Latest Romney Revelation Has Me Incredibly Angry


By Gary P Jackson

Just before the Christmas break the Boston Globe published a lengthy postmortem on Mitt Romney’s massive failure as a presidential candidate. Between this, and the constant hand-wringing by Geniuses of the GOP™, I think we have beaten this dead horse to a pulp, but there was one thing that came out of this article that has me as angry as I have ever been over a politician.

Before we get to that, let’s step back in time to 2008. Like 2012, the Republican Party didn’t exactly put forth an all-star field of candidates for voters to choose from. In the end it came down to Mitt Romney, Corupt-o-crat Mike Huckabee, and John McCain. With McCain in the lead, and on a bit of a winning streak, Romney did the right thing and bowed out. Huckabee hung on a little longer, for no particular reason. McCain became the nominee.

As you know, McCain had been running his campaign on a shoestring, at one point he was flying commercial and carrying his own bags. Obviously, the situation improved. But McCain was short of campaign staff, so here comes Mitt Romney and his people to the rescue. All well and good, so far. McCain still had problems and was down in the polls until he picked his running mate, Governor Sarah Palin. It was after Sarah was chosen that things picked up, considerably. Massive crowds started showing up, volunteers showed up to man local GOP offices, and money came pouring in. McCain’s choice of Governor Palin was brilliant.

Dishonest media hacks have tried to sell the lie that Governor Palin cost McCain the election, something many in the GOP, especially those loyal to Mitt Romney, have parroted non-stop for the past four years. The fact is, After McCain chose the Governor, he took the lead against Obama for the first time. Something he would hold on to until the major financial collapse. For polling analysis click here and here.

Of course the reason McCain lost the lead, and never got it back, was due to the fact he “suspended” his campaign and went back to Washington. Now Obama went back as well, but didn’t suspend his campaign. Instead Obama used all of this to do what he does best: Grandstand. It was at that moment McCain lost the lead, and never recovered. McCain looked weak and indecisive compared to Obama. This was just one more instance in a long line of poor advice from McCain’s campaign chief Steve Schmidt, quite possibly the worst campaign guy in all of human history. McCain’s mishandling of the financial crisis, running around like a chicken with his head cut off, cost him the election.

This is where things turned nasty within the McCain campaign. It’s been well documented that those in the McCain campaign who were loyal to Mitt Romney, seeing the writing on the wall, started a campaign to discredit Sarah Palin.

Evidently, knowing McCain was going to lose, the decision was made to start working towards 2012, before the 2008 election was over.

These Romney sycophants pushed every bogus story that came out about Governor Palin, and made up a few themselves.

We know why Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace spread such malicious lies about the Governor, they were trying to save their own worthless reputations. What the Romney people did was just as despicable. They were hoping to harm Governor Palin’s reputation to the point she wouldn’t be a viable candidate in the future. All to pave the way for Mitt.

After the election, the difference between Governor Palin and her supporters, and the Romney loyalists couldn’t be more drastic. Governor Palin has worked hard to advance Conservative principles, and elect Conservative leaders around the country. The mid-term elections of 2010 were a perfect example of how serious the Governor and her supporters are about bringing real change to politics. Here”s the thing though, while Sarah and the Tea Party were working hard to find and elect Common Sense Conservatives, Romney’s people were sitting on the sidelines sniping at both Palin and the Tea Party.

The liberal wing of the Republican Party cannot stand Conservatives. They have always hated Conservatives. They hated Reagan and fought against him too. Instead of coming together and rejoicing in the victories of 2010, and acknowledging Governor Palin as the leader she is, the Romney folks were more interested in making sure their boy Mitt was the nominee in 2012. They knew that if Sarah Palin ran, Mitt had no chance whatsoever. As we came up to 2012, there was a palpable hostility between the Romney camp and anyone who supported Governor Palin.

There were several factors that contributed to Governor Palin’s decision not to run for President in 2012, but there is no doubt that the damage done by Romney’s crew played a significant role. Even though the last poll taken during the primaries [that included Sarah] showed she was far above anyone actually in the race, especially Romney, it was too late and the damage was done.

We will always wonder how different things would have been, had the Romney wing of the Republican Party acted like adults who cared about the country, instead of doing everything possible to knock out anyone who would challenge Mitt in 2012. Had Mitt Romney and his group of losers actually embraced Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, it’s hard to believe we’d be looking at four more years of hell, otherwise known as the Obama regime.

