Counterpoint: Klenman on Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and the GOP “Elite”


By Gary P Jackson

Recently I wrote about Tagg’s Romney’s assertion that his father, Mitt Romney never actually wanted to be President, and would have “gladly stepped aside” had someone stepped up. In that piece I expressed my complete disgust at Mitt Romney and his henchmen who have been trashing Sarah Palin for over 4 years now, and continue to this day.

I’m still completely angered that Romney allowed his people to spread hate and lies about Governor Palin, all in an effort to clear the field for Mitt, and yet, Mitt didn’t have his heart in the campaign at all. Frankly I can’t print some of my feelings, as I would violate my own policy of not allowing excessive profanity on our pages!

As you can imagine, the article stirred up a lot of emotions from both Palin supporters and Romney sycophants. Some claiming Mitt could do no wrong, and others recalling the many times Mitt’s crew actively slandered Governor Palin.

Reading the comments, our resident political scholar Norman Klenman weighed in from the Great White North. Below is his commentary.

By Norman Klenman

While I do not deny that a vile mean stupid attack on Palin existed, and may have taken a toll according to the observations of many wise conservatives, I personally discount that reading. Because while it may look to many that Palin was “driven” from the field, she actually commanded the high ground the entire time and acted herself, and was not, essentially, acted upon.

I admit this view is contentious, but to support it is to undervalue Ms Palin’s enormous strength, value and position. She could indeed have entered the fray had she so wished. But with her instinctive vision she realized that this was not her day. It was not her time. The great shapes of the national contention were not aligned, yet, for the massive change in the nations’ political stance which her candidacy would have challenged.

Sarah Palin could have entered, and won, but would have not led a unified party toward the changes which the national strategy demanded in 2012.

With superior vision she recognized this, and chose to withdraw to the sidelines and let the fates unroll as they would.

For example: a unified party would not have so stupidly permitted the CNN debate to encourage inferior candidates to publicly destroy each other and in the event, their pary. Ms Palin would not lend herself to so unstrategic a usage. Anyone could have forseen that this foolish competition would simply destroy an already tenuous Republican party, to the sole advantage of the Democrats.

The remarkable truth which eventually emerged was the rise as an unexpected competitive force – Mitt Romney – who put up a spirited fight from the most unlikely beginnings, and indeed won almost exactly half of the American voters against an incumbent, with all the strength of the incumbency, and the overwhelming support of the national communications network (less the half dozen independent media voices for him).

Romney, though an unlikely candidate, brandishing a weak support team, showed decency, strength, and conservative ideals and even the promise of the conservative program for the nation. Republicans should not feast on the dead liver the campaign became. Instead, they should at last recognize the strength, intelligence, effulgent promise of the phenomenal candidate they are blessed to have, Sarah Palin.

The new campaign should begin now, and should be directed by herself and her own chosen staff, with full and generous party support. The campaign should begin now. Single, singular, convinced, its direction urged forward like an arrow in flight, brooking no distractions from within. The enemy without is the target.

Go for the heart of the system which threatens American exceptionalism. Without regret, without delay.
You already have your leader. Sarah Palin.


I tend to agree with Norman, that Sarah looked at the landscape in 2012 and saw it just wasn’t her time.

It’s hard to read the Governor at times, far too many try to parse her every word, looking for hidden meanings, but I do know that Sarah is a student of Ronald Reagan, and in hindsight, when Reagan ran for President in 1972, and even 1976, the nation simply wasn’t ready for him. It took the catastrophic Carter presidency for Americans to fully embrace Reagan’s common sense Conservative message.

Americans, evidently, are not as smart as they used to be, and signed up for another four years of the worst, most dangerous occupant of the Oval Office in our nation’s history.

Who knows what Sarah will do, but I hope she is looking long and hard at 2016, because looking at the slugs the Geniuses of the GOP™ are already pushing on us, we are in big trouble!


