Brevity and Fire: GOP ~ LEAD!


By Isabel Matos

Sarah Palin was on Hannity Monday night, and one of the many reasons why I love her is because of her brevity and fire.  

A lot was written about the interview.  Two things stood out for me loud and clear.

BARACK OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST. He believes in redistributing wealth, in confiscating hard earned dollars of our small businessmen and women so that they cannot reinvest their dollars and hire more people and grow and expand.
REPUBLICANS, go back to what the planks in your platform represent: reigning in government and putting the power and the responsibility in the individual not the State. That gets us towards SOCIALISM. What goes beyond Socialism? COMMUNISM.

This was my message to my fellow Palinistas today.

I wanted to share how PROUD I was of Sarah last night. I’m always proud of her, but it was beyond even pride. No matter what happens, we could never ask for someone who is more dedicated to the people or a greater spokesperson for the cause of freedom.
To hear her say so powerfully what she did sent a chill up my spine. Finally! I know we all agree on how wonderful she is, but after last night, it is clear that any inconvenience, any time spent away from family, disappointments, any complaints, confrontations or challenges we may have had in the last year, two, three or more, it will have all been worth it! 
Sarah is OUR treasure. She will never forget us like the GOP who has NEVER had our backs.  She will never stand down, but stand up for us consistently.
Sometimes I feel like giving the weasels a break because Sarah is such a rarity in politics that no one could even begin to match her personal qualities or leadership abilities. But then I think, Nah. They ARE weasels! Every last one of them and they deserve to be rebuked for betraying us on a daily basis. It is painfully obvious who is leading, and she is doing it from the outside.  It is painfully obvious who is NOT leading, and they are IN DC not doing what we have given our vote of confidence to do.  She makes it look so easy, they make it look impossible!!

I just want to wish everyone a happy day, despite our troubles.  Can you imagine what a dark place we’d be in had it not been for Sarah’s guiding ray of light in all this?



Just between you and me, the GOP will not listen.  And they are TOO STUPID TO LEAD!  Please share your thoughts.  Thanks for reading.

Video courtesy SarahNET.



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22 responses to “Brevity and Fire: GOP ~ LEAD!

  1. Anthony

    ” I totally agree~ God’s chosen~!”

    • Isabel Matos

      That is right. God’s chosen. Ours, too. If you care to elaborate on that comment, I will more than intrigued!

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back soon!

  2. Isabel, I intend to respond a bit more at length, but down the road; now, it’s safe to say, you are DEFINITELY giving voice to millions of us who are equally proud of Palin’s honest & straightforward stands on all that’s important in our lives vis-a-vis the federal government (“Fedzilla,” as the irrascible Ted nugent has so well re-named it!).

    I do believe that the GOPe’s wretched record over the past couple of decades – to day nothing of it’s constant belittlement of our own vital Conservative cause! – has finally earned it a well deserved and even more necessary EXIT pass from center stage! “Our” time – even in perpetual opposition – is at hand, and I think we can best attempt this FIRST through the mechanisms of a take-no-prisoners fight with the GOP itself. Failing that, we may even have the more daunting task of forming a Conserative Movement OUTSIDE the framework of the GOP iself. I think 2014 will a turning point for the GOP – and US, too!

    • Isabel Matos

      Let’s make this a conversation. I can’t wait to speak with you again.

      Thanks for coming by and sharing such insightful comments. By the way, I love your gravitar! Keep right, indeed!

      • Thanks, Isabel, I have a feeling that this conversation will be lengthy, productive and enlightening – thanks to your excellent initiative and Gary’s sharing his own terrific space with you!

        BTW, I must admit that my “Keep Right” icon/gravatar was nothing I dreamed up – but the work of some other wonderful Conservative (“another genius” – LOL!). Shamelessly, I “borrowed” it last year – and am still using it. Meanwhile, others – like yourself – commented favorably, too, and even “asked” if they could use it, too! “It’s not mine, but help yourself!” was the only honest answer!

  3. Jane M. Smith

    Thank you, Isabel. I have been very disappointed in our Republican leadership…believe they are more concerned with their positions and perks than they are with the welfare of the American people. Sarah is not afraid to speak the truth, nor stand up to those who refuse to take a stand themselves. Look forward to hearing more from you on FB. Jane

    • Isabel Matos

      Thank you, Jane.

      I remember when it was just about perks, now it’s just full-blown gluttony and lust for power, at least two cardinal sins right there.

      I like to think of them as overstuffed turkeys! Can’t we beat them? They’re not that smart! Have a great day.

  4. What happened at FOX news is good news concerning Rove and Morris. I’m concerned about Sarah, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingram, Andrew Napolitano, etc. The people on FOX news that used to carry our conservative voice seem to be on less and less and their opinions or facts shouted down. Just like the GOP, FOX news seems to be turning away the audience that made them number one. What is going on?

  5. That’s my point. Some of the individuals I trust to are slowly moving left to appease management or to be fair and balanced and I think conservatives are looking for contrast which is why FOX has been leading in the ratings. Facts matter, so let the truth bear itself out.

    • Isabel Matos

      Speak to any voter outside of Facebook where we meet, read and rant all day long, and you will find that MOST of them didn’t vote for Romney because they didn’t see enough of a contrast. They admire candidates who represent their views well, no matter what side they are on. Lesson to be learned yet again for the GOP!

  6. genomega1

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Brevity and Fire: GOP

    • Isabel Matos

      Awesome! The more people see it the better. We all have to do better circulating information. Even if it means not asking. Thank you for sharing..