That brings us back to the article in the Globe. Tagg Romney, Mitt’s son, dropped a bombshell when interviewed. It seems Mitt didn’t even WANT to be President!

He wanted to be president less than anyone I’ve met in my life. He had no desire to . . . run,” said Tagg, who worked with his mother, Ann, to persuade his father to seek the presidency. “If he could have found someone else to take his place . . . he would have been ecstatic to step aside. He is a very private person who loves his family deeply and wants to be with them, but he has deep faith in God and he loves his country, but he doesn’t love the attention.

Read more here.

If he could have found someone else to take his place . . . he would have been ecstatic to step aside. If this is true, what Romney and his people have done is downright immoral.

Look, we had what was arguably the worst field of candidates to choose from since the GOP was formed, no doubt making Romney look like a winner in comparison, but this latest revelation makes me crazy! If Romney didn’t want the job, why did he allow himself to be talked into running? Romney was already highly dislike by the party base, no one trusted him. Why face all of that if you really don’t want the job? Mitt Romney has always been a liberal, and you simply can’t run a liberal Republican against a liberal democrat and expect to win. Yet here we are.

Instead of following his own instinct, Romney gave in and ran for office. That’s aggravating, for sure. Worse, he ran a pathetic campaign, and totally alienated the base of the party. Romney didn’t just fail to reach out to the Tea Party [which has as many angry democrats as it does Republicans and independents] he and his supporters were openly hostile to both the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. This cost Romney the election. That and his incoherent campaign.

I find myself very angry. Had Romney’s people not spent the four years leading up to the 2012 election trashing Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, we might be looking at a very different political landscape right now. Governor Sarah Palin is superior to Mitt Romney in every way. She is a woman with strong core principles and convictions.

As we look at the fiscal cliff, and looming disaster, I’m reminded that Governor Palin is far superior to Governor Romney [and every other Governor who ran for President in 2012] on fiscal issues, as Whitney Pitcher shows us here. Governor Palin’s long list of accomplishments in office dwarfs Romney’s in both number and substance. She would have not only been a superior candidate, but would have had the drive to have beaten Barack Obama. More importantly though, she would have made a magnificent President. Her record in office proves this.

This is why I am so angry. Romney allowed his people to spend four years trashing Governor Palin and the Tea Party. Instead of telling these people to lay off, he stood by and allowed it. Many of the numerous lies told about Sarah Palin have now been etched into the public’s mind. The amount of work that must be done to undo the treachery from Team Romney is massive. Work that shouldn’t be needed, and wouldn’t be needed if those on Team Romney were honorable people.

Though I’ve never been a Romney supporter, I’ve always tried to give the man a fair shake [and caught plenty of hell for it] but this tears it for me. It’s not just Mitt, or his sycophants, though, it’s the entire Republican Establishment™. These people are more worried about their own power than the nation as a whole. They aren’t about to relinquish that power to an outsider, even though that’s exactly what must be done. These are the same sort who fought Ronald Reagan tooth and nail. The sort who attacked him and spread lies about him. It’s not just Romney who is the problem, it’s the entire Republican Party.

All I know for sure is Governor Sarah Palin was dragged through the mud for a candidate that didn’t even want the job. This is despicable and inexcusable. All of America now suffers thanks to those who pushed Romney to run, and trashed those who really wanted to see a better America.

I for one, will never forget this.


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  1. I do not for a moment buy that Romney, his family or his close friends had any part in attacking Palin. As far as the sick control freaks from McCain’s campaign and those who infiltrated Romney’s campaign – that is a different story. Romney did not even want these people for his campaign – he had another choice to run his campaign who just was not available.
    I also believe that for 2012 Romney was the best candidate. He knows economics and business. Fiscally, he and Ryan were an incredible choice. He could have helped our economy in ways that no body else on the horizon can/could – but the idiots on the left and the morons on the right attacked everything about the man. They allowed themselves to be suckered in by the left’s propaganda tactics – buying into things hook, line and sinker. Add in the Paul-ites and we had a mess. Folks – it is called the drop method. Drip a little bit of information, let it ferment. They know the conspiracy theorists will grab hold and take off with the topics. Then drip a little more. And again. It is done all the time in business. It is done in the media/entertainment. It is also done in politics.
    I still encounter idiots who think by him winning the Mormons would take over the USA and do evil, un-Godly things. Stupidity is what it is. Their small minds tore down the one avenue to health for this country – why? They allowed themselves to be sucker punched by the left – Alinskyism at its finest.
    Romney is a gentleman and a business man. His kids and wife prove that – Fruit of the Tree. Was he the best choice in 2008 – the jury is out on that however he would have been far better than McCain the Sell-out.
    I adore Palin – and want to see her out front and winning battles. She is a force to reckon with and in my not so humble opinion – she is far more powerful in her role today than any POTUS or Congress critter.
    She is courageous, strong internally and she is a TRUE Patriot. She also has a good man by her side who is equally as intelligent, strong and patriotice. Her kids are good kids with great hearts – another example of fruit of the tree.

