Open Letter to Reince Priebus and the GOP

By Isabel Matos

Well, the results are in and everything we predicted came true. Because we ARE patriots we supported YOUR candidate, Mitt Romney.

It is shameful the way the TEA PARTY and CONSERVATIVE base was dismissed, ignored and disrespected throughout the year. Ron Paul delegates were shut out of the process and denied their right to cast their votes for their delegate at the convention in Tampa. This was poisonous to our cause.

Sarah PALIN was also the most qualified person to lead the party this year and she was shunned. There will be people saying how it was her fault she didn’t do more, or that she is not qualified or experienced enough to be president should she decide to run.

I have news for you. The party is over. Your party. The GOP has failed and Mitt Romney lost because of his own mistakes. LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE REPUBLICANS never win races, even when they fake being REFORMED CONSERVATIVES. Let this be a lesson.

And may I add: YOU will not blame Sarah PALIN for what happened in 2012. She will NOT be scapegoated like she was by Mitt Romney’s advisors in 08. It will not be tolerated by us, her supporters, which represent MOST of the party base.

SHAME on you for NOT listening to us, for not heeding our warnings, and for being so obstinate and missing the point.

It’s time for YOU TO accept responsibility for this failure.

Sincerely yours,

Isabel Matos
Miami, FL

Contributor Isabel Matos is a grassroots activist, founded the group GOP Are You Listening?, and blogs at her website The Follow Up




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37 responses to “Open Letter to Reince Priebus and the GOP

  1. JudyannJ

    exactly correct.They seem to NEVER learn by their failures therefore destined to repeat them. The people are FED UP with the GOP’s model of “next in line.” We are FED UP with faux candidates. What they did to Palin is inexcusable, period. It was not just democrats eager to ruin her but the GOP as well. The very reason Palin is respected and loved, because she is the real deal…an honest to goodness America loving patriot filled with integrity, common sense and excellent judgment. Agree with them or not, something like 3 million Republicans did not vote because they knew Mitt Romney was no conservative and were fed up with the nepotism.

  2. Jim Thompson

    Three Cheers for Mrs. Isabel Matos for telling it like it is to Mr. Priebus. The GOP will soon become the way of the Whigs Party. It’s now devouring its own; becoming a disgrace in the process. Hey, I held my nose and voted for Romney, and he still lost. Mrs. Matos is right on the money: You sir cannot point or lay a hand on Governor Sarah Palin on this one. If we all were not in a terrible funk, I would be laughing my ass off at all of you GOP establishment people. What a circus the GOP has turned into. Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right. AAARRRRGGHHH!!

    • Thank you, Jim! I appreciate the remarks. We need to take our party back. Plain and simple.

      • Rob

        Take the Republican party back from what? The crazies that run it now, or to the crazies that want to run it. Its the beliefs of the republican party that aren’t insync with today’s mosaic of our nation. The GOP (teaparty & conservatives) are very monochromatic, embraces ignorance and rejects reason. How do we as a Nation benefit when those are the caveats to being elected as a republican politician? Discrimination, Inequality & Disparity are not winning slogans. Telling voters “Hey you need to vote for republicans, but once we get there we want to deport you, curtail your rights, or limit your liberties, but thanks for your vote!” This is the republican party. Conniving, deceitful & untrustworthy. A party truly comprised of Takers who think are Makers! The People have a clear choice. Chose a party that believes in segregating Citizens, or join a party that welcomes everyone. Republicans don’t welcome everyone, they divide people. Republicans were long taken over by their extremist elements and have openly become strangers to democracy. Voter suppression, War On Women, minorities, gays, republicans hate everyone, so who’s going to vote for you! Who is left? Who loves you baby?

      • Gary P Jackson

        Stupidest comment made here in some time. And completely devoid of all reality.

        The democrat party is the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, Bull Conner, institutional segregation, and socialism. It’s a party that has adopted an ideology based on hatred and lies. It’s an ideology that is not compatible with civilized society.

        It’s the democrat party that attacks women, blacks, Hispanics, and gays who don’t follow their diseased ideology to the letter. They LOVE calling blacks shit like “Uncle Tom” “House Niggger” and “Oreo” if they DARE vote for a Republican. They treat women and the rest the same way. It’s hateful, but who and what democrats are. They are pure evil.

        Liberalism is an ideology that can only survive among the ignorant and intolerant. It’s as Un-American as anything ever devised.

