Graphic: Muslim Savages Drag Israeli “Spies” Through Streets of Gaza Behind Motorcycles

Evacuation: An Israeli soldier rescues a young girl from a site hit by a rocket launched by Palestinian savages from the Gaza Strip into the southern Israeli city of Beer Sheva.

By Gary P Jackson

If you’ve been following @IDFSpokesman on Twitter you know Hamas terrorists have been firing hundreds of rockets daily from Gaza into Israeli cities. You also know these savage Muslim terrorists have been in turn using their own women and children as shields to hide behind. The savages are placing rocket launchers near schools and other places where any retaliatory strike will be certain to cause hundreds of civilian causalities, they can in turn use as propaganda. Of course, many in the corrupt American media are all too happy to oblige them.

The UK’s Mail Online however, shows the world just what these savages are:

Six men accused of being ‘Israeli spies‘ were dragged through the streets of Gaza City and executed in front of a chanting mob today as Israel warned Palestinians to evacuate some areas of the territory in apparent preparation for a ground invasion.

Witnesses said the six were taken to an intersection in the north of the city where they were summarily shot for providing intelligence that helped Israel pinpoint key figures in Hamas and the Islamic Jihad targeted by their warplanes.

The names of the men are said to have been scrawled on the road after they had been questioned by Hamas security officials about who provided the ‘human intelligence‘ necessary to pinpoint targets for ‘precision’ attacks that have 118 Palestinians – half civilians, including women and children, dead – in seven days of military operations.

Hamas Aqsa radio quoted a security official as saying the men had been ‘caught red handed’ with ‘hi-tech equipment and filming equipment to take footage of positions.

Gunmen chained the body of one of the alleged collaborators to a motorcycle and dragged it throughout the main streets of Gaza City in a warning to others who ‘betrayed‘ Palestinians.

Bear in mind, all of this started because Hamas has been shelling Israeli cities, and targeting innocent women and children, Israelis, for weeks, ever since President Obama won re-election. This is not a coincidence. These animals are attacking Israel because they know Obama, and the democrat party, side with Hamas, not our long time ally, Israel. [no matter how much lip service Obama may give the Jewish people]

Many more photos of these despicable animals, plus photos of the suffering in Israel, as well as video, here.

Shame on the American media for not reporting this evil. Shame on all of those who refuse to stand with Israel.



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8 responses to “Graphic: Muslim Savages Drag Israeli “Spies” Through Streets of Gaza Behind Motorcycles


  2. Anthony

    ” I am not a fool~ I know what is going on and have been paying attention without much sleep everyday~ I am walking through all this hell with everyone~ Until Palestinians denounce HAMAS as leadership the hammers from Israel will keep dropping and rightfully, so~ Appeasers in America were rioting yesterday in a day of Muslim rage(Signs: Nuke Israel, Death to Israel) and only were allowed such by appeasing leadership here~! I stand with all the peoples caught up in this mess~ Regional war is right around the corner~ God is watching~”

  3. The Religion of peace and understanding What is not to love about ALLAh and his pig brain mentality?

  4. zabo

    muslim swines period!

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