Steel Resolve with Sarah Steelman: Size Matters When it Comes to President Obama


If size matters, as Mark Twain said: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

~Sarah Steelman

By Gary P Jackson

On this week’s Steel Resolve with Sarah Steelman, Sarah talks about the meetings Barack Obama is having with the powerful multi-national corporations, and how that doesn’t help small businesses on main street, who are in big trouble.

The need for reform, ending crony capitalism, is front and center in this commentary:

Size matters when it comes to President Obama. Sarah Steelman talks about Obama’s meetings with business leaders under the guise that he’s reaching out and trying to repair relationships by asking for opinions on fiscal matters. However, all of the CEOs he’s contacting are from huge companies.

Steelman says that’s business as usual in Washington. Merely meeting with guys that already wield lots of power in DC won’t cut it. What about small businesses? Steelman says if We the People want real fiscal reform we must eliminate crony capitalism.

Steel ResolveSarahNET Radio’s weekly commentary featuring Sarah Steelman

Hear Steel Resolve each week on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla

Sarah Steelman was endorsed by Sarah Palin in her 2012 run for U.S. Senate in Missouri



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5 responses to “Steel Resolve with Sarah Steelman: Size Matters When it Comes to President Obama

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  2. I’m delighted that Sarah Steelman has the excellent forum (albeit not as big as we need, but, hey, it’s a start!) of Kevin Scholla’s weekly online radio program! She continues to show the mettle that Sarah Palin found worthy of endorsement earlier in the election season – and, if the elections gods are just, will continue to have in future!

    We simply canNOT continue to treat small – and I do mean SMALL! – businesses as if they were huge behemoth corporations! I wonder how many (or what percentage of) Americans realize that these small ($250K – $5M annual gross – or even net! – sales) businesses are really individuals filing individual returns and NOT corporate business returns?!? The “low intelligence” Dem/leftist voters (h/t Rush!) are, in large measure, simply clueless!!

    Thank you, Sarah Steelman, for continuing to speak out on these vital issues – I just know that many of these ideas will FINALLY stick in the more intelligent voters’ minds!

    • Gary P Jackson

      I absolutely love Sarah Steelman. She really gets it. Here’s the think, as it happens, the representative from her Missouri district is resigning to go to work as a CEO for a private company. Now I have no idea what she may or may not do, but a run for that open seat may be a possibility.

      IO really do enjoy Steel Resolve either way. Her commentary is always spot on. It’s no wonder she is one of Sarah Palin’s favorite.

      • From your lips/keyboard to God’s (and God’s emissary on Earth, Sarah Palin’s) ears!! That would be such a good result from an otherwise bad election in MO!! Although not a Senate seat, a solid House seat (and wouldn’t she have just as good – if not better! – a chance as anyone, esp. with Palin’s 2nd endorsement?) would be a win any way you look at it. AND it would keep Steelman’s name in the public eye! Go, Sarah Steelman, go!!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Yeah I hope this happens, for sure. We should know soon. Steelman is the real deal.

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