    • Gary P Jackson

      You can believe what you wish, but we have PROOF of the Romney clowns attacking Palin since BEFORE the 2008election was done. Where the hell do you think all of the lies against Palin from the McCain campaign came from?

      We’ve caught Romney;s people attacking Palin for years. Same goes for the pundits and assorted internet commenters. They hated Palin from the git go because she was a threat to Willard’s candidacy.

      As for Willard being “the best candidate” that’s nothing but hogwash. He was a HORRIBLE candidate, and looking at his record as Governor, would have been a lackluster president. Better than Obama, of course, but that’s a very low standard to meet.

      Everything about Romney and his people, they way they attacked Governor Palin is just despicable. All of those responsible need to be run out of politics forever. They are no good.

      And if Romney was a gentleman, as you suggest, he would have stopped his fan boys from trashing Governor Palin, instead of staying silent.

      • Jennifer Millerwise Dyck is one of the Romney supporters who was out early in 2009 attacking Sarah Palin on Fox News when Monica Crowley guest-hosted for Bill O’Reilly on The Factor. I was so angry, I wrote a piece about it for Canada Free Press. And there were many others in the Romney camp complicit in the Palin-bashing.

        Thanks for writing another excellent piece, Gary. You’ve summed up my feelings perfectly!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Thanks Daria!

        Jennifer Millerwise Dyck was one, so is Kevin Madden, one of Romney’s top people. Stacy exposed him yet again this year for what he is.

        It’s so sad to realize the Republican “elite” are much more interested in their own power than saving the Republic.

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  3. lidsamy

    to the best of my knowledge, Palin did not complete her term as gov, Romney did. I think Mitt is a lovely person and eminently qualified to be president, just unaccustomed to be asking for a job this hard. Great blog post!

    • Gary P Jackson

      If you had a clue you’d know WHY Palin didn’t complete her term as Governor. You’d also know that one thing Palin DID DO is fulfill every single campaign promise she made, and then some. In fact, far smarter people than I have pointed out that Palin got more done in her time as Governor than most politicians, including two term presidents, do in an entire career. That doesn’t include the incredible job she did creating a city during her two terms as Mayor of Wasilla, or what she did as Alaska’s top oil and gas regulator.

      I’m sure Mitt is an OK guy, but he was NOT qualified to be president, and if he REALLY didn’t want the job as his son Tagg says, had absolutely no business running. No one was enthusiastic about Romney, including Romney himself. He failed to inspire anyone, and now it’s obvious why.

      America got hosed because Mitt’s heart wasn’t in it, and he wasn’t the right person to face Obama. Worse than that, Mitt’;s people made damned sure they did all they could to STOP the one person who was.

      • It is stunning to me how many people still don’t understand that Sarah Palin was the target of a vicious, coordinated Alinsky-style attack with the goal of destroying her personally, politically and financially. How many times must we present the facts before it finally sinks in? Obama and his minions saw her as a threat and did their best to take her out — which ironically resulted in making her an even more formidable an opponent.

        And even with half a term she accomplished more than most governors do in a full term.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Oh yeah. Sarah actually completed all three legislative terms scheduled during her term as Governor. So it’s a stretch for those who call her a “half term quitter” to be taken seriously. Fact is, unless she had used her executive power as Governor to call a special session of the Alaska legislature, her term was over, except for the ceremonial part of the job.

        As you point out, Sarah got more accomplished than most politicians would in a lifetime. In fact, she made good on every single campaign promise to the Alaskan people, this in itself is amazing, as she had an incredibly aggressive agenda, from massive governmental reforms, to ACES and AGIA. Hell, just getting AGIA done, something others had tried and failed at for a generation, would have been fantastic.

