Katy Perry, Micki Krimmel and the Vagina Election Monologues

By Gary P Jackson

Coming of age in the 1960s and 1970s, I remember a time when women wanted to be respected as human beings, not sex objects. Women wanted equality. They wanted to work the same jobs men did, and get equal pay for the same work. In short, they not only wanted respect, they demanded it, and rightly so. Forty years later, and we have gone in full reverse.

Women who used to strive to be seen as more than pleasure units for men, have reduced themselves to nothing more than their genitalia, and are acting as if the rest of their body and soul, especially their minds, are totally inconsequential.

We have one of the worst liars in the history of the American presidency stirring all of this up. He’s got these women down on their knees for him, and acting like fools, when in fact the White House is a downright hostile place for women to work and women who work there make far less than men. Barack Obama and the men he surrounds himself with have zero respect for women.

Most liberal men have zero respect for women. Why would they, when women have reduced themselves to nothing more than a body part? A body part that isn’t their brain.

Recently the left wing Washington Post ran an article exposing the Obama White House in all of it’s misogynist glory. One of Obama’s top advisers, and debate coach, Anita Dunn, as well as former economic adviser Christina Romer were not pleased with the working conditions:

This place would be in court for a hostile workplace. … Because it actually fit all of the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace to women.”

In the same piece, former economic adviser Christina Romer is reported as saying, “I felt like a piece of meat.”

“‘I felt like a piece of meat,’ Christina Romer, former head of the Council of Economic Advisers, said of one meeting in which Suskind writes she was ‘boxed out’ by Summers.

More from The Post:

The president has a real woman problem,” an unnamed high-ranking female official told Suskind. “ The idea of the boys’ club being just Larry and Rahm isn’t really fair. He [Obama] was just as responsible himself.

Based on interviews with more than 200 people inside and outside the White House, Suskind’s book comes as Obama faces the lowest poll numbers of his tenure, and deep discontent over his economic policies.

According to the book, female staffers, like Dunn and Romer, felt sidelined. In November 2009, female aides complained to the president about being left out of meetings, or ignored.

Our readers will recognize Anita Dunn, not only as the loon who described communist Mao Tse Tung, one of the worst murdering butchers China has ever known, as her “favorite philosopher.” She was also an adviser to former Alaska Governor Tony Knowles during his failed bid to regain his office, being soundly beaten by Sarah Palin for the job.

Dunn would go on to work on the Obama campaign, and worked with Obama’s long time adviser Pete Rouse during the campaign and after the election to co-ordinate the attacks on Sarah Palin, through the network of Alaska bloggers and assorted troublemakers. So forgive me if I don’t cry too much for Anita Dunn because she was dumb enough to think working for a communist and narcissist like Barack Obama was going to be wine and roses.

Even the ultra-left wing Time Magazine thoroughly rips Obama for his complete and total lack of respect for his women employees.

Amy Sullivan starts her full-tilt Obama ass-chewing with:

Nearly every professional woman has had the experience of saying something in a meeting, receiving no response, and then listening as a male colleague offers the same thought or suggestion minutes later to great acclaim. The first time it happens, she feels slightly foolish and is a little unsettled. Did I say that out loud or just in my head? Maybe he made the point better than I did. The second time it happens, she gets frustrated. The third time, she gets angry.

Look at the senior women meeting with Obama in this White House photo at a dinner they called to discuss their invisibility. Look at their faces and body language. They are pissed off.

Yes, this is what pissed off women look like! I know, I’ve seen that look [first hand] before!

Read more here.

There’s more than just a hostile workplace these women have to deal with though. For all of his bullshit rhetoric, the fact is, women make less than the men who work for the Obama regime. Around 18 percent less. Oddly enough, as The Washington Times reports, women fared better working for President George W Bush:

But President Obama’s own record on closing the gender pay gap is less than stellar. Using late 2011 figures, the latest available at the time, The Washington Times earlier this year surveyed 121 White House employees who were paid at least $100,000 and found that 47 were women and 74 were men. That is only slightly better than in 2003, the third year of the Bush administration, when 39 of the top 121 employees were women.

When all White House employees are considered, the Obama administration’s record dims a bit further. Female employees earn a median salary of $60,000, roughly 18 percent less than men, whose median salary is $71,000.

