Chuck Heath Jr. [Sarah Palin’s Brother]: Time for a New “American Party”


By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin’s brother, Chuck Jr. has posted on Facebook what many of us are thinking. While he doesn’t suggest Sarah as the party leader, or future presidential candidate, he certainly lays out the case for her, as he describes the reasons liberals in both parties hate her!

This is an issue that I’ve been mulling over for quite a while. I wrote more about the way I’d set this up, but I wanted to get some of your feedback first. Let me know what you think.

Enough is Enough: Has the Third Party’s Time Come?

We’ve lost our way. The American political system is a mess. The divisiveness between Republicans and Democrats seems insurmountable and it’s getting worse every day. I could get into the reasons that this is happening, but I doubt that would change a thing.

It is very painful for me to see this country literally becoming unraveled at the seams… especially when I look at my own children’s future. I’ve watched friends and even family members break ties over political differences. I have watched good, smart people enter politics and seen them change for the worse over the years as they’ve become part of the political machine.

Political seniority often leads to leadership positions but has nothing to do with performance. Casting a favorable vote for something you may not even believe in, just to gain a committee chair or for some other future favor, is rampant in politics.

It’s a very dirty game and it’s the reason so many really talented people never get involved in it. It’s also the reason my sister Sarah Palin, has been so viciously attacked over the years. She refused to “play the game”. She has always stuck to her principles and because of that, she is viewed as a threat. I’ve watched people in both major parties do everything they can to demean and destroy her. And all for what… for trying to limit the size of government? For asking all of us to do our share? For insisting we spend less than we take in? For ending crony capitalism? For going above and beyond to support our military? For utilizing our natural resources in a responsible way? For praying? The list goes on.

Let’s face it. As it stands now, it’s impossible to be elected to a high national office without being a part of the Republican or Democratic Party. I propose that the disgruntled citizens of the United States… Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians… persons of every race, religion, economic status, and whoever else is interested, join together and form a new party. I’d simply call it, the American Party.

The American Party sure has a nice ring to it. It’s exactly what we need!



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2 responses to “Chuck Heath Jr. [Sarah Palin’s Brother]: Time for a New “American Party”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Gary – and thank YOU, Chuck Heath, Jr., for writing this from both your head and your heart! So many millions agree that this Republicrat-Democan stalemate and standoff can’t go on any longer if we expect even a teeny amount of change for the good in national politics to come about!!

    By coincidence, Michael Savage, the Conservative radio talk show host (who annoys as many people as he inspires!) has just proposed just such a third party, but he’s calling his idea, “The Nationalist Party.” Of course, some on the left are snickering that that sounds a bit too much like the National Socialist Party (Nazi) of Germany in the 30s & 40s (not really understanding what “nationalism” means!. But my eternal beef with Savage is that back when Palin was contemplating a run for POTUS and was very much in the news, he took several snarky pot-shots at her – which only revealed his small mind and mean spirit, to say nothing of his basic ignorance of the American people. He’s always been an egoistic iconoclast with an academic bent and a need to tell everyone how smart he is (a legend in his own mind is more like it!)

    I can think of no one better or more qualified with more smarts & charisma than Sarah Palin to tackle such a job as to sow the seeds of a third – and patriotic – party, the well-named American Party!

    Go for it, Sarah – you’ll find a LOT of folks eager to join you in what may prove to be at least a generational effort!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yeah “Nationalist Party” sounds too much like the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or National Socialist German Workers’ Party. We already have a National Socialist American Workers’ Party, AKA the democrat party! Or Neo-Nazi Party, if you prefer.

      I’ve never spend much time with Savage, but the stuff I have heard him say leads me to believe he needs to find another line of work. Too much of a bomb thrower.

      Chuck Jr is on the right track. I hope this gets some traction!

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