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13 responses to “Counterpoint: Klenman on Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and the GOP “Elite”

  1. Freempg

    I will never believe Romney did not want the job. He ran for it twice. Tagg made the comment about Mitt not wanting it in 2006, which was a lie back then as it is now. No one dumps $42.3 million of his own money into a campaign that he or she does not want to win unless it is fully re-imbursed plus a massive profit — which one cannot fully discount knowing the GOPe and Romney’s offshore holdings. But still …

    Romney spent a total of $97 million in 2008 which, doing the arithmetic, is $54.7 million of other people’s (GOPe’s) money. I suppose one can claim Romney’s run in 2012 was an effort to recoup the money he and the GOPe squandered in 2008 against the media’s flacid candidate McCain and that supping from Romney’s pay-go presidential trough would be so profitable they quintupled down this time around.

    • Gary P Jackson

      John McCain, for all his flaws, was a far better candidate than Mitt Romney, and got more votes, though most of that was due to his brilliant choice for a running mate. Also Palin brought in record numbers of donations after she was chosen.

      Hard to know what to believe. Maybe Tagg is just trying [poorly] to make excuses for Romney’s pathetic campaign. It’s pretty embarrassing that Romney couldn’t defeat the worst president in United State’s history.

      Many of us where very unhappy with the useless swine that ran McCain’s campaign in 2008 i.e. Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace, but those two look like brain surgeons compared to the clowns running Willard’s campaign.

      • Carol Cumbie

        Romney had some of the same group from McCains camp. They all came from the Bush camp. I believe they were trying to clear the path for Jeb. Madden one of Romney’s operatives threw a dirty dig at Palin every chance he got. When the McCain camp went and bought all those clothes for Palin before she got there actually Wallace was the one that did the shopping for the clothes and took most of the tags off because she knew Sarah would not have anything to do with the expense cloths. Madden was the one on CNN talking Sarah expensive taste in clothes and how expensive she was for the republican party. Right after Nicole bought the cloths. Madden ended up with the Romney camp. Romney kept him even after Sarah had warned him about Madden. Sarah could have been the leader of the republicans but she would have to do what they told her to do. She was not going to be a puppet for anyone. What happened at the Republican convention it makes me believethat Romney was working for Obama. He never should have had been the leader after the convention. It was bad enough what they did in the primary then to only allow certain republicans into the convention. When it was going on I thought something had to be wrong. ReaIly I don’t believe it is not just the democrats stopping the republicans from winning. The elitet republican believe they above anyone.else their own little group. They act more like democrates than the republicans they care only about themselves.They need to care about the people they represent since that is why they went to Washington.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Indeed. What happened is McCain had a small staff during the primaries, after he won, Romney’s people came to “help”. Things were OK, until they realized McCain was going to lose, then Madden, and the rest started attacking Governor Plain in order to pave the way for Romney in 2012.

        Wallace bought the clothes for Governor Palin, but it was a local GOP supporter from Minnesota, a friend of Norman Coleman, who paid for them. His name escapes me at the moment though.

  2. Yes, I believe we are in big trouble and I am starting to believe in conspiracies!!

  3. Christopher Christine.

    “Almost exactly half of the American voters” In what universe is 61 million “amost exactly half” of 127 million? He lost by five million votes, and 4% – that is not “almost” that is “not close.”

    And Didnt FOX – the largest, most watched cable network – suuport Romney? I would not call FOX one of a “half dozen independent media voices.” There were literally HUNDREDs “independent media voices” supporting Romney – Daily Caller Townhall Rightscoop Redstate Free Republic HotAir Ace of Spades Race42012 the Blaze etc that supported Romney.

    Other than your flawed premise, though, great article.

  4. Bart P

    We need a Palin/Levin ticket. Period! Third party our a Republican party where Rinos will step aside.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Not sure Levin would take the pay cut or loss of power though! That would be a fun ticket to support!