While Mr. Obama has taken steps to ensure that senior women in the White House on average make as much or more than men, he has not dramatically increased the number of women at the highest levels compared with those serving under Mr. Bush.

In the highest-paid positions when Mr. Bush was in office — aides making $151,000 — four of 14 were women: Condoleezza Rice, the national security adviser; Harriet Miers, a deputy chief of staff; Dina Powell, an assistant to the president for personnel; and Mary Spellings, an assistant for domestic policy.

More here.

Investors Business Daily has even more here.

Still, we have some misguided women out there singing Obama’s praises and doing so by explicitly referring to their lady parts, more explicitly, their vaginas, as the only part of them that matters, and evidently, these poor fools think only Barack Obama knows how to take care of their vaginas. There’s a certain group of guys from Chicago’s “Boystown who might disagree!

We’ve seen all the stupid rants from Eva Longoria and other Hollywood dimwits like Sophia Bush and all the hate towards normal human beings they’ve ginned up from other dimwitted democrats. Speaking of Longoria, while New Yorkers, the ones who weren’t dying, were dumpster diving for food in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, she was busy elsewhere. Obama and Longoria were partying theirs asses off in Las Vegas. Safe, and warm, and well fed.

We’ve seen these idiots from Code Pink, whose message is usually this….

….turn up looking like THIS:

Now here’s two more silly women who have reduced themselves to their vaginas.

National Review Online’s Eliana Johnson notes that despite her snappy wardrobe choice, Katy Perry is going backwards, when it comes to women’s rights and feminism:

The Obama campaign has repeatedly appealed to women as if the feminist movement never happened – that is, as a monolith who can’t get sex and reproduction off the brain. Sandra Fluke and Lena Dunham have relayed the President’s message quite clearly: women should and do decide whom to vote for based on sex, birth control, and abortion. The debt, the deficit, America’s role in the world? Those aren’t women’s issues. Funny, I thought it was men who turned women into sex objects.

Singer and songwriter Katy Perry is the latest lady to objectify herself for the benefit of the President’s campaign. At a campaign rally in Milwaukee earlier tonight, she sported a skin-tight dress featuring the Obama campaign slogan. Her message: I’m a sex object and I endorse this ad. Backward!

Then there is Micki Krimmel who posted up this embarrassing display on Sunday:

The girl even has a website set up for this deal. Vagina2012. No way to comment there, and at least she was intelligent enough to turn off the comments section on You Tube, because one can only imagine how that would have turned out!

Micki is also the founder of L.A. Startup Club, a meet-up place for aspiring entrepreneurs [so there MAY be hope for her yet] as well as NeighborGoods.

I’ll be honest, I usually enjoy giving these poor delusional people hell on Twitter, it’s my way of remembering and honoring the late, great Andrew Breitbart. But frankly, her latest tweet, as of this writing, is the most interesting thing on her Twitter feed and the most intelligent as well [by far]:

I did have to let her know that Brad is smarter than the average Obama voter, and that she must be proud to have such an intelligent cat in her midst. Try as I might I have a soft spot for cats, and well, I kept staring at her photo/avatar and just couldn’t be mean. Because, honestly, neither is she. [at least not on Twitter] Just horribly misguided.

Being a guy, I don’t have a vagina. But, I know a whole lot of people who do. Some of my closest friends have them, in fact. They also have brains. Now don’t get me wrong, I like vaginas, but brains are far more erotic organs, and can be used all of the time, and for all sorts of important things. Brains are great at multitasking.

My friends who have both vaginas and brains have a lot more on their minds right now than their vaginas.

They are worried about the economy that has been devastated by insane liberal policies. They are worried about jobs, or the lack thereof. They are worried about national security as well as energy security and energy independence. They are downright pissed off about the massacre in Benghazi, and the massive cover up the Obama regime and their media partners have been engaged in. They angered at Obama’s total lack of compassion for those freezing, starving, and dying in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Of course, we know what these liberal woman are really talking about when they ramble on incessantly about their vaginas. They say it’s “women’s health,” but nothing could be farther from the truth, especially since many, if not most of the babies slaughtered during the barbaric practice of abortion are little girls. Death ain’t all that healthy.

