GretaWire Readers [By a Huge Margin] See Sarah Palin as the Leader of the GOP Post Election UPDATED

By Gary P Jackson

On Wednesday, Greta put up a poll asking her readers who they thought, at this moment, was the leader of the Republican Party. Readers responded by choosing Sarah Palin by an overwhelming margin over the rest of the field.

Reading the comments it’s pretty plain that many feel Sarah could have fared far better against President Obama than Governor Mitt Romney did. Judging how well Sarah’s hand picked candidates for office did, vs how those in the standard GOP mold under-performed, it’s not much of a stretch to think Sarah herself would have done well and likely led the party to victory.

It’s also clear, reading those comments, that Greta’s readers would like to see Sarah Palin run for President in 2016. It’s way too early to speculate what Sarah will do, and it’s probably best not to speculate until she, herself says something, but I’m one of those who is 100% on board with the idea of a her running.

We need strong leadership from a GOP candidate, and for the last two elections, we’ve had no leadership at all. Timidity cannot defeat evil, and we are staring evil right in the face. We need a warrior at the helm.

Here are the results of the poll as of this afternoon:

Governor Sarah Palin 37.76% (2,137 votes)


As Greta has left this poll open, the vote total has actual grown for Governor Palin, she now is seen by a very clear majority as the leader with 42.13% of the vote. As stated below, this is in no way a scientific poll, but it certainly shows an intensity for Sarah, and a desire for real leadership, something that is totally lacking in the Republican Party.

Oh, and it seems the trolls have found the poll too. Delightful little wizbang creatures that they are.


Senator Marco Rubio 17.62% (997 votes)

Speaker Boehner 13.91% (787 votes)

Congressman Paul Ryan 8.54% (483 votes)

Governor Romney 8.41% (476 votes)

Someone else 6.94% (393 votes)

Governor Chris Christie 3.64% (206 votes)

Speaker Newt Gingrich 3.18% (180 votes)

I’d be curious to learn why Speaker of the House John Boehner rates so high. Maybe some readers took the question literally, as Boehner is the highest ranking Republican in office. It’s just that seeing Boehner and “leader” mentioned together somehow seems wrong to me.

Readers would rather see someone, anyone besides Chris Christie or Newt Gingrich leading the party. I agree.

The poll isn’t scientific in any way, but Greta’s blog is popular with a wide range of people from all points of view, and likely represents the feelings of many, if not most of the GOP faithful.


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19 responses to “GretaWire Readers [By a Huge Margin] See Sarah Palin as the Leader of the GOP Post Election UPDATED

  1. Lovers of The Light

    You know Daniel didnt project to badly: he projected three and a half years of reign~ He was only off by about a year or so~ Noah was off timing to but still happened~ So the projections are real but obviously, God calls the timings~ So be it~ Better off than never~ The Light

    • Anthony


      • mike

        John is working with a much more diverse population and legislature than Sarah. He did the same at the Federal level when he helped balance the budget crossing the aisle during the Clinton years. My worry with Sarah is she was in a corrupt Republican enviroment, ripe for the taking, did a great job of cleaning house, but perhaps the timing and alignment of the stars was just right. With John, a serious man with a blue collar past and a propensity to roll up his sleeves and dig in has more experience across several conditions primarily out of his control but as a proven record of success. He never blamed dear Teddy for the mess he left and has a grace about him probably taught to him by his media connections not to seem petty when journalist asked him if the auto bailout saved his state. He presented facts and didn’t get into a me or I versus Obama. I’m right there with Sarah and I think we both agree either person would make a great candidate.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Sarah was the first to really take on corruption up there. Remember, Governor Murkowski appointed her head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. She was one of the most powerful people in the state, and was well paid for the privilege. Anyhow, she found massive corruption within her agency, as well as between legislators and oil executives.

        Sarah went to Murkowski, as she worked for him, and tried to get something done about it all, of course Murky and his coke snorting daughter are as corrupt as the day is long, so… Anyhow she told him if he didn’t get serious she was going straight to the media. That took balls! It was also “career suicide”. Anyhow, the Attorney General, Gregg Renkes threatened her with prosecution if she went to the press. So, she quit her high paying gig, teamed up with a democrat, and went to war! Turns out Renkes was all kinds of criminal himself! You know the rest. The FBI was still frog marching corrupt Republicans off to prison months after she took office as governor!

        She’s 100% blue collar too. You know she and Todd have owned a commercial fishing operation for decades. Even after she became Governor, she’d take off every 4th of July weekend to go help harvest nets full of salmon. That’s the big part of the short season. She’s has an intimate relationship with hard work!

        I like Kasich too, so please don’t get me wrong. But when it comes to who we need as President, it’s no contest. Sarah is a street fighter, and has proven she can’t be bought off, or intimidated. Meg Stapleton, one of her former aides, tells the story of a big burly old oil company executive pouncing on Sarah at the Anchorage Airport. Jumped on her and started talking about how he was going to take her down, and how she had no idea who she was messing with. Sarah never said a word, just gave him the evil eye. Scared him off! No kidding.

        I still remember last year in Madison, Wisconsin. Sarah went up there to support Governor Walker, who she had helped get elected, with his efforts to stop the union thugs. This was just days after those thugs ripped through the Capitol building. Anyhow, she shows up in a snow storm, drew a massive crowd, and that crowd was surrounded by violent union thugs. She starred them down too. Told them how the cow was going to eat the cabbage. Oh, and she ripped the Republican Party a new one as well. It’s one of her most fiery speeches!

        We have some great people that need to take over the party, and run the current GOP “leadership” out of town on a rail. Sarah, Kasich, Scott Walker, and others need to demand action. Especially the sitting Governors. To allow Boehner’s weak ass crap to play is unacceptable.

    • mike

      I am a great supporter of Sarah Palin but I also think John Kasich would be an excellent candidate to reduce spending and debt. With her energy policy and his ability to produce meaningful budgets that turn deficits into surpluses they would both bring freedom through energy and growth independence. No more senators or congressman need apply, this country needs a person with a good track record and executive experience.

      • Gary P Jackson

        I like John Kasich, a lot. However, Sarah Palin was the very best Governor in the nation on fiscal issues. Actually reduced Alaska’s net liabilities. The ONLY Governor in the nation to do so.

        I think John would make a great Vice President pick for her. I like Scott Walker too, but he’s a bit suspect on some things.

        One thing is clear, our next nominee must be a solid, CONSERVATIVE Governor, and unless it’s Allen West, the VP choice must be a solid CONSERVATIVE Governor as well.

        You cannot run a Liberal Republican like Romney against a Communist devil like Obama. Timidity cannot defeat evil. That’s why Sarah Palin MUST be our nominee. She fights. Loves the taste of battle and has proven it.

        America wasn’t ready for Ronald Reagan in 1972. Sarah is a student of all things Reagan. I think she sensed America wasn’t quite ready for her in 2012. They will be crying for a true reformer come 2016!

  2. Jim Thompson

    I Stand With Sarah Palin!!! I Voted for her on Greta’s survey.

    • Ralph A. Lapaugh

      Sarah could win easily in 2016,as long as the old guard Republicans get behind her and don’t stab her in the back!!!!!!

      • Gary P Jackson

        She could, but don’t look for the GOP Establishment™ to ever support her. Remember, this same bunch tried to stop Reagan too. Even ran John Anderson as a 3rd party candidate against him!

        The GOP is dead. As for America, Sarah is the only one who has what it takes to get things done.

  3. It’s interesting that with Romney done for, you now have time and space for Sarah Palin. Nowhere to run?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Not sure what you are getting at. This is a Ronald Reagan-Sarah Palin website. We are all Reagan-Palin Conservatives. We’ve always covered anything important Sarah has done. I’ve followed her career long before 2008. Even covered Bristol. That said, we aren’t a “fan” site so we don’t do gossip. Just important news, and or setting the record straight.

      As for Romney, supported him because he was the nominee, but this isn’t an Establishment™ friendly website. We aren’t Republicans, we’re independents.

  4. Hi Gary,

    This is my first visit to your site. It looks great! Thanks for supporting my sister. I am not surprised by the Gretawire poll… Dad and I just toured the U.S. promoting our new book, and we found Sarah supporters in every corner of this country.

    Thanks again,
    Chuck Heath, Jr.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks Chuck! I am honored by your visit!

      I first learned of Sarah in early 2007, thanks to Fred Barnes and the Weekly Standard. I immediately saw something that I had never seen in a politician. I hate politicians, BTW!

      Myself and our group have supported her through many activities for the last 4 years. She inspired me to stop complaining to myself and start blogging!I truly believe she is who America needs to right the wrongs that have been done to us.

      As an aside, about halfway through you and your dad’s book. What a brilliant bit of writing. I can feel the cool Alaska breezes and smell that clean air in every word!

      Thanks you and your whole family for what you do. Thanks for sharing your sister with us!

    • lwjwl

      Hello Chuck! Thank you for stopping by.
      As Gary said, we’ve been supporting Sarah here and through our comments on other sites and articles for 4 years, plus when this blog didn’t exist.
      I’ve been privileged to work on the ’08 campaign and meet you, Sarah, Todd, and your beautiful parents on more than one occasion and am looking forward to seeing, & working for), y’all again when Sarah runs for POTUS in 2016, or anytime before then.
      (Racing the Baja?)
      Your book is terrific. Thank you.

  5. Gene

    Sarah Palin is the only public servant who can bring this country back to fiscal sanity with “sudden and relentless reform.” We need her for our next President.
    Voted on Gretawire and I’m not surprised Sarah won. She has a stellar record as Governor, is honest, courageous, inspiring, connects with the people, down-to-earth, has commonsense and knows how to FIRE UP a crowd!

    PALIN POWER 2016

  6. lwjwl

    Governor Romney  7.62%  (483 votes)
    Speaker Boehner  12.8%  (811 votes)
    Senator Marco Rubio  16.22%  (1,028 votes)
    Congressman Paul Ryan  7.92%  (502 votes)
    Governor Chris Christie  3.71%  (235 votes)
    Governor Sarah Palin  42%  (2,662 votes)
    Speaker Newt Gingrich  3%  (190 votes)
    someone else (post your thought in comments)  7%  (427 votes)
    Total Votes: 6,338

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