        Conservatism works every time it’s been applied. Conservatives want ALL human beings to succeed, not just a few. Conservatives want to use time honored and time tested ideas that ALWAYS raise EVERYONE up. Liberalism is a hateful ideology that instead looks to punish success and drag the successful down, rather than lift ALL up.

        The problem is, there many filthy liberals who have infected the Republican Party. So both parties are now morally bankrupt. There was a time that Conservatives looked to take over the GOP much like the communists, socialists, Neo-Nazis, and other degenerates of society have taken over the democrat party, but that time may be past. Frankly both parties need to be defeated.

        Liberalism is a cancer on all of humanity and must be destroyed, wiped from the face of the earth, or all of mankind is finished.


      fyi i’ve tried and tried and tried to leave this comment on your blog ma’am and i typed the exact letters in each time but it wouldn’t accept the captha at all. what’s with that?

      • Gary P Jackson

        If you didn’t vote for Romney then you facilitated evil and should spend eternity with Lucifer himself, stoking the fires of hell.

        Your religious bigotry just helped destroy the only nation founded on and by the love of God and his word. Your sort is repugnant to all of humanity. That you are actually proud of your evil deed is despicable.

        Mitt Romney, while flawed in many ways, is a very good and incredibly decent man. Mormons are Christians, to say otherwise is hateful.

  3. Mary Cole

    Bless you, Isabel, for speaking FOR me and for a multitude of Constitutional Conservative Christian men and women who STAND READY TO LAY THE BLAME at the feet of the GOP elites and the RNC chairman and other RNC advisors/organizers/planners, including Mitt Romney, FOR THE MESS this distressed nation is in today! We WILL NOT FORGET how you have treated the Tea Party, the Conservative GOP base, and especially our beloved Conservative leader, Sarah Palin…and the Ron Paul supporters as well! Those of you that I mentioned in this post ARE RESPONSIBLE and WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, and you will know we mean business ON OR BEFORE the next elections. Yes, we are on to you for sure now; you have finally awakened America’s brightest and best and most patriotic! This post is not intended as a threat, but rather a statement of fact!

    • Please share the letter and get people to understand what is going on. It the GOP who has declared war on us, not the other way around.

      Thank you for your reply. WE must wake pepole up in our party.

  4. Maybe that was part of it, but I believe because Obama is SANTA CLAUSE that is why we lost. You can’t fight against free stuff.
    Mitt had an excellent plan, but it involved working. Something the 47% refuse to vote for.

  5. The liberal republicans killed the party and opened the door for trash like the Clinton’s and the bama to enter the oval office

    There is no more leadership in the republican party as Ron Paul would kame one hell of a great president or Sara but the idiots in charge will never get another donation from me

    • Gary P Jackson

      Sarah Palin yes, Ron Paul no. Honestly, for all the hell I give Ron Paul, and he deserves every bit of it, he has some very good ideas on fiscal issues. If his foreign policy ideas weren’t suicidal, he would have been a more viable candidate. If it were me, I put him in charge of the FED, so he could kill it off!

      I used to be a card carrying Republican. a PROUD card carrying Republican. That stopped a long time ago. Now I either donate to candidates directly, or SarahPAC. The GOP will never get another dime from me either.

  6. Judy Ann,

    That was just two days ago.

    Since then I have seen with my own eyes a Republican Congresswoman from my own town bad-mouthing the TEA PARTY and Rush Limbaugh. I watched in disbelief. She did it in Spanish thinking no one would be watching.

    She did not mention Sarah Palin but the other two names are code for what we all know they think about us – that we are extremists and that we are angry at the establishment. WE also know they want us as far removed from the political process as possible so they can pander to the masses.

    Watch my next blog. It will be short but interesting. We have to keep and eye on our own constantly. I would like to also mention that speaking up and holding them accountable for what they say is also necessary. I have done things this year I never thought possible. That is due in great part to Sarah Palin because I am confident that she is a truth-teller like you said. Allen West and Ted Cruz also speak for me and articulate what we desire from our leaders.

    Thank you for posting a reply.


  7. I agree, what the RNC did in Tampa was very obvious, and down-right DIRTY, pushing Romney to all of us when we knew he could not win, I did vote for him because it was the lesser of 2 evils., and the horrible way you treated Sarah Palin, Mr Priebus, I hope you lose your job!!!!