You see liberal women won’t get down on their knees for just anything. They don’t march in the streets demanding smaller, more efficient government. Lower, less confiscatory taxes. Less government intrusion in our daily lives. Government reforms, less corruption in government. No, all of that, and a hell of a lot more is left up to Conservative women, who thankfully, outnumber the liberals, and are fierce warriors in the battle between good and evil. I’ll go as far as say they are the fiercest!

Liberal women only care to get on their knees, and occasionally out in the streets, to make sure no one makes them feel bad about wanting the ability to murder millions of innocent children yearly without consequence. To them, the “right to choose” is all that matters. Never mind while they are busy choosing death for their babies, the communist stooges, who now run the democrat party at every level, are systematically taking away every other basic God given right we have!

Democrats only carry on about “choice” when it comes to murdering a child. If you talk about things like school vouchers, which gives parents a choice of where to send their kids to school, or being able to choose what sort of light bulb you want, or what size soft drink you’d like [in some areas] you’re shouted down and called an “extremist.” Their world is insanity.

Speaking of Sarah Palin, we where earlier, you know. Sarah is a real feminist. She’s what those in the original feminist movement envisioned. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and all of the female liberal icons, Sarah wasn’t born rich nor did she marry someone rich, or connected. She didn’t ride her father’s or husband’s coattails to get where she is now.

Sarah Palin was literally raised in a little cabin in the last frontier. She chopped wood for heat, every day, before heading off to school. She’s a self made woman. She didn’t have a wealthy father nor did she marry a wealthy man. What she got from her mother and father was a strong sense of morality, and one hell of a work ethic.

Sarah used what her parents gave her, something a lot more valuable than money or connections, to become a championship winning basketball player, a successful businesswoman, then an incredibly successful Mayor, oil and gas regulator, and Governor. After leaving office, she’s become a New York Times Number One Best Selling Author …. twice …. She’s been the executive producer of her own travel/adventure series that far exceeded all previous ratings numbers for TLC. She’s a highly sought out speaker, and was recently named by the liberal Mediaite website as America’s most influential TV pundit and influencer. She did this on her own, not by grabbing the coattails of others.

Sarah Palin has become one of the most powerful women in the world, certainly one of the most powerful politicians, all on her own.

But you know what she’d say she’s most proud of? She’s also a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. She’s very happily married, and has a beautiful family. In other words, as the original feminists envisioned, she has it all. She has it all because of hard work and the support of those who love her. She has it all because of an incredible work ethic and serious determination.

One thing I’m pretty sure Sarah Palin doesn’t do, is sit around and stare at her vagina for hours on end.

Every woman has the potential to be successful. Sarah fought the same fight every other woman fights. Thing is, she used her brains to overcome it all. The brain, it seems, is the more useful organ in almost every situation.

Tuesday’s election is about whether or not the United States continues to be a viable nation, or goes down in history as a failed agricultural experiment. We face monumental problems that are going to take real leadership and know how, two things Barack Obama has proven he has neither of.

It’s time for men and women to stop with the foolishness and realize we are staring into the abyss, and the world doesn’t revolve around a woman’s vagina, or her desire to slaughter innocent babies at will. There are far more serious issues at stake.

But, for those who only think of their vaginas and baby killing abilities, don’t worry, as detestable as abortion is, it’s likely going to be around for a long time. The best Conservatives can do, for now, is make damned sure not a single tax payer dime is used to pay for it.

Government will never be successful at stopping abortions. Abortions will stop because more and more young women are understanding that abortion IS murder, and find it morally reprehensible.

Now get out there, use your BRAIN, and vote smart!



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3 responses to “Katy Perry, Micki Krimmel and the Vagina Election Monologues

  1. Anthony

    “Matthew 13 37-39 “The one who sowed the good seed is the Son of Man. 38 The field is the world, and the good seed stands for the people of the kingdom. The weeds are the people of the evil one, 39 and the enemy who sows them is the devil. The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels~”

  2. Great post, Gary – quite an effective put-down of the insanity of the FREE abortion/contraceptive crowd!! And then, tying it into the incredibly successful life of a woman – Sarah Palin – who has always used her brain to achieve great success. We all know what she did/does with that other organ – but it’s definitely on a different level than that of the CREATIVE and challenging use of the brain!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks Joy!

      Liberals do such a disservice to women. Sadly, they use these women up. The Soviets used to call these sorts “useful idiots.” That about sums it up.

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