Video: Dana Perino and Congressman Allen West discuss The Obama Money Pit


By Gary P Jackson

Over the weekend Dana Perino sat in for Mike Huckabee. [making the show actually watchable and substantive] One of the discussions Dana had was with Congressman Allen West over fiscal policy,

West shows why it’s such a great loss to the nation that he won’t be returning to Congress in January.

Video courtesy SarahNET.



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3 responses to “Video: Dana Perino and Congressman Allen West discuss The Obama Money Pit

  1. I heard him on Greta this week, too – speaking just as cogently about this same topic: Ovomit’s & the Dirty Dems’ totally irresponsible plans for/views on the nation’s fiscal crisis – including unsustainable debt and the very real possibility that, unless something drastic is done, the “entitlement” programs will be bust within THIS generation!!

    And, Gary, I, too, had that same pang of regret: What an utter shame and total waste of talent that West was defeated in his re-election bid and, therefore, will NOT be returning to Congress and all the useful work he could have continued doing there!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      There was some serious vote fraud and hanky-panky going on in Congressman West’s district. A total mess. I was glad he fought as long as he thought it proper, but when he realized it was going to be a waste of time, he did the honorable thing. Rare these deals for politicians.

      I like West. I hope he never stops fighting.

      • I know this isn’t the last we see/hear from Allen West – he’s too much of a “valuable commodity” on the Conservative side – the real deal! Maybe he’ll go into the private sector for a couple years or maybe – ?? He’s young and has much to which to look forward. I’m sure all
        sorts of ideas are percolating in his busy/smart brain – even as we communicate on this site!

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