Burge: Brits 5 Times More Likely to Die From Government Run Health Care than Americans from Gunshots


By Gary P Jackson

A recent tweet from Iowahawk not only puts all of the idiotic hand-wringing by liberals over guns in America into perspective, but reminds us all of the evil about to be visited upon all Americans via ObamaCare.

Happy New Year America!

Basic errors killing 1000 NHS patients a month a study has revealed

The largest and most detailed survey into hospital deaths has revealed that almost 12,000 patients are needlessly dying every year as a result of poor patient care.

The researchers from The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine based the study on 1,000 deaths at 10 NHS trusts during 2009. The study revealed that basic errors were made in more than one in 10 cases, leading to 5.2% of deaths, which was the equivalent of nearly 12,000 preventable deaths in hospitals in England every year.

The research published in the British Medical Journal’s Quality and Safety publication found that errors occurred when hospital staff made an incorrect diagnosis, prescribed the wrong drugs, failed to monitor a patient’s condition or react when a patient deteriorated. Errors in omission were more frequent than active mistakes.

The majority of patients who died were elderly suffering with multiple health conditions, but the study found that some patients whose deaths were preventable were aged in their 30s and 40s.

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3 responses to “Burge: Brits 5 Times More Likely to Die From Government Run Health Care than Americans from Gunshots

  1. While deaths from medical errors and gun violence are both serious matters to examine, the comparison made by Iowahawk is a clumsy kind of “kinda-sorta” contrast between unrelated issues. It would make a lot more sense to compare the rate of deaths from medical errors here to those in the UK. Likewise, you compare their rate of gun deaths to ours, and try to discover the reasons why.

    • Gary P Jackson

      No it’s a perfect comparison. Liberals are going nuts over gun violence, when in fact, the government is a far more efficient killer.

      Also, it’s hard to compare government run health care vs the far superior market driven system here in the US. However, once ObamaCare kicks in, we’ll see just how evil government run health care is, firsthand.

      Death Panels aren’t just for Brits anymore!

      Wise up.

  2. genomega1

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Burge: Brits 5 Times More Likely to Die From Government Run Health Care than Americans from Gunshots

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