronic voting. Too easy to hack into. Even easier to plant “bugs” into the system.

      This is why Republicans always have to make sure they win big, if not, democrats have all kinds of ways to steal elections. They have an uncanny knack of “finding” ballots after the fact.

  5. HDLadee

    Folks this is not true. I have been in touch with the Carteret County BOE as well as the NC State BOE. Jim Turner may be an idiot for his posting, but he is NOT in ANYWAY affiliated with the elections NOR has he ever been part of his counties Voter Registration. NOW, Her is the email I received:

    “No, that is absolutely untrue….Jim Turner is unknown to me or to any of my staff. He is in no way affiliated with voter registration in our county. Each county’s local Board of Elections is in charge of voter registration for its county and the majority of applications and changes are received in person in the BOE office, through mail-in applications and at the DMV offices. There are individuals who contact the office to request applications in order to conduct voter registration drives on their own which is permissible and we have them sign for materials and give them information on the responsibilities of conducting voter registration drives. I assure you, Jim Turner is not one of our poll workers nor has he ever contacted our office to request voter registration materials. I spoke with the Executive Director of the SBOE yesterday and there is still no record of this individual voting in Carteret County nor any other county in the state at all. The State’s IT Department has researched the early voting records at the State level.”

    Thank you,
    Lindy Lewis, Director
    Carteret County Board of Elections

    • Excuses Don't Change the fact it's fraud...

      There are several James Turners that have early voted or voted absentee in North Carolina according to their online early voting database which can be downloaded and viewed. At least two James Wards voted in the two wards he mentioned.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Thanks. I’m sure Jim Turner is a common name, but since they match up to “our” Turner’s story, it’s hard to believe that this isn’t the same guy voting multiple times.

    • seriously? you dont actually believe this is true? If I were this person I would distance myself from this Turner guy too… they are all corrupt!!!

  6. karen

    amazing that everytime a democrat does something wrong it is called a “joke”. stupid stupid stupid people.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yup, that’s their defense. “Oh, I was just kidding.” Corrupt bastards!

      • Keep getting the truth out there. I think it goes beyond corrupt to pure evil myself. I did check out his FB page and the original comment is gone but his follow up comment is clear as a bell. His comment on how we think the glass is “half-full” make me furious. The country is on the verge of destruction and he’s playing games……I hope he does time for voter fraud. And am praying his candidate loses massively despite the blatant and rampant fraud going on.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Yeah, he’s covering his tracks now. Again, we’ve had readers report that a Jim Turner, same age as this jackass has voted in all of the places “our” Jim Turner brags about voting in.

        Either way, he needs to be investigated to the fullest extent of the law. Nothing is more sacred to the Republic than your vote.

        There are also hundreds of reports from North Carolina that have electronic votes for Mitt Romney magically changing to Barack Obama. Big problems.

  7. Eddina Symns

    JAIL……….That’s the next stop for you, Jim…………But tell me, WHO was responsible for making this guy in charge of voter registration? That person should, also, be investigated. Some really crooked stuff going on in that precinct……….”Jim Turner, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, seen in family photo posted on Facebook. Turner, an election official and Obama supporter openly bragged on Facebook about voting five times for Obama.” And he is also in charge of voter registration !!!!!

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  9. so where is the rest of the story…I believe it’s a hoax also but perpetrated by a sicko Demorat.

  10. C. Bamford

    Sure scoop. A joke in the same way that Obama’s purposeful failure to launch support for Benghazi was a misunderstanding. A cretin such as you calling others ‘ignorant’ when you can barely write a coherent sentence would be amusing, did we not know that you too can procreate. We cannot afford any more mindless fools whose knowlege of current events is gleaned from SNL, MSNBC, and MoveOn.org, and who ridicule the freedom they abuse…freedom that was bought by the blood, sweat and toil of those willing to fight and die for it. Get fixed.

  11. Juliesubersmith

    Armed with the ability to vote as often as possible, what is this? Iran

  12. Alan Tooraen

    He should go to jail . If not someone should make sure he is never allowed to vote again.