        People that trash Sarah Palin are uneducated and incompetent.

        The only problem with Sarah Palin, besides she’s not already our President, is that we can’t clone her and fill all of our legislative bodies with many more exactly like her. America and the world would be much better if we could.

  4. Guy

    Worst crop ever…no…I don’t buy that. That is the author buying into the memes of the mainstream media.

    Cain and Santorum would have made fine Presidents, but the MSM, with the assistance of the GOP establishment (and the RINO Rick Perry’s minions) made sure that didn’t happen.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I liked Herman Cain, but certainly not for president. As for as Santorum, you don’t get any worse than that corrupt ESTABLISHMENT Republican. Santorum was Newt and Tom Delay’s bag man for all of the corrupt K-Street money. He’s a BIG Government Statist. Just because he could quote the bible doesn’t make him a desirable character. He was one of the worst of the worst.

      Perry is no RINO, just corrupt as hell.

      As for “buying into memes” Don’t think so pal, that’s one thing we DON’T do here.

  5. Gary and Anony
    Gary – I don’t know who that is above you there, but somebody whose last name is Powers comes to mind.
    The absolute and god-awful FINAGELING performed by the so-called “republican” operatives of the last 4 years is transperent. it is god-awful (how’s that for a Huckabee phrase), it is almost a class on how NOT to behave in public.
    The part that galls me is that these people think have any influnce in their owh party; that they “know” what the public “wants”; that they alone can decide what shimmer and what amount of polish to use to “capture” the publix eyes.
    I think that they were deathly afraid of Palin’s ability to reach out to the public
    They were angry when they realized that they did not have what she had
    They sought revenge and stoked fires against not only her, but onto regular Americans, and onto the Tea Partiers.
    Look what they have wrought, all for their owh vanity.
    It makes me more sad than angry, because they were too STUPID to know what they were doing or what the outcome would be.
    (Because if they KNEW we owe them more than what I can say in public)
    Palin on the other hand, has detailed descriptions of what this current administration represents, and what is IS, what it would (will) bring. as listed in her hundreds of FB notes and newspaper editorials and her books.
    AND she was more correct in her straight talk and phrasings than these “elite republican leaders and movers” have been.
    Her straight talk was what the publix needs NOW and from not only her but from DC in general.
    And that my friend is why they were so fundamentally afraid of her, of they they had to start to destory her. Because Washington DC and not the just politicians but ALL of it, is afraid to tell the truth or to deal with the truth.
    Most people are sick of that and have to deal with actual reality every day, in all aspects of their lives.
    People still crave someone like Sarah Palin, but she has been destroyed even before we you let me type this and for THAT I am truly saddened.
    I want to thank you Gary, for pointing out that the “establishment” republicans and their operatives just do not seem to give a damn about the actual VOTERS or the country as a whole.

    • Gary P Jackson

      If you think Sarah Palin is destroyed then you might as well crawl in a hole and give up now. Sarah Palin is FAR from destroyed. She’s still seen more favorable than any other Republican. She’s STILL the only one who not only fires up the base, but also appeals to true independents.

      Yeah the GOP sucks, and as far as I’m concerned can go the way of the Whigs, but Sarah Palin has a bright future, should she choose to pursue it.

  6. John Scotus

    The more that is coming out about Romney after the election, the more I think many people were right to say that he was nothing more than Obama-lite.
    Arguably, as hard as it is to take, we may be better off with Obama as president and a divided Congress. At least now we have gridlock. If Romney had become president and the GOP taken the Senate, would he now be pushing the same agenda as Obama, but with the knowledge that he had some GOP votes and that conservatives would have a difficult time opposing him? I cannot get over this thought.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I think Romney would have made a better president than Obama, that’s not even the issue. He was a poor candidate, and now we are finding out the many reasons why.

  7. Bart P

    I believe Romney and the rest of the Liberal wing of the Republican party worked against Governor Palin. Just look at the vicious campaign they ran against all Conservatives during the primaries. Newt, Bachmann, Santorum were smeared by Romney.
    It’s time to learn from the past. Join me in convincing Sarah Palin to run for President in 2016. Write to her. Let her know that we need and want her. I, for one, have a bumper sticker on my car that simply says, “Palin, President 2016”. It will stay there unless she tells me that she is not going to run. We need to work together to bring her and other Conservatives into power.

