Great Stocking Stuffer Book for all Sports Fans: “Sarah Palin and the Wasilla Warriors”

Sarah Palin Wasilla Warriors

By Gary P Jackson

There have been numerous books written about Sarah Palin, including two written by the Governor herself, and one written by her dad and brother. While Sarah’s books are riveting, and Chuck Sr and Jr’s book delightful, fact is, most books on Sarah, are well, …. not. Most books are works of fiction designed to smear Sarah and her family, not provide the reader with facts.

Here’s a book that sorta slipped under slipped under the radar when it hit the bookshelves in February. It’s both riveting and delightful. With Sarah Palin and the Wasilla Warriors: The True Story of the Improbable 1982 Alaska State Basketball Championship sportswriter Mike Shropshire tells readers the incredible story of how Sarah Palin helped lead the underdog Wasilla Warriors basketball team to a state championship.

Long before the whole world knew Sarah Palin as “Momma Grizzly,” the handful of girls on her high school basketball team called their starting point guard Sarah “Barracuda” for the tenacious defense she played. Hers was the kind of determination that fit in well on a scrappy team from a small town where people were proud to call themselves Valley Trash and happy to take on the big-city schools to prove which team was really the best.

As beautiful as Alaska is, it’s also unforgiving. It’s a place where your first mistake may be your last. When the winter comes and the nights are long and the temperatures plunge, everyone starts looking for an escape. All across Alaska, those gyms—bright and warm—become a sanctuary not only for the players but for their isolated hometowns as well.

With Sarah Palin and the Wasilla Warriors, acclaimed sportswriter Mike Shropshire goes beyond Sarah Palin’s media profile to tell the incredible untold story of how she and a team of young women came together to overcome daunting odds as they battled their way to the Alaska state championship.

The book is filled with interviews from those who were there. Shropshire goes into great detail as he tells the story of all of the girls who made the championship happen. You see how a group of upstarts went against all odds to defeat the big dogs.

If you are looking for a fantastic read, a or stocking stuffer for someone who loves sports, Alaska, Sarah Palin, or any combination of them all, look no further. This is the ideal gift and Amazon has it at a great price!

In case you missed this at the time, ESPN interviewed Governor Palin about her championship season for it’s Outside the Lines series:

Mike Shropshire is a veteran journalist and the author of seven books, most recently the acclaimed title The Last Real Season. He has written for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Dallas Morning News, Playboy, and Sports Illustrated. Raised in Fort Worth, he now lives in Dallas, Texas.


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