New York Sun: Hey Let’s Move the Marathon-To Sarah Palin’s Alaska

By Gary P Jackson

Here’s an interesting editorial from the New York Sun. In the end, their solution is to move the entire Marathon to Alaska. They note Sarah Palin is a world class runner.

In fact, in 2005, at age 41, she ran a marathon quicker than Paul Ryan’s rather dubious times claimed at age 20.

Both of her parents have run marathons, and her dad Chuck has run the Boston Marathon. In fact, Sarah’s 2005 run at the Humpy’s Marathon, at age 41, was only a nine minutes off the time needed to qualify her for the Boston run.

Alaska is beautiful, clean, and uncongested. Should they move New York’s race there? I do really don’t know. Should they run a major world class marathon there, of the same caliber? Absolutely!

From the Sun:

Congratulations are in order for the New York Post, which has finally found a way to expose the New York City Marathon for the boor that it has become. The Post saw early how galling it would have been to divert generators and money and bottled water and law enforcement and attention to the marathon at a time when millions of New Yorkers were suffering in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The president of New York City Roadrunners, Mary Wittenberg, who oversees the race here, fought this logic all the way. When she lost, she turned around and, in a petulant outburst, started blaming the press for her predicament. The Post promptly launched a campaign for her resignation. We wish the paper luck.

The Post has illuminated something that has been bothering at least some of us New Yorkers for years. We don’t know how to quantify the size of the faction. It may or may not be a majority. But there are those of us who have never understood where a private club and the bank for which they have emerged as a marketing exercise come off taking over so much of the public space in the city for their private business. They take over our bridges, expressways, avenues, and parks, and force many who rely on them to maneuver around their vainglory. Wikipedia estimates that 2 million persons come out to cheer the runners. In a city the size of New York, that means three quarters of New Yorkers are not cheering.

Or to put this another way, the thing for Mrs. Wittenberg to bear in mind is that the New York Post is the centrist in this contretemps. It has been campaigning merely for the city’s leadership and the marathon authorities to get their priorities straight in respect of the current catastrophe. It had the savvy, the values to grasp that the wake of Hurricane Sandy was no time for the city of New York to be fooling around with a marathon.

There are, however, others who would just as soon see the New York City Marathon be canceled permanently. We have no beef with the runners personally; we admire their athletic stamina. We just sense the time has come for the marathon to move to another location altogether, maybe Alaska, where there is a lot of unused space. It even has, in Sarah Palin, an ex-governor who is a runner even more celebrated than Ms. Wittenberg and who has far more empathy with — far more ability to connect with — people.

[H/T Jews for Sarah]



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6 responses to “New York Sun: Hey Let’s Move the Marathon-To Sarah Palin’s Alaska

  1. Anthony

    They better bring their bear suits~

    • Gary P Jackson

      No kidding! From what my friends up there tell me, the moose are more dangerous than the bear. They are known to charge people.

      • Anthony

        That is funny I meant running against Momma Grizzly~ Hehehe

      • Gary P Jackson


        I have a friend up near Anchorage who says at certain times of the year he caries a baseball bat when outside in his own yard. He says moose will actually come up and try to knock you down and stomp you. A baseball bat between the eyes is the only way, short of shooting them, that works!

        Alaska is still very much frontier country.

  2. Jim Thompson

    I remember once reading Sarah Palin’s autobiography: ‘Going Rogue: An American Life.’ A good read as a matter of fact. Anyway, in it, there was a passage quoted by Dave Barry which read ‘The Democrats will try to fix your car only to make things worse. And The Republicans won’t stop to help you. They’re too busy trying to get to the ‘Country Club Gathering.’ What these morons disguised as Government Officials, President Barack Obama included, either are making things worse or going someplace like a Campaign rally or some other gathering. It’s sick.

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