Exclusive: Klenman on Sarah Palin and the Republican Establishment™

By Gary P Jackson

We’re always happy when Norman Klenman weighs in on our articles, and events in general. A long time political observer and strategic thinker, we often hear from Norman through a short email, but at times he’s graciously allowed us to share his thoughts with our readers.

After reading about Sarah Palin’s much better election night, as compared to the Republican Establishment™ in general, and Karl Rove in particular [her 75% success to Rove’s 1%] and the Palin inspired grass roots organization, American Grizzlies United’s equally impressive 66% endorsement success, Norman offered up some interesting thoughts:

This article advertently or inadvertently exposes the essential instinctive wisdom of Sarah Palin. Had Romney won, her advice to the party and to independent conservative voters and supporters would have been continuous, welcome, but low key. Sarah Palin speaking as a wise friend, a good pol with important ideas that would naturally be ignored by the Republicans in Power and by Congress.

But she stayed out of the fray this year for good reasons, her own, most kept to herself. But she watched, waited, and was a non-disruptive supporter on the side.

Now that the Republican house of cards has collapsed, leaving one monster vacancy of leadership in the great yawking maw in the middle of American politics, the field is open to her on her own terms… IF she wishes to re-enter the fray.

She did what most pols don’t do. Pols to get elected to use the old shibboleth of “playing to the middle“. That is, abandoning their obviously debatable but essential original programs and ideas, the positions that must be sold to the nation.

Sarah Palin never abandoned her views. She said Here they are, take ’em or leave em. The Republicans including many who ought to have known better, backed away, and often were rude (as was the otherwise admirable Noonan) in doing so. As to the Republican establishment, they had no beliefs, and no real social program (their economic program was fine).

So now we shall see if Sarah Palin on her own chooses to return front and center for 2016 which is now wide open. No incumbent in the Dems. Mrs Clinton far too old and old fashioned. Not a real conservative with a program and some damn charisma anywhere in sight.

Enter Sarah Palin. Free now to tour the nation, gather supporters and funds, and to sell a new direction for her vast constituencies and a new program to break the restraining bounds of the old two party system. A program for the re-invigoration of America. A program to reframe and reform Congress.

They will be interesting times ahead for American voters.

Norman nails it at the end. The message of reform is a winner. As Stacy Drake points out here, voters in every single demographic, and in both political parties, as well as independents, not only have no faith in government, they see it as corrupt and in need of serious reform. They particularly want an end to crony capitalism, something Sarah Palin has been railing against for years, the Obama regime is up to their eye balls in, and the Romney campaign never really talked about. Cronyism is so prevalent in politics, neither party wants to talk about it, for obvious reasons.

If she chooses to run, Sarah Palin has a winning message, one she’s been perfecting since her earliest days as a member of the Wasilla city council, when she tangled with Nick Carney over an ordinance that would have given his waste management company a city wide monopoly.

Sarah Palin’s real world record of constantly and consistently fighting corruption, even within her own party, is one that will win people over, especially after four more years of Obama’s massive corruption, and the GOP essentially doing nothing about it.

People will want a serious change, and Sarah Palin represents that change.


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13 responses to “Exclusive: Klenman on Sarah Palin and the Republican Establishment™

  1. lemonv

    This article nailed it. Now if only Sarah would make the ultimate sacrifice of running for president in 2016..

  2. Sarah Palin is a natural! She is not only Momma Grizzly, she’s The Alaskan Fox. You can bet Palin will be in our future, that is if BHO leaves anything of the Republic!

  3. Sarah Palin Is Our Future.If She Doesn’t Take The Bull Bye It’s Cajones To Lead This Nation Back To Prosperity The Rino’s Will Ride Again.With A (R)ight Progressive VS A (L)eft Progressive!

  4. Run, Sarah, Run! RUN, SARAH, RUN!! RUN, SARAH, RUN!!!

  5. I can only add my voice of passionate agreement (for obvious reasons!). Her incredibly wise stance throughout the GOP primaries and then the General Election has only enhanced her inate political wisdom and uncanny skills. But the core of Palin is her honesty and
    her “never-say-die” m.o. She’ll bide her time over the next several months (starting with an out-of-the-box book tour for NYT Best Seller #3 sometime this spring or summer), then start assessing the field of possible WINNING Conservative candidates for 2014. She has already built up an enormous bank of IOUs and good will over the past 2 election cycles, so this is NOT “terra incognita,” but familliar territory that she should be able to dominate – much to the frustration of those afflicted with a permanent case of PDS…

  6. mike

    How does she beat the media at their own game? This includes FOX News. How does we help get her message out advertising her 80% approval rating at the time of her vice presidential nomination and story fighting the establishment? She’s brave but she needs support from unlikely places winning democrats and republicans of all races to convince the media she is a legitimate contender where their made up stories are exposed.

  7. Sogi Gisom


  8. Heath-Palin

    Run Sarah Run, your country needs you. No more Moderate charlatan RINOS.

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