    • Isabel Matos

      Mr. Priebus is going to apply for Republican National Committee Chair again and I am sure he will get the job!

      He played his cards right this year – not for us, but for those running OUR party (whoever they are!). The wizards behind the GOP curtain must be very content indeed with the job he did; after all, Romney lost and we were “dealt with” in a nice way.

      It doesn’t matter how mild-mannered he is, or if he meant well, Mr. Priebus was instrumental in our loss. If someone does not do their job.. (you know the rest.) That should go for Rove as well, but we are dealing with an alternative universe mentality where anything we say is the opposite of how they think.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Please keep vocal and know you’re not alone. Now more than ever we need to derive inspiration and support from one another.

      Like Sarah Palin always says, we must have each others’ backs.

  8. Carol cumbie

    I know Sarah was treated wrong and it was done by the Beltway GOP elite and the Operatives. The ones they have been running the elections since Reagan the Bushes and the other money people. When I heard Barbara Bush say she hope Sarah would go back to Wasilla and stay there. I was shocked at what she said. It changed how I look at the Bush’s. Then they spoke about Jeb. His father spoke up and said he thought he would be a good president. It didn’t take me long to figure out what they were doing. Then I had to wonder did the bush’s put the people in McCains camp because they wanted them to lose. What Sarah Palin was put though no person should have to go through. They were lying on her and no one corrected it from the GOP. I only remember one republican that stood up for her and that was Newt Gingrich. McCain people even set her up bought her clothes that she never asked for. They removed most of the tags. Right after they bought the clothes for Palin one of the Bush operatives in the McCain camp were on the lame stream TV stating Sarah Palin’s taste for expensive clothes when she had nothing to do with it. The operatives inside the McCain camp were trying to destroy her. They didn’t realize Sarah was lot smarter than they gave her credit for . The democrats and republican are at fault for no vetting Obama. He should not have even been put up to be elected. They had to know what kind of voting he did..While a senator he went over to Kenya to help a cousin Kenyan try to get elected.. American tax payers paid for his trips..When his cousin didn’t get elected they had riots were Christians were killed with machetes they hid in churches only to have them set fire to. Obama is nothing more than a Chicago mafia a hustler and a pathological liar.. Even the ones that voted for him will regret it.. Obama didn’t win he stole the election there was a kinds of voter fraud.. They had more people vote than they had voters in several states.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I think George H W Bush is a very good and incredibly decent man. Barbara needs to learn some manners. George W Bush was our Governor. In fact he won re-election with Texans knowing he would run for President [Maybe before he did!] Texans wanted him as President. His massive victory was our way of saying “go for it”! He and Laura are beautiful people. You wouldn’t believe the amount of charity work they are doing now. Quietly, under the radar, with no press.

      That said, Bush tried to “place nice” with evil bastards like Ted Kennedy and the rest of the democrats. You simply cannot do that. Bush has both houses of Congress, for a time, but it was run by squishes. Liberal Republicans. It was and is a mess up there.

      Now Jebbie and the rest can go straight to hell. They are liberals. Jeb scares me because he’s hellbent on making ever Mexican on the face of the earth an American citizen. Big amnesty guy. If that happens, the communists will win every election from now until the end of time.

      Had the GOP and Romney embraced Sarah and the Tea Party, things would have been different.

      We’ll never know if Romney directed it, or the worthless bastards that surround him took it upon themselves, but most of Romney’s people went to work for McCain after the primaries were over. Once they realized that McCain was going to lose, and that Sarah Palin was going to emerge as a genuine super star, they started trashing her to the media, even before the election was over!This continues to this very day.

      Romney’s people KNEW Willard had ZERO chance of ever being the nominee if Sarah ran, so their mission was to destroy her. They didn’t, but they harmed her reputation greatly, for nothing. They cared more about electing Willard than saving the nation from this Marxist devil in the White House.

      Anyone associated with Romney should be shunned and avoided at all costs. Again, I have no idea if Romney himself directed this, but his people did. They can never be allowed to be part of any campaign again.

  9. Yep. Palin received more votes in 2008 than did Romney. We would have been better off running McCain/Palin again, or better yet, running a Palin/Rubio ticket. However, the establishment GOP would have never allowed it, and would have spent the whole time shooting her in the back, making things even worse than it already was. Unless the GOP deals with the Beltway fools in their midst, it will never win another national election.

