Newtown Proves Americans Must Rise Up to Defeat Liberalism Once and For all

By Gary P Jackson

For me, a week of self-imposed rest and reflection came to an abrupt ending on Friday when a crazed kid murdered twenty-seven people, including twenty children, in Newtown, Connecticut.

Civilized human beings morn the dead, pray for their souls, and for the loved ones of those left behind. That’s what decent people do. But like all known evils, liberalism never sleeps, never takes a day [or a minute] off. Instead of morning the loss of so many innocents, liberals immediately saw this as an opportunity to further their radical anti-American agenda.

The Hollywood ghouls pounced followed by nimrods like David Frum and Piers Morgan. Twitter and Facebook exploded with liberals attacking Conservatives and calling for the banning of all guns. It was despicable.

Even more despicable has been the behavior of Barack Obama. Using the age old democrat party directive of never letting a crisis go to waste, the president and his henchmen immediately started to politicize the event. Obama himself feigned sorrow and shed a tear, while smiling to himself.

How anyone who supports such barbaric behavior as partial birth abortions, and opposed legislation, on multiple occasions, that would make it illegal to murder a child who survived a botched abortion attempt, can stand before the country, and pretend to care about children, any children, is beyond me.

Abortion, the slaughter of innocent children, is one of the pillars of the democrat platform. It’s the one thing liberals will go to war to protect. Anyone who supports the wholesale slaughter of children, nothing less than genocide really, doesn’t have the moral standing to talk about Newtown, or any other issue involving the safety of innocent children.

The fact is, it was liberalism, and the policies created by liberal politicians, that allowed Newtown to occur. From policies that overlook, or excuse those with deviant behavior, to nonsensical things like “gun free zones” liberalism makes it hard to stop crazies at every step.

We’ve all known this for some time, but it’s now very clear that we are at war in this country. The very existence of America, as we know and love it, stands in the balance. Liberalism is a cancer on all of humanity. It’s a vile, evil ideology, based on hatred, greed, and totalitarian rule. We can no longer deal with liberals as one would a civilized human being. We must deal with evil for what it is. One cannot defeat evil with timidity. We’ve tried that for 100 years and while we’ve been civil, liberalism has only tightened it’s stranglehold on the world.

As Americans we no longer have the luxury of sitting back while others fight the fight. All good and decent Americans must rise up to defeat liberalism once and for all. If not, America will be forever lost. That Shining City on a Hill will go dark forever.

America has always been the world’s last best hope. If America falls to the evils of liberalism, the entire world will fall. Civilization itself will slip away.

The time for action is now.



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4 responses to “Newtown Proves Americans Must Rise Up to Defeat Liberalism Once and For all

  1. AWC

    I find that most liberal Americans I have met believe what they believe because they are saturated with only one side of any issue. The politicians from both sides of the aisle control the information.

    The media breaks away from a press conference to report on the weather the moment someone asks about an armed citizen who might have lent a hand in ending a mall massacre. During the primaries, when Ron Paul won third place in one State, his headshot was a faceless gray silhouette labeled “OTHER” on your TV screen while the other two, RNC-Approved-For-Your-Consumption candidates had full-color identifiable headshots. News reports of guns used in self-defense are round filed before they make it through the door while grieving parents and students of those disarmed and defenseless by their liberal elitist “betters” are looped all day long, all week long, on CNN and MSNBC.

    This is an information war. This is an educational campaign. The more people hear by accident or design about the facts, the more confused they become. That thick steady stream of politically correct sweet syrupy lies American citizens guzzle down every day starts to sour in their stomachs and they begin the most evil occupation that all Liberals despise and fear…they begin asking questions.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Indeed it’s a war! It’s up to Americans to take our country back. Politicians, are very much part of the problem. So is the media. You notice few are talking about the shooting that was stopped in Oregon by an armed citizen on Friday.

      I’m at the point I’m ready to advocate for a new party. The GOP is proving spineless. They worked overtime to discourage Sarah Palin from running in 2012, and totally shut out the Tea Party. It’s Palin and the Tea party who are America’s future. It’s time we take the fight to the enemy.

  2. Hello my friend! I am here again to criticize. I know how intensely passionate this writer is about his politics. I also know, unlike me, that I am addressing an exceptionally good writer. I use far too many pronouns to be mentioned in the same sentence with this writer. However, there is one thing I do not know, and I worry. Why do you get so politically jacked up? Getting political at every opportunity does not make one any more conservative. Everyone is a human being first, and everything else comes next. Further, there is a time for everything.

    It would be far better if a writer of your calibre used his extraordinary writing talent to unite people rather than divide them. At the end of the day, politicians do not care a dam about us. All they care about is getting reelected so they can continue to ride the gravy train. Do you realize that some of the richest among us are members of Congress? Many of which went to Congress with little or no money at all. Then, how come have gotten so rich? Think about it?

    • Gary P Jackson

      America has been under assault from liberalism for over 100 years. In the past Americans have been far to passive and allowed this cancer among us to metastasize. Thanks to liberalism America has been destroyed bit by bit.

      Now we have violent union thugs attacking citizens who simply want the right to work without paying “tribute” to violent union thug bosses. There was incredible violence and destruction in the wake of Michigan’s new Right to Work law.

      Now in the aftermath of these shootings, many liberals, including celebrities, college professors, and other undesirables, are calling for the actual murder of anyone who wants to arm teachers or place armed security in schools, which common sense says is the right thing to do.

      At this point liberals are no longer part of the human race, as far as I’m concerned. They are nothing more than a violent sub-human culture of death and destruction. Their love of slaughtering innocent children in the womb, while pretending to care about events like those that happened in Newtown prove that.

      To the liberal, Newtown is nothing more than an opportunity. An opportunity to further destroy America.

      At this point you are either with us, or against us. Liberalism is not compatible with civilized society, and must be eradicated like any other infectious disease.

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