    • Gary P Jackson

      The entire GOP Establishment was against Governor Palin. This is the same sort who were strongly against Ronald Reagan as well.

      Newt did his own smear job on Romney, in fact, he used the hard left’s talking points against him. Of course, Newt is a liberal con man himself, so that came naturally. He and Santorum both are Big Government Statists, and crooks. Remember, Santo was Newt and Tom Delay’s bag man for their crooked K-Street deal. As for Backstabber Bachmann, she was actually working to help Romney. None of these people were worthy of the office they sought.

  8. timc

    Sarah has more character than all of DC combined. She tells the truth and makes decisions based on what is right for the Country, if we don’t make her President in 2016 we won’t have much left by 2020.

  9. Bobloblaw

    The reason the GOP didn’t put forth its best candidates in 2008 or 2012 is its best candidates know they can’t win. The party is ideologically and demographically out of step with the country. This is another moronic piece blaming Romney, when in fact Romney was a good candidate who got a higher percent of the white vote than all but 2 GOP candidates and even those only did so as incumbents. R

    • Gary P Jackson

      Romney was a horrible candidate who got less votes than McCain in 2008. Romney is a liberal Republican and a spineless one at that. You cannot beat a democrat with a liberal Republican. You cannot defeat evil with timidity.

      The GOP is well on it’s way to making itself irrelevant.

  10. This is very well written, Gary. Thank you.

    Personally, I think these statements by Tagg Romney are nothing more than an attempt to save face after losing the election by trying to cast Mitt as the reluctant candidate. I don’t see how anyone who didn’t want to be president would run for pretty much 6 years like he did. I think in some ways he may have felt that he needed to run to make up for his father’s loss.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks Whitney! I tend to agree with you. I always thought part of Romney’s desire to be President was to make up for dad’s loss. Who knows why Tagg said all of this, or if it’s 100% true. All I know is Romney’s people spent 4 years trying to destroy a good and honest leader, for no other reason than to advance Romney. Hard to forgive or forget.

  11. suzy000

    First of all, let me say that the Tea Party is alive and well. Why have they been quiet? Simply because they were not enthused with Romney and took the role of staying in the background. (It wasn’t hard to do since the Romney camp largely ignored them like at the Convention for instance) You know the old saying…if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Remember…Obama lost millions of voters in 2012, Romney just could not pull out the votes that McCain did in 08 due to his lackluster appeal to his base. It was so true when they said this was Romney’s election to lose. Moving on to 2016. Palin against Clinton Sarah can get down and scruffy if she has to and using Benghazi along with all the other UN concessions State is making will hurt Hillary’s image. Americans are basically nationalists and showing Hillary’s true side of relinquishing the second amendment to the UN, Agenda 21, refusing to allow the pipeline, hardness towards the Israelis and one of America’s pet peeves…giving all of our hard earned tax dollars to people that HATE us. (I can already see those campaign ads on TV devastating Hillary) This would be a win-win for Sarah. Sarah is a fighter…no one can accuse her of not being for the middle class…she is the poster child for the middle class whereas the Clintons have rubbed elbows with the rich and famous for the last 25 years. ( I see another ad here) I have no doubt that Hillary’s reign as S.o S. will be her undoing. Americans will be battered and bruised from the eight year rule of Liberals…they will be yearning for a true Conservative. With Sarah running for President….the Tea Party will explode onto the election scene like we have never seen before. What Sarah did for McCain’s campaign, she can do for her own 10 times over…watch her ignite the nation. But we need Sarah to make this all happen.

    • My heart skipped a beat with even the PERCEIVED suggestion of a Palin/Clinton face-off in 2016!! Palin would finally put that lyin’ has-been, ego-driven Alinskyite out to pasture once & for all!! And, don’t forget, HRC’s speaking voice sometimes makes Palin sound like a drama school graduate (for those who complain about that sort of superficial characteristic…). Yes, just the word, “Benghazi,” would have multiple times the power of “Watergate!!”

      • Gary P Jackson

        I’m not sure Clinton will make it to 2016, but that would be an incredible fight indeed. It will take a powerful leader, like Sarah, to get things done.

        Let me change that. It will take Sarah, period.

  12. Magdalene

    IIRC, you were right out there pushing him with the rest of them.

