Twelve Representatives Who Deserve Our Thanks and Recognition (I of II)

Justin Amash

Justin AMASH, Representative from Michigan, 3rd District

Representative Amash was a Member of the House Budget Committee with a 100% FreedomWorks Lifetime Rating. He was one of the four fiscal conservatives purged by John Boehner on December 3rd. He posted on his Facebook wall recently that he was proud to vote for Congressman Raul R. Labrador (who abstained from voting for Speaker of the House of Representatives), citing that Raúl would defend liberty and work honestly with Democrats on debt reduction. “We must act now for the sake of our next generation.” He gets it.  It’s about Sacrifice.

Here are his Facebook and Twitter links (I have already thanked him):

 Jim Bridenstein

Jim BRIDENSTEIN, Representative from Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1st District

Jim Bridenstine said he voted against speaker John Boehner and for Eric Cantor because he believed the party needed new leaders.

Lieutenant Commander Jim Bridenstine was recently sworn in as a new member of the 113th Congress.  He is a veteran combat pilot who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He promised when he ran his campaign that he would stand-up to the Washington elite, and he did on January 3rd!  That is to be admired.. a politician who keeps their word!

His Facebook, Twitter and Contact links: ~ ~

 Paul Broun

Paul BROUN, Representative of Georgia, 10th District

Representative Broun has been a member of Congress since 2007. He recently voted against the Fiscal Cliff Deal, citing:  “We need a dramatic new direction if we hope to ever get our fiscal house in order.” He was the only one out of the Georgia house members who not only voted against the fiscal deal, but Boehner as well.

If you are an Allen West fan, you will also be pleased to know that Paul Broun voted for former Rep. Allen West for Speaker. Broun explained: “After careful consideration, I opted to cast my vote for a new Speaker of the House… but under his leadership, this Congress has failed to address the root of our nation’s fiscal crisis —  the out-of-control spending in Washington.”  Broun is serious about cutting spending and restoring prosperity to our economy and the American people.

Please like and share his Facebook page if you agree:

Louis GOhmert Close-up

Louis GOHMERT, Representative of Texas 1st District

Congressman Gohmert is serving his fourth term in the United States House of Representatives. He was first sworn in on January 4, 2005.  Everything you need to know regarding his vote against Speaker Boehner is in my previous post.  He goes on record saying that John Boehner probably won votes at the last minute by bribing politicians who were on the fence with special favors and committee appointments or bills to be looked at.  “We don’t do earmarks anymore.  That use  to be the way you would get people on board.” It is admirable to see such honesty and courage amidst so much corruption and spinelessness. Oh, did I forget?  Louis Gohmert vote for ALLEN WEST for Speaker.  Rep GOHMERT rocks!

Facebook and Contact Information:!/pages/Louie-Gohmert/50375006903

 Congressman Huelskamp

Tim HUELSKAMP, Representative of Kansas,  “the Big First” District

Congressman Huelskamp has served in Congress since 2010, and was one of the four purged by Speaker Boehner on December 3rd.  Representative Huelskamp voted for Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan for Speaker on January 3rd, and plans to continue his battle against House leaders, citing “After two years of establishment leadership, I believed it was time for someone who would fight for our conservative principles.” He added that “voting against a sitting speaker of the House was a great risk. They will punish me. They will attack my family. But America is too important to be lost to overspending, high taxes, and big government. I refuse to stand by and allow our country to be destroyed.” What country are we living in?  This reminds me of Fidelian-style tactics of political persecution! I am not exaggerating.

His contact information is as follows:  He is serving on two committees which he would like for you to “like” to get updates on: House Committee on Small Business and House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. Please LIKE these pages so you can stay-up-to-date on the latest activity of each and to show him your support, of course.  I already did.

Walter Jones

Walter JONES, Representative of North Carolina, 3rd District

Walter Jones voted against the Fiscal Cliff Deal, saying:  “Last night I voted against the fiscal cliff deal that passed both the House and Senate … It is well passed time that Washington puts our nation’s fiscal house in order and this bill simply fell short.” Needless to say, what he did was heroic considering he  was also one of the four fiscal conservatives purged from the House