#SaySomethingNiceAboutObama Going as Well As Expected

By Gary P Jackson

One thing I’ve learned over the last year is that Conservatives have mastered Twitter, and are very good at making their topics trend. Conservatives are also good at taking over liberal memes.

Today’s fun topic is #SaySomethingNiceAboutObama. As of this writing, there aren’t many Obama supporters saying anything nice, but they are their usual hate-filled selves. Conservatives, however, are having a blast! Here’s some of the best so far:

I love this one:

If you aren’t following Barbara, you should be!

….or at least as well as!

Tim Tebow weighs in:


More truth:

I can relate:

BTW, this is rather typical of Obama supporters who respond to Conservatives. This witty response was to Ashton Neely, above:

Nice huh?

There are thousands more here. Check em out, as well as some of the insane, hate-filled responses from Obama supporters. It’s a real eye opener.



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6 responses to “#SaySomethingNiceAboutObama Going as Well As Expected

  1. Don

    Obama is proof there should be some abortions

    • Gary P Jackson

      Nope. Just better education. If the federal government, under Jimmy Carter, hadn’t usurped states rights and created the federal Department of Education, there would be a LOT fewer America hating liberals. We wouldn’t have a couple of generations that had no concept of Liberty and Freedom.

      Abortion is never an option, not even for communist devils like Obama. Prison, is always a good option though.

      • Don

        Your “If” and my comment are useless since they are about the past.
        However, I like your suggestion about prison. But, first we must get him out of office!!!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Not useless at all. A statement of fact. The quality of education has suffered tremendously thanks to Carter’s Department of Education.

        Prison is where Obama belongs. There is a prescribed penalty for Treason, but frankly, spending the rest of his life in a SuperMax, in solitary confinement, would be far worse punishment for a malignant narcissist like Obama.

        I’m totally against abortions, even if one is joking around.

  2. Something nice about Obama? His name is great for parodies! Ovomit’s right up there – so’s Ozero, Odumbo, ONo, Ohelpus, etc. etc.

    • Gary P Jackson

      There are some truly clever tweets, and some of the most vile comments from democrats. They are so going down they are reduced to spewing hate and threatening violence, totally incapable of holding a conversation of any sort.

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