      I’d love to see a Palin-West or possibly Palin-Walker. Two Governors on one ticket would be pretty damned strong.

  5. Isabel Matos

    That is wonderfully written, especially the ending!

    I wish I could feel as positive about what is to happen. The reality is Sarah Palin will probably make everything better all day, but until then..

    I just feel compelled to mention that this election was never about Romney or Sarah, or any of the other candidates, but about the pernicious and deliberate attempt to shut out the voices of the people and the Tea Party led by Sarah Palin. 2012 was the year of the GOP against We-the-People.

    Romney’s decency and Sarah’s immaculate timing had nothing to do with any of it. Sarah was “put in her place early on, Romney would be the GOP nominee, and he would lose. That was the intended outcome the whole time. Now we are seeing how the next in line is being pushed in the same way.

    If Sarah Palin announced she was running for President tomorrow, those same forces in this party, “our” Party ~ the Republican Party of the Bushes since 1988 ~ will do everything in their power to destroy her and us again.
    The family has too much invested in a third Bush presidency, Jeb 2016.

    I am not writing this to be disagreeable. It’s just that every time someone writes about this election without mentioning what was done to the people, I feel the need to expose the truth and continue raising awareneness about how the GOP has been and always will be a thorn on our side.

    The GOP leadership will never reach out to us to make unity possible in our party. They would rather go down in flames keeping us out. This year it was proven.

    Rosy scenarios tend to make me feel more unsettled because this is about having the truth come out and seeing justice done. I would rather not get my hopes high and feel disappointed again. Voters are so tired of false hopes.

    This was a very thought-provoking article. I apologize for pointing out what I saw as being overlooked, because I agree with almost everything you said.

  6. Christopher Fromme

    Gov Palin is the 21st Century version of Ronald Reagan who won the support of Blue-dog Democrats, Palin has strong support not only from conservatives, but also from independents and many former Democrats. Her appeal is so broad and strong, that both establishment Democrats and Republicans are threatened by her potential ability to draw voters away from their core constituencies.
    So the question for all the wizards of smart is do you want someone that can beat anyone that the Democrats run in 2016 Including Hillary Clinton. Or do you want to watch America be flushed away. After the historic wins in 2010 that was due to the grassroots Tea Party with leadership on many fronts by Sarah Palin we were told thanks for the help but sit down and shut up. Time to take hold of the conservative movement and retire Karl Rove & Co.

  7. I’m in total sync with the Jackson/Klenman portrait of Palin, the GOPe and the bleak horizon before us. There’s no question that Palin is the ONE leader we could count on to lead us in the Right direction – and it still might not be the time for her to run in 2016. But this time

    I’d suggest that she now beat the drum LOUDLY for the Conservative Cause, then seeks out, supports & endorses outstanding Conservative/Tea party/Libertarian candidates (primarily for Governorships and Congresss [House & Senate]). Lively and principles-based primary & general election cycles in 2014 and 2016 will solidify her undeniable leadership. And eager-beavers – such as Rubio, Christie and Bush (Jeb) – can just run to their heart’s content; this time, we’d be wise to work hard at the seconary level and let the same old fools fail once again. We can see that no matter WHO we elect to the GOP ticket, he/she will only be a pale version of a socialist Demonkrap – and the urgent, vital, relentless reform that’s needed in DC will absolutely NEVER happen until Conservatives control Congress!!

    I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t want someone as special & precious as Sarah Palin to be thrown into the nasty mixmaster that’s national politics, losing political capital and too damn much money – at least not in the near future. But I’m sure that Lady Sarah is her usual 10 steps ahead of everyone else as she mulls over this very problem…

    • Gary P Jackson

      I have a feeling if she gets involved she will go “all in” and that will be that. She will take down all of these worthless establishment GOP hacks. Right now the left is pushing losers like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Far too many will fall for it though, so it will take an extraordinary woman to get past that.

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