  13. Excuses Don't Change the fact it's fraud...

    Here is the link to the data, where we can all look at it: http://www.ncsbe.gov/content.aspx?id=93

  14. During the 2004 election, my husband and I went to the polling place in our tiny eastern NC town to vote. While we were in line, a very well dressed African-American woman stepped into the line in front of us and gave the lady with the book her name and address (that is all the information we are required to give at a polling place). The volunteer who had the book said that she couldn’t vote because she had already voted. The African-American woman got very upset and said that this was incorrect. The volunteer showed her where the voter had signed her name. The African-American woman got very mad and started yelling that her right to vote was being taken from her. Obviously.. either someone had voted already giving the volunteer the same name and address, or the African-American woman was trying to vote twice… It was a very weird experience. My husband and I only voted once that year.
    : )

  15. @Ann Ohn … in North Carolina, the Secretary of State has nothing to do with the conduct of elections. That is a function, instead of the State Board of Elections (appointed by the governor).

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  17. Reblogged on angrymikeshood, true or not this man is saying that ppl should try to cheat to put their Messiah back in office for four more years, this country cannot afford four more years of lies, deaths and golf………

    • Gary P Jackson

      He’s claiming it was “just a joke” but multiple readers have found that a Jim Turner of the same age has voted multiple times, and all of the places this guy claims to have voted in. That would have to be the biggest coincidence in history if it wasn’t this Jim Turner.

      As democrats have actively been engaged in voter fraud for decades, and been caught ON TAPE teaching others their tradecraft, It’s hard to buy the “just joking” BS from this idiot now. It seems Turner is not only a criminal, he’s criminally stupid as well.

  18. Republic of Texas (Glenn's conservative/libertarian state)

    I am not surprised, and even less surprised to see the post of those die hard democrats who are in denial to the point they accuse this to be a Republican conspiracy. With that said its time to take the gloves off and quit playing nice. I have many reasons to not vote Democrat. The Democrat party is the Party of Murder. Any one who supports abortion supports murder of the unborn child. Use facts and do your research. At conception it is a human being in the mothers womb. God help America.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Glenn, I’m with you. What’s hilarious though, is democrats who pretend there is a problem with vote fraud and intimidation coming from Republicans. Now it would be silly to pretend no Republican EVER hasn’t done something wrong, but the democrat party, the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, Bull Conner, Margaret Sanger, and so on, has a 150+ year history of systematic, institutionalized vote fraud and intimidation.

      Hell Barack Obama was an ACORN employee. He trained their street thugs for hire. The only reason ACORN existed was to commit vote fraud, along with finding other ways to fraud the government out of money. They had a regular vote stealing factory set up nationwide.

      All of the poll taxes, literacy tests, and so one were created by democrats to disenfranchise blacks and poor whites at the ballot box. When that didn’t work, they’d sick the dogs on em.

      And yet, these democrats caterwaul all day long about Republicans not wanting people to vote, or committing fraud.

  19. Ken

    I get a kick out of this site spreading lies and then performing the gymnastics to defend it. The bias here is quite amazing – but if you have no respect for truth, your character just committed suicide.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Care to actually POINT OUT the lies? I always ask democrats to do this, and never hear from them again. So amaze and delight me and point out one single lie here, or anywhere on our website. And back up you accusations with proof.

      Democrats are incapable of having character, if they had any, they wouldn’t be democrats to start with. All of those that DID have any character left the party years ago.

  20. Kelly Kafir

    Here is the official response from the Board of Elections of NC.
    Statement Regarding Jim Turner
    This office has received numerous emails and phone calls from individuals justifiably concerned about a posting on Facebook in which a North Carolina voter named Jim Turner claimed to have voted multiple times in this election. Part of the posting was immediately suspect because there has been no early voting site at which he could have voted in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.
    We have talked with Mr. Turner and learned that he is a senior citizen who made an unfortunate attempt at a “joke.”
    Here is his explanation of what happened:
    Please allow me to explain the posting on Facebook. My daughter posted a “Like” on Barack Obama’s Facebook page about early voting. Thinking I was responding just to my daughter, I made a silly comment joking that I had voted at several different election sites. Not knowing I was posting to Barack Obama’s page rather than just to my daughter, this comment, made in total jest, has gone viral and has made many people angry.
    I sincerely apologize for all of the difficulty this has created for the Board of Elections and appreciate your help in bringing closure to this situation.
    Every claim or allegation of multiple voting must be taken seriously, but we have concluded that it did not occur in this case.
    Thank you for your concern.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Nice try dumb ass, we have photographs posted of Turner, and he’s a rather young guy, in his 50s. Not a senior citizen. We also know that a Jim Turner, the same age as the Jim Turner in question, did indeed vote in the locations “our” Jim Turner was “joking about”.