  13. Ummm…Tagg is quite ignorant if he thinks that we believe this latest BS. Having studied people for thirty plus years, Romney most assuredly wanted to be president, his massive ego, (one that most politicians need) wanted it and it was that same ego that allowed for his campaign to be so stupid. I can see it being blamed on the “staff” that he “didn’t” want, but I don’t see it that way. His ego ran that crappy campaign right into Obama’s lap.

    I can understand why people think his business experience could be an asset to “fix” our country, however, his business success, and all others, was and is completely dependent on all of the underlings/employees actually buying into what it is the CEO wants for the company, feeling and believing in their “Mission and Vision” for the company. They have to be on board with what is going on in order to push a company to success. That is by no means what he, or anyone else, would get in the way our political system is run. No Way…it does not work that way, it is 110% partisan.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Romney is a very successful business leader and was able to motivate employees quite well. He also turned around the corrupt Salt Lake City Olympics. That said, his record as Governor was nothing to write home about.

      A good businessman CAN be a good politician, and a good politician can be a good businessman, but one doesn’t always guarantee the other.

      This isn’t really as much about Mitt as it is those around him that did his bidding, though he certainly didn’t stop them. Mitt surrounded himself with some very bad people.

  14. Fabulous post, Gary – and I’m with you 100 percent! Yes, Palin was damaged enough to step out of the 2012 race, but the future demands thinking outside the box now. The Conservative/Tea Party Movement needs to be rebooted BIG TIME!!

    And it’s obvious, too, what that tired old group of RINOs & GOPe are up to: They’re now promoting Rubio almost as surely as they promoted Mittens and, before him, McCain. They will circle the wagons, Rubio will say all the right RINO things (and only throw in a little Conservative “lingo,” as Rush would say, to make it sound interesting/plausible).

    Thinking & leadership OUTSIDE the box is what’s desperately needed now – and somehow I have faith that Palin will find just the right vehicle between now and 2014 to promote Conservativism ABOVE the noise of the LSM and the failed GOPe! There are only a few in her league (most of whom she has endorsed in the past) with this ability; and, IMHO, if she doesn’t give it her all, who will? And the chance to sink the RINOs once & for all (as in Whigs and other political parties that are DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!) may be lost for more than another election cycle (and, even sadder for me personally!), in my own lifetime!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks Joy.

      You know, I’ve always treated Romney fairly, but this deal really angers me. The amount of grief Romney and his people caused the Conservative movement must never be forgotten or forgiven.

  15. Isabel Matos

    I am proud this article was posted. This was disgraceful display of a batant disregard on Romney’s part for our time and ernest desire to win the election in 2012, one in which the stakes were high.

    Not only did he string us along, if this indeed was true (I happen to think it was done to save face), but he owes an apology to the Tea Party who he dissed throughout the year and who supported him against our wishes.

    Leaders take responsibility for their actions and don’t make excuses for failures. If GOP voters make excuses for him, they are only kidding themselves. Wake UP, GOP voters!!

  16. Thank you Gary for this post. I too was irate over what Tagg said about his father. All of us who support Sarah have seen this over the past 4 years of the contempt they have for her. Romney was my last choice but i was his cheerleader up until election day. Even though i know how they felt about Sarah i still voted for him.Thanks Mitt!!! 😦

    • Gary P Jackson

      I appreciate that!

      I too supported Romney as the nominee. I mean what was the choice? Sadly those of us who wanted to just oust Obama, THEN worry about the rest, caught hell from radicals who would rather have Satan himself than Romney. This of course was idiotic, but enough people felt that way Romney lost.

  17. While I’ll admit I grew to like Romney more than I ever thought I could during the campaign and that he certainly would have been a better choice than Obama, I share Gary’s anger.

    I am angry that conservatives are treated like know-nothing yahoos by the Republican Party, then expected to coalesce around the “next in line” candidate because we can only win with a wishy-washy moderate, not an uncompromising Constitutional conservative. Well, how’s that been working out for us so far? Gerald Ford, HW Bush in 1992, Bob Dole in 1996, John McCain in 2008 and now Mitt Romney “Mr. Electable” in 2012.

    With the biggest obstacle to our economic and medical health looming large with hefty tax increases, rationed care and onerous job-killing regulations, turns out it wasn’t such a great idea to run a guy who couldn’t credibly challenge Obamacare. Romney and Obama even shared the same advisor to craft their respective socialized medicine legislation. So we ceded one of the most vital campaign issues because our intellectual superiors in the GOP told us Romney was the only one who could win.