  7. Robert Arvay

    One of the most important things Sarah said in this interview may have gone unnoticed. She said that many people confuse real capitalism (freedom capitalism) with “crony” capitalism, which is corporate welfare. The left has been very effective in smearing free market capitalism by reporting only on corporate welfare and other distortions of capitalism. That false image is so deeply implanted in the minds of Americans that it will take years to correct. Hopefully, Sarah can set us on the path to making that correction.

    • Isabel Matos

      I have a reply to that. It’s just my opinion, but I have been right before about a lot of things.

      We have to make FIRST IMPRESSIONS in many places that have not yet been tapped into. There are many dissatisfied voters out there, including youth who are sorely in need of sound political direction, we could make progress. The problem is, the DORKS that run the GOP are not hip, they are not cool, and they are just STALE STALE STALE with ideas that do not excite people, no matter the color, race, sex or age.

      THE GOP IS NOT A SEXY PARTY. That has to change.

      Good post. Let’s rock some people’s worlds out there and OWN THE PARTY!

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • Good points about the GOP (Grand OLD Party!) and looking to break new ground with solid, time-tested Conservative values that still totally relate to today’s world – and the young people who will inherit it!

        I, too, took happy notice of Palin’s distinguishing “crony/corrupt/
        corporate capitalistm with the traditional definition of free-market capitalism, which implies a virtual absence of gov’t’s stiling intervention with its myriad rules & regs, etc.

        But then, the very next morning, while Rush – who does nothing but praise (to one degree or another) Sarah Palin (whenever he mentions her, albeit not all that frequently) – took exception and, “with all due respect,” etc., countered that the Left, the Dems and & the ruling socialist Ogime (my term for O’s Admin) are PURPOSELY imposing/using/supporting that corrupt version of capitalism (“State Capitalism” or “Crony Corporate Capitalism”), and doing so happily, with the intent of undermining and destroying any vestige of respect and reverence that TRUE Capitalism might once have had. IOW, it’s all part of an insidious plan to destroy ALL vestiges of what we once understood as Individual Freedom.

        In a word, Palin’s rather bland description of what the current “low-information” Dems & BHO voters understand to be “Capitalism,” is not
        really “Capitalism” at all, and, from his point of view, didn’t go nearly far enough to forecefully describe this purposeful obfuscation of what true Conservatives have always had at the core of their personal & political beliefs.

      • Isabel Matos

        Those are very interesting points you made!

        Although Rush may be right about what is going on with the left and their perverting of the term capitalism, Sarah did create the term crony capitalism in her speech in Iowa, and it is totally appropriate for her to use it to describe what is going on in Washington, in the right and the left parties.

        Republican voters need to understand that the term Conservatism is also being thrown around without much meaning. Jeb Bush doesn’t want to be considered a moderate, yet he has said “he used to be a Conservative”. Those who want to see him run for President are saying he IS a Conservative. Mitt Romney called himself a “severe” Conservative during the campaign. Marco Rubio’s supporters insist he IS Conservative. True Conservatives are demonized by the left, and I don’t remember having seen any of the above admitting they are Conservative when that is going on (just an observation).

        What we need to remember (and this is what I hope to focus on in 2013) is that GOP reform starts with GOP voter reform. WE have quite a few misguided, misinformed and misled voters on our side who are not clueless like the ones on the left who voted for the Ogime (awesome term, by the way!), but they don’t understand why the party has problems, yet keep on making the same mistakes in following candidates who create the problems to begin with.

        Sarah Palin tells the truth. I respect her political instincts. Not everyone has to agree on everything she says, but in this case, with all due respect to Rush, Sarah was right in using the term the way it is intended to be used and for the purpose of making the point that we need to clean up corruption in Washington. The more people read about her, the more they will appreciate the simplicity and power that her comments have.

        Thanks for stopping by. Loved your comment! By the way, our party is so rich with ideas and intelligent people.. think of how wonderful it was to discuss a minor difference of opinion between two great Conservatives, Sarah and Rush. WE are blessed to have them and many more on our side.

      • Amen to EVERYTHING you said – and said so well! – Isabel! I agree with you about her “owning” (and totally understanding) the term, “crony capitalism.” And I, too, was a bit put off by Rush’s remarks, but only insofar that even he (“the great Rushbo,” no less!) seemed to go right past her more important point (and relevant distinction).

        I also agree with your assessment of Palin’s uncanny and intrepid political instincts. She’s definitely the one to lead “the troops” in any sort of reform from within!

  8. TxPatriot1

    Sarah has the ability to speak for ‘us’ because she is one of us. That was the problem with Romney. He wanted to be us, tried to be us, moreover he wanted to represent us. But, those attempts failed to converge ‘us’ to the point of rallying together. of course, I suspect he would have been better than the lying socialist who leave Bread Crumbs to the Ballot Box, typical of marxist. But Sarah is a conservative, she sees through fog of ‘talk’ and promises– again like us. I have helped her in the past and will continue to do so. She is the real thing, I can relate to her and vice versa. We need her leading this country–while it is still a single country called America.

    • Isabel Matos

      I could not agree with you more! Sarah IS the real deal, and she IS leading, just without a title. Whether she is president or not one day, remains to be seen. She IS a rarity in politics and we must never turn our backs on her. Her integrity is worth every ounce of fight in us.

      Thank you for your comment. I enjoyed your feedback. Don’t forget to pass this along to your friends. As Conservatives, we must do better at disseminating information and giving each other support when we speak out.

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