      What are the odds there are that many Jim Turners of the exact age that just happened to vote in the places this guy wrote about? I know democrats are severely mentally impaired, but even a functional moron would have a hard time believing this guy’s BS.

      OH, and since the democrats run the elections board in NC, why would anyone believe anything they say?

      Go sell you’re bullshit somewhere else, we ain’t buying it.

      • Here’s a link to the North Carolina State Board of Elections webpage. If you look at the top right you will see a link for “Statement About Jim Turner.” http://www.ncsbe.gov/

      • Gary P Jackson

        As has been noted, that’s such a bullshit statement that it’s not worth the time and effort to address it. A Jim Turner or Jim Turners ALL matching the age of “our” Jim Turner has/have voted in all of the places “our” Jim Turner claims to have.

        What it sounds like, is rather than fully investigate all of this, the NCSBE is hoping it goes away.

      • You, sir, to quote Kinky Friednam, are “cookin’ on another planet.”

      • Gary P Jackson

        As it happens, I know Kinky Friedman, you are no Kinky Friedman.

      • Reduced to paraphrasing a Democrat? Seriously, there is no rational discussion possible here. You have your own separate set of “facts” that you believe and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. If the NCSBE had said that the story was true, I would have believed that. Not because they’re “run by Democrats” but because I don’t believe in giant conspiracy theories. You could pursue a real investigation of this, but I don’t think that you will, because you are completely willing to substitute your own limited reasoning (“What are the odds there are that many Jim Turners of the exact age that just happened to vote in the places this guy wrote about?” So what are those odds? Do you actually have enough data to calculate them, or you just using a “figure of speech”?) for actual verifiable facts. You also said “I know democrats are severely mentally impaired…” That “fact” is very easily disproven. The fact is that the range of intelligence among Democrats and Republicans is pretty much equal. It follows the typical bell curve. You really should try using reason more. Not because I think it will change your views, but because you will never change anyone else’s views with your current rabid approach. And if you can’t change any minds, what’s your alternative? You’ll either have to learn to live with Democrats winning roughly half of the elections, or you will have to eliminate half of the population of the United States of America. Which does your reason tell you is the better course?

      • Gary P Jackson

        All the NCBE has done is repeat the bullshit Turner is now saying to cover his ass. No facts, nothing, just parroting this idiot pleading “dumb”

        Meanwhile ARMED Black Panther terrorists have taken over 25 polling stations in Philadelphia and are in the streets of Ohio. In Philly the terrorists physically attacked COURT APPOINTED Republican poll watchers who where placed there after armed Black Panther terrorists were convicted of voter intimidation and civil rights violations after the 2008 election.



        Democrats have been stealing elections and engaged in voter intimidation for 150 years since they created the KKK and Jim Crow laws.

        Here’s MORE Black Panther intimidation in a polling place. Looks like they are carrying an al Qaeda flag:

        It’s funny you talk about eliminating half the population. That sort of thinking always dominates the democrat mind. Barack Obama’s best buddy Bill Ayers wanted to do something similar back when he was bombing the Pentagon, recruiting centers, and murdering cops:

        There was a time when there were somewhat reasonable, and honorable people within the democrat party. They have all been run out of the party and replaced with people like Larry Grathwohl describes in the video above. Violent radicals who do not belong in polite society.

        We’ve got democrats all over Twitter today saying they should kill every Romney supporter. You don’t hear that kind of bullshit coming from Conservatives. Yeah, we want Obama gone, and if there is any justice left in the world, imprisoned, but no one but democrats are calling for outright violence and murder.

        Romney lawyers are all over this case in North Carolina. We’ll know the facts soon enough.

        All I know for sure, is liberalism is not compatible with civilized society, it’s a cancer on humanity, and it’s apparent that America can no longer tolerate it in any shape, fashion, or form.

  21. Emmie Skye

    wow. everyone here is so mean to each other. chill

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  23. I suppose all y’all believe there was no voter fraud… Several libs were arrested for trying to vote multiple times in a few states. POSTED on MSN home page a few days ago. POSTED on Yahoo home page a few days ago. POSTED on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, & Fox. How about the ones that didn’t get caught…

    • Gary P Jackson

      Indeed! Democrats have been engaged in vote fraud for generations. They tried to steal the election in 2000 but failed. They succeeded in 1960, but like Romney this year, Nixon refused to protest the obvious theft, and we got JFK.

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