    I suspect many conservatives were as furious as I that Palin was snubbed by the RNC and denied any kind of speaking slot while the big-mouthed, egomaniacal RINO from New Jersey was given the keynote. Which of course, was all about him, as was his nauseating fawning photo-opp with Obama after Hurricane Sandy. Not to mention his appointment of a radical Muslim to the NJ Supreme Court, belief in manmade global warming, support for cap and trade, gun control and other anti-Constitutional measures.

    If only Mitt Romney had the stones to go after Obama with the same unbridled passion with which he slammed his primary opponents. Sarah Palin has provided numerous examples of how to take the fight to the enemy effectively; too bad Mitt doesn’t half an ounce of her courage and resolve.

    That said, I agree with the assessment that Tagg is just trying to portray his father as a nice guy who didn’t want to run for president for the perks, but did so because he felt the country needed him. In the final days before the election when it appeared he could actually win, Mitt certainly looked happy about the prospect of becoming president.

  18. Keith Lange

    Gary, I think that a factor in the Romneyistas (and the GOP-E) treatment of Sarah was basically personal prejudice. After all, if you look at them, what do you see? A bunch of Ivy League coastal elite types, I’d wager. While Sarah is nothing of the sort. When she was named McCain’s VP choice, they were probably scandalized. They no doubt felt that she was not “one of us”. Such pettyness, I fear, is not only not good for the GOP, its not good for the country as well

    • Gary P Jackson

      Oh you hit that on the head!

      These are the same sort that attacked Reagan. It was the Republican elite that called Reagan an “amiable dunce.” It was liberal Republicans who thought Reagan would start WWIII with the Soviets.

      As big of an enemy to all of mankind liberal democrats are, liberal Republicans are a close second.

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  20. Larry

    I can’t believe what I’m reading here…

    McCain didn’t lose it. Palin didn’t lose it. Romney didn’t lose it, Ryan didn’t lose it.

    Republicans lost it. Twice in a row America rejected the republican message and ideology. You could run Reagan from the dead and he would still lose. Read the polls – it’s the issues not the candidates.

    • Gary P Jackson

      You must be joking! Reagan would win today in the same kind of landslides he did in the 1980s.

      The issues we face today are no different than the ones Ronnie faced. BUT, you have to have someone who is credible, and has the right answers. Romney had no clue, and was as uninspiring of a candidate that ever attempted a run.

      Conservatism works every time it’s tried, and conservatives, REAL conservatives, WIN every time they run for president.

      • Larry

        Yeah, you’re absolutely right. Americans believe that conservatism works every time! Except that they don’t and it doesn’t –

        I don’t deny that _real_ conservatives have a better track record than feckless…

        If we hadn’t spent the past 8 years with W – Perhaps McCain might have had a chance. But it was a ‘change’ election. You could have run Reagan against (insert random democrat here) and probably lost in 2008.

        In 2016 it is likely that (insert random republican here) will win against whomever the democrats run. It will be a ‘change’ election. But a bit of advice, don’t buy into your whole Palin worship. The rest of the country thinks she is a joke.

      • Gary P Jackson

        How completely and totally uninformed you are. One of the most ignorant liberals we’ve seen in at least a day.

        Not sure who made up your little chart, but it’s complete bullshit, much like most of your commentary.

        Though one can look back to the massive damage caused during LBJ’s time in office, as well as liberal Richard Nixon, Jimmy carter was a 100% disaster. It was Reagan’s Conservatism that led to the longest period of economic growth in our nation’s history. That lasted until the end of the Clinton fiasco.

        Of course, we are still dealing with many of the great evils Carter visited on America during his 4 year reign of incompetence and liberal nonsense.

        During Clinton’s days, we had the dot com bubble burst, massive fraud like Enron, and the worst, Clinton’s passing on killing Bin Laden not once, not twice, but three friggin’ times! That lead to 9/11 which was not just a horrific blow to our country’s psyche, but one of the worst economic disasters in our nation’s history.

        That said, Bush, who was no Conservative, managed to maintain solid economic growth and an unemployment rate half of what Communist Obama has now.

