Unreal! PETA Morons Equate The Eating of Turkey to the Struggles of Blacks Throughout History!

By Gary P Jackson

I’m speechless. Friggin’ speechless!

In a letter, the animal rights group argues the annual White House ceremony “makes light of the mass slaughter of some 46 million gentle, intelligent birds.” It also says the annual event “portrays the United States president as being in some sort of business partnership with the turkey-killing industry.

You understand so well that African-Americans, women, and members of the LGBT community have been poorly served throughout history, and now I am asking you to consider other living beings who are ridiculed, belittled, and treated as if their sentience, feelings, and very natures count for nothing,” wrote PETA president Ingrid Newkirk in the letter.

The letter also objects to the idea that the birds could be pardoned, arguing “they are not guilty of anything other than being born into a world of prejudice.

The turkey pardon is a Thanksgiving tradition that harkens back to Abraham Lincoln, who, according to legend, wrote out a presidential pardon for a turkey at the insistence of his son, Tad Lincoln.

Presidents Kennedy and Nixon also made a point of returning turkeys presented to the White House to either their original farms or local petting zoos, and President George H.W. Bush became the first president to formally announce the turkey pardon during the 1989 turkey presentation.

PETA suggests in its letter that the president should break with that tradition and instead serve a Tofurkey roast at the White House.

But it does not appear that the president will heed the advocacy organization’s call.

Earlier Tuesday, the White House announced that the American public could vote for the first time on which turkey will be pardoned, creating a Facebook poll where users can lodge their vote.

The president might not lend the most sympathetic ear on the issue of turkey pardoning, however. In 2009, he joked that year’s turkey had only been saved “thanks to the intervention of Malia and Sasha – because I was ready to eat this sucker.

I’m told Presidents Eisenhower and Johnson actually ate their turkeys,” Obama said. “You can’t fault them for that; that’s a good-looking bird.

More here.

One has to wonder how real civil rights leaders like Dr Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X, both of whom died fighting for their rights and the rights of all people, would feel about this idiocy.

More proof liberalism is a disease and NOT compatible with civilized society.

BTW, every left wing rag from the Huffington Post, to The Atlantic, to the NY Post report that PETA kills 90% of all of the animals unlucky enough to end up in one of their shelters. Most within the first 24 hours! Tens of thousands of them.

So, not only are the PETA loons insane, they are also a butch of nasty hypocrites.

Incidentally, I linked to left wing websites, just in case some liberal loon wanted to suggest some sort of “Conservative smear job” against these PETA clowns.

Why is it these jackasses always have to pull this crap on sacred, traditional holidays anyway?

As disgusting as PETA is, in general, the notion they would compare eating turkey on Thanksgiving, to the horrible treatment of blacks throughout history is simply despicable.



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9 responses to “Unreal! PETA Morons Equate The Eating of Turkey to the Struggles of Blacks Throughout History!

  1. LD Jackson

    I never cease to be amazed at the idiocy of liberal groups such as PETA. I suspect Martin Luther King and Malcom X would be rolling over in their graves, if they knew of this equation of turkeys with the struggles they and their people went through.

  2. PETA is the direct result of closing state mental hospitals!!!!!

  3. Harry

    I too and a member of PETA!
    People Eating Tasty Animals – You hopeless buffoons!

  4. Sigh…It saddens me to see the level of hate and ignorance displayed on this article. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yes, liberals are full of hate and ignorance. Nothing new there! PETA is an especially horrible group though. They prey on innocent people who actually DO care about animals, while killing more than 90% of those that end up in their care. Often within the very first day.

      PETA then uses the money they scam off of innocent people to push their radical anti-American agenda.

      Dr Martin Luther King, Jr is a hero of mine, and millions of other Conservatives. He literally DIED while advancing Liberty and Freedom for ALL men. [and women] To have his struggles and murder [and the struggles of other great black leaders] equated to the fate of a Thanksgiving turkey is both insulting, and despicable.

      There are LEGITIMATE groups out there that rescue animals and DO NOT kill them. Those types of groups are the ones who deserve people’s support. These groups use the money they get to actually care for the animals, instead of buying flashy ads pushing their radical, anti-American agenda.

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