    • Gary P Jackson

      If Sarah has run it would have been Palin/West. She consistently told Romney to pick Allen West. She loves the guy! So do we!! In fact, had Romney listened ….

      Frankly, you guys pushing Rubio need to look closely at him. LOTS of issues. BIG issues. Besides the corruption, he’s as Establishment as it gets. He’s Jeb Bush’s hand picked boy and a huge Amnesty shill. Rubio is OK where his is, I guess, but he’s gone as far as he ever needs to.

      On the other hand Ted Cruz is someone who is the real deal and will be an asset to Conservatives. After a few terms as Senator, a smart President will have Ted on his short list for the Supreme Court. Ted was the youngest ever Solicitor General of Texas, and has successfully argued before the U S Supreme Court. One of the sharpest guys you’ll ever see. He’s a solid Reagan Conservative.

      He worked for the Federal Trade Commission as well as the Department of Justice under George W Bush. He was also a Domestic Policy Advisor for the Bush campaign in 2000 and an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, where he taught U.S. Supreme Court litigation. Unlike Obama, Cruz really is a Constitutional Scholar!

      He’s Cuban. Born in Canada, so he can’t be president or veep, but he will be vital to Conservatism for decades to come.

      • Slhancock

        I agree! I think Sarah had intended to run and Perry got wind of it and stepped in. Her public comment gave it away, as far as I’m concerned. I was so incensed that everybody seemed so against her running. I saw her being trashed by most of the conservative women writers and commentators, so I never read and of them any more. What a sick mess that they think they have to trash the one conservative woman who could handle the presidency. Jealousy makes them look sick and slimy.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Lot of people think that, but Perry played no part. It was partially the ramp up in death threats against her and her kids, as well as he just sensing it wasn’t right yet. She and Perry aren’t friends. Remember what she was ripping into crony capitalists, she hammered Perry right along with Obama, and rightly so.

  10. The GOP has the best leaders MONEY CAN BUY

  11. lwjwl

    Isabel, Please post your Twitter name with your other info, thx.

  12. carlirwin12

    I tried to watch the RNC this year, except for Rubio, there was no one there I could relate to, no tea party no Sarah Palin, no Bachmann speaking no Col. West, no Brietbart types, just Eastwood and he was talking to a empty chair which by the way became the biggest news out of the convention. But that empty chair turned out not to be Obama but the Tea party people and Palin supporters that the GOP deserted.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Indeed. I was most impressed with Mia Love, who no one in the GOP Elite bothered to support. Rubio talks a good line, but he’s Jeb Bush’s boy, and an amnesty shill. Can’t be trusted as he was almost immediately co-opted by the Establishment hacks,

      There was massive voter fraud, and God only knows how many military ballots left uncounted. The GOP and Willard Romney never even attempted to challenge any of this. Useless.

    • Isabel Matos


      I had my hopes high for this election after the big disappointment in 08.

      This was not a perfect year, but by the end, I felt encouraged that the message had gotten through and that the enthusiasm and the numbers were on our side. Regardless of what happened, our candidate conceded too soon. Even his wife had more fight in her than he seemed to have.

      I related to some candidates this year. The two in Florida who spoke for me were Allen West and Karen Harrington. It was a shame both lost.

      There are many empty chairs that need to be filled that the GOP deserted (nicely worded btw). Maybe the candidates from our AGU list can effect change in Washington and speak and fight on our behalf.

  13. A belated thank you & acknowledgment for a SUPERB post, Isabel Matos!! You’re a rare talent – and we’ll all need strong fighting patriots like you in the years to come! BTW, I couldn’t have expressed my total disdain for the GOP and the GOPe any more effectively that you have done! They certainly shot themselves in the foot by so completely dissing the Conserative Base, the Tea Party, Palin and even the Ron-bots!! Romney needed to include EVERYONE in all wings of the Party this year – it was the only way he could have won. His advisors were useless “as tits on a bull” – and he was either clueless himself or just pig-headed (vis-a-vis Palin et al).

    Finally, thanks for the excellent reminder (we’ll need a LOT of them over the next two election cycles!) about Marco Rubio, since my gut tells me that the GOPe will shortly install him as “the next in line” – mark my word! Or else Bob McDonnell, Gov. of VA – they really like him and his Establishment bona fides as well.

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