        Socialism, Communism, liberalism, whatever you wish to call this particular brand of evil, always fails. It’s failed world wide throughout history. It’s a diseased ideology that has led to the murder of over 100 million people by those who practice it.

        Lenin, Stalin,Mussolini, Hitler, Castro, Chavez, Obama. All evil men cut from the same liberal cloth. All men who have destroyed the societies they sought to rule.

        As for Sarah Palin, she was the nation’s best Governor, and a solid Conservative leader. She knows how to actually GROW an economy and create jobs. Something she did as both Mayor of Wasilla and Governor of Alaska.

        Palin took Wasilla, a dirt road town, and turned it into the fastest growing city in Alaska, and the trading hub for the entire Mat-Su Valley, an area roughly the size of the state of Delaware. A couple of years ago the current Mayor of Wasilla noted the town of 7500 sees around 50,000 shoppers come to town every week. He gives Palin 100% of the credit for this.

        No other governor in the country matched Governor Palin’s record on fiscal issues, job growth, or any other measure one measures a Governor by. While Obama was destroying America’s pristine AAA credit rating, Governor Palin’s sound fiscal management saw Alaska awarded AAA status for the first time. She was the ONLY Governor in the nation to actually reduce her state’s liabilities while keeping a stranglehold on debt. She brought about massive entitlement reform and saved the pensions of Alaskan workers. All the states run by liberals are bankrupt! As is America, itself.

        If all of that makes America’s Governor a “joke” I hope like hell that “joke” is in the White House come January 2017 because we need a “joke” to clean up all of the evil done by Obama and liberalism.

      • Glad you responded so firmly and sensibly to that idiot Larry, Gary – Lordee! Yet another example of those mental midgets (“low intellligence voters,” acc. to Rush!) who swallowed the whole Palin crapola hook, line & sinker w/o knowing or understanding a word of truth! The Libs never actually considered her “a joke” – it was more of a THREAT that drove them to THEIR onslaught of lies & distortions! Plus, under the direction of Team Obama in the WH, the campaign was on to destroy her – and many of us followed some of the money-bagmen who funded the dirty campaigns (primarily in AK).

        Well, as many of us firmly believe, their victories will be short-lived and their “destruction” actually made her stronger. But her resurrection will e a long & hard-fought battle; but this time, the Left
        has pretty much used all the arrows in their nasty quivvers, so they’re going to have to come up with NEW stuff that doesn’t nor never did exist!!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Liberals are not very intelligent beings. No one with a brain would follow such an evil ideology, unless of course, they were pure evil themselves.

  21. Damian Andrews

    Let’s go ahead and make a list of the big names who are involved in this farce, and see if there’s a way to make them pay for what they have done:

    Steve Schmidt
    Nicolle Wallace
    Jennifer Dyck
    Kevin Madden

    That’s who we got so far. Who is left?

  22. Larry

    Gary doesn’t like people to reply to his nonsensical rants. He believes that President Obama is the same as Adolph Hitler? Seriously? Show me proof of the concentration camps and rounded up wingnuts.

    • Gary P Jackson

      We don’t have to have concentration camps for Obama to be just like Hitler and every other despot that ever tried to enslave a people. I’d tell you to go read a few history books, but somehow I doubt you’d grasp the information.

      BTW, Obama’s best buddies, who wanted to overthrow the government, were ALL ABOUT setting up death camps here in America. They were ready to murder 25 MILLION of their fellow Americans who they knew would never except the socialist agenda. Why do you think Obama and his ilk are so desperate to disarm the American people?

      This is who and what liberals are. Pure goddamned evil!

    • Hitler didn’t start out with concentration camps and mass murder, genuis, but his long-term plans had a lot of that in mind (check out Mein Kempt). Right now, the leading Libturd Loons are all in for Agenda 21 and control of the world, including bringing down the world population to a so-called “manageable” fraction of what it is now. They are control freaks in the extreme, and NOTHING is off the table when it comes to their insane ideas of socialist paradise (an oxymoron, if ever there was one!!). Individual freedom & opportunity for risk & reward, among other basic ideals of the true Conservative, are totally alien to Ovomit and his ilk – including his several major mentors, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayres and Jeremiah Wright, three totally dispicable people whose influence has been deadly for this country and the skinny commie who defiles the People’s House in DC.

  23. Pingback: Counterpoint: Klenman on Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and the GOP “Elite” | A Time For Choosing

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