Bristol Palin Wins Lawsuit Brought by Notorious Palin Hating Hollywood Loon Stephen Hanks

* Content Warning …. Offensive Language …. Lots of it

By Gary P Jackson

You all remember Stephen Hanks. He’s the Hollywood jackass who owns Stephen Hanks Management, a talent management agency. One of his clients was Michael Vartan, best known for his role in the TV series Alias.

He’s also a nasty, Palin obsessed, hate-filled democrat loon. [I wonder if he and General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn ever trade notes.]

In September of 2011, while Bristol Palin was filming her A&E, come Lifetime show Bristol Palin, Life’s a Tripp Hanks was in the same bar and verbally attacked her, screaming “Your mother’s a whore!” “She’s evil!” “Your mother’s the fucking Devil!” among other “pleasantries” that “loving,” “caring,” “tolerant” democrats are so well known for.

Though it went mostly unreported by the lamestream media, Hanks is best buddies with deadbeat dad of the century Levi Johnston, who likely tipped Hanks off to Bristol’s whereabouts with the expressed plan for Hanks to disrupt the filming.

Levi Johnston Stephen hanks

Hanks is a well known Palin obsessive, who’s Twitter handle was “SickofPalin.” He is such a nasty, hate-filled loser, that the late, great Andrew Breitbart noted that Hanks was one “of few Twitter vermin I have actually blocked.”

Kelsey over at Barbaric Thoughts discovered Hanks is a psychotic Trig Truther [one of the morons who think Sarah’s son Trig is not really hers] He also “loves abortions.”

She has some of Hanks’ “artwork” over at her website, as well as more information. Check it out.

You can read more of our original report about Hanks here.

Hanks sued Bristol because she supposedly “outed” him as gay and “damaged his reputation.”

From the U.K. Mail Online:

Bristol Palin scores legal victory over bar heckler as judge rules her reality show is protected by First Amendment

Bristol Palin has won her legal fight with a man accused of heckling her on her reality show Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp.

The 22-year-old was named in a lawsuit filed by Stephen Hanks, who was seen in an episode shouting obscenities about her mother, former U.S. Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, during an altercation with Bristol at a Hollywood bar.

Hanks claimed he never signed a waiver to appear on the show and that Bristol invaded his privacy by outing him as a gay man in filings naming the reality star and A&E network.

Bristol’s docu-series premiered in June of this year and followed her as she moved to Los Angeles with her three-year-old son, Tripp, whom she shares with ex-fiancé Levi Johnston.

An episode of the Lifetime network series shows a verbal argument erupting after Bristol is heckled while she rides a mechanical bull at the Saddle Ranch on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip.

In video captured by Hollywood TV, the man can be heard yelling: ‘Did you ride Levi [Johnston] like that?’

He added: ‘Your mother’s a wh***.

After being tossed off the bronco, Bristol, who was filming her reality show, made her way across the crowded bar to confront him.

What did you say?” she asked him directly.

You’re mother’s the f**king devil, dude,’ he continued. ‘If there is a hell, which I don’t believe there is, she will be there.’

An unshaken Bristol boldly asked: ‘Why’s that? Is it because you’re a homosexual?

Pretty much!‘ he replied. ‘And why’d you say I’m a homosexual?

I can tell you are,’ she said.

He later continues his tirade, shouting: ‘You’re a white trash from Wasila. F*** you you f***ing b***h.

The scene ends as Bristol walks out of the crowded bar and breaks down in tears.

Hanks argued in his filing Bristol ‘damaged his reputation‘ after she gave an interview suggesting his comments are what prompted her move back to her native Alaska, according to TMZ.

Bristol Palin confronts militant Hollywood douche-bag Stephen Hanks

Here’s video of Bristol taking this moron on:

As I said at the time, Bristol showed incredible maturity and self-restraint here. They’d still be trying to get my #11 boot out of this guy’s ass if he talked that kind of trash about my mother.

As I’ve said many times lately, liberalism is simply not compatible with civilized society, and punks like Stephen Hanks are a constant reminder why liberalism is such a cancer on society.

There was a time when one could disagree strongly with someone else’s political/social ideology, and still be civil, even cordial. That is no longer the case. As we see every single day, liberal democrats have become nothing but hate spewing radicals who are incapable of reasoned dialogue. And it’s only getting worse.


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5 responses to “Bristol Palin Wins Lawsuit Brought by Notorious Palin Hating Hollywood Loon Stephen Hanks

  1. Stephen Hanks must be a legend in his own mind – what a loser! Bet he ends up representing strippers and male “models” for gay bachelor parties – he’s heading in that direction…

    • Gary P Jackson

      Indeed. He’s probably infatuated with Levi Johnston from his poses in Playgirl Magazine. Little known, but true fact, most purchasers of Playgirl are gay men, not women!

      This cat is 48 years old, and out trolling bars and picking fights with kids. What a pathetic human being he is.

  2. Jim Thompson

    Brisrol Palin Rocks!!! Score one victory for our Bristol.

    As For you. Stephen Hanks, you moron. You trying to extort money from the Palins because anything you did, directed or produced sucked; therefor you didn’t make a profit. What a low life, carpet muncher. Well, the best I can do and say is come on in here to this super sized Grocery store. The mop and bucket are in the back storage area. Start at the left rear corner of the store, then procede to mop to the right rear corner of the store. Keep going from left to right until you reach here the right front corner of the store.

    Levi johnsyon, Take out the trash, clean the bathrooms. There’s a lot of pea and crap on the floor. When both of you idiots are finished, see the boss up here for further duties. Take your break whenever Bristol’s ready. 🙂

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