Ted Cruz: Republican Party Needs to do a Better Job of Articulating it’s Values to Voters

By Gary P Jackson

Ted Cruz talked to Neil Cavuto on Wednesday. Ted is one of the very few bright spots in these very dark times. Ted and Neil talk about the need for better articulation of values by the GOP leadership, as well as tax policy.

Cruz is so right on outreach. Texas has a huge Hispanic population and most are Conservative in their personal lives. But that’s true for Hispanics nationwide. The same can be said of blacks. Most live very Conservative lifestyles, and yet, they continually vote against their own best interests. That speaks to around 50 years of failure by the Republican Party to defend itself against lies and slander from the democrat party.

Poll after poll, for decades on end, have shown that Conservatives are, by far, the largest group of people in America, and yet, the nation just re-elected the most anti-Conservative, radical Marxist, ever to even attempt to hold public office in America. That’s not America’s fault, it’s the failure of the Republican Party to protect the brand. A total and complete failure.

Video courtesy SarahNet.


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8 responses to “Ted Cruz: Republican Party Needs to do a Better Job of Articulating it’s Values to Voters

  1. Pacifism

    Unhunh~ Has nothing to do with it~ Cant out talk something that is rigged~ All have to over power the machine that is rigged~ Until the corparate machine is forced to be bankrupt and debt is dealt with the same thing will happen over and over~

    • Gary P Jackson

      Face it, we have a lot of people that have no idea how to sell Conservatism. Ted Cruz is one of the most articulate members of the Republican Party. He won because of his record and ability to inspire. He’s a solid Reagan conservative. We’ve got Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin, and few others.

      • Anthony

        To over do the Divide to Conquer have to be able to unify the largest blocks Black and White~ And in order to bring the two together you have to be of both~ Herman Cain and Sarah Palin~ Cant do it by inspiring one side~ Not that Palin cant but all others have to present relation~ There is no way around it~ Unified is what overpowers the Divide and Conquer~ And what you have in the Black populus is no trust for White career politician; elites know that already because it is one the things I shouted at them on twitter~ Call this racist if you want but it is what has been created; not something that is the Black’s fault~ Truth is firmer than assumptions~ Cant sell a product which has proven itself to be broken and to start to fix it have to fix the divide and bankrupt the corparte oligarchy and overcome all personal debt which is their strong hold~ The money is what buys the elections and makes them rigged~ And if you analyze what I am saying you see I am not cutting on anyone in particular this is generally speaking~ And the divide is created via two party system as well~ Understand I do not speak from a bias or favorite football mentality~ I speak in the outside to inside view~ The above eagle view of all that is below~ Why do you think they create the divide~? To conquer from separation’s weakness~

      • Gary P Jackson

        Not a Herman Cain fan, politically. I LOVE the man, but he’s horrible at politics and whether or not he’s guilty, all of those women that came forward ruined his deal.

        On the other hand, Sarah absolutely LOVES Allen West. Had she run this time, no doubt she would have chosen him for Veep.

        Here’s the thing tough, the “:product” conservatism, isn’t broken. We just have worthless salesmen. You can have the best product on earth, and you have nothing without competent sales people. This I know from 30 years of hands on experience!

        The product is perfect for every single American. We just have the worst salespeople imaginable!


    I understand what you are saying; I consider all sides~
    Anton Chaitkin The Curse of Political Parties

  3. jjkarn

    The GOP can not sell conservative values because it is no longer conservative. Every GOP president or candidate since Reagan has been a big-government liberal. Both Bush presidents, between entitlements, regulation, and intrusiveness, expanded government size and scope drastically. McCain voted with and co-sponsored legislation with the Democrats more often than he did with his own party. Romney enacted more items from the Dem platform than he did the GOP platform as governor of Massachusetts, and even Bob Dole, as a senator, was more lauded for straddling the aisle and compromising (according to the liberal definition that “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable) than he was for anything else. Today’s GOP espousing conservative principles would have almost as much credibility as the pope defending atheism.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Republicans are spineless, and easily manipulated by the corrupt media. They place a premium on being “bi-partisan” because they want to be liked, which ain’t never going to happen.

      As Governor, Sarah Palin was celebrated far and wide for her ability to “reach across the aisle.” The difference between her and the Republican Establishment though is she brought people HER WAY, not the other way around. She going massive amounts of reform, as well as serious projects done, simply because she had big ideas and the ability to make them happen. Common sense leadership always works. Most of the major legislation she championed was either passed unanimously, or with only one or two dissenting votes.

      The Washington GOPers are great at capitulating, going along with the democrats, but have zero ability to have dems go with them.

      Conservatism is the best product, but when you have a party full of non-conservatives, the product just sits on the shelf, unused.

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