Happy 35th Anniversary President Bush and Laura

By Gary P Jackson

Didn’t want the day to go by without wishing President and Mrs Bush, George and Laura, a happy 35th anniversary.

These two are easily the classiest Ex-President and First Lady our nation has had in decades. They’ve retired and are quietly supporting our troops, and other worthy charities.

As a Texan I’m proud they represent the Lone Star State. May they enjoy many more happy years together.


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6 responses to “Happy 35th Anniversary President Bush and Laura

  1. Anthony

    35 years~ Reminds me of what I told my wife at the beginning I am only getting married once~ The story of my involvement and journey of this since May of 2011 is in the 911 Memorial in George Bush library~

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yup, W likes to look at Laura and say he “married up.” I agree. Both of them are really good people. I think history will be kind to him.

      You know, they regularly host troops, especially wounded troops, at their Prairie Chapel Ranch near here. No media events, just doing the right thing by those who keep us safe.

      • Anthony Chad

        Amen~! I wish I could chat with him have alot to say about some things but hey he is up in the big leagues~ Yes they movin on up~ If you want to see what this nut looks like here you go~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwEU7j3hCjQ&feature=plcp

      • Anthony Chad

        I just lost a patient not to long ago~ I was caregiver for one Mary Aldridge of one William Aldridge WWII Airfoce Pilot’s wife for 10.5 years~ God Bless Her Soul and His and everyone else’s~ With love from a Bretheren~! Amen~!

      • Gary P Jackson

        That’s got to be hard to do. Bless you for taking care of her. We are losing our greatest generation. Time to create a new one.

  2. Anthony Chad

    I carried her last two years of her life for I didnt want her in a wheel chair~ Didnt have to take medicine and when I met her she was suicidal had a lot of loss her in life~ Never got a bed soar either until family got hospice come in within two weeks of them taking her she had one~ They let her go without eating or drinking for three weeks straight~ I brushed her hair whole time and told her God loved her the whole time~ She died in my hand hearing it~ I was with her 24 7 no pay but room and board~ I didnt work but once and had to come back to her within 2.5 months of having job~ Came out into a bad economy and had to settle for a low job where I got harrassed by same sex manager had to goto EEOC over it and won but lost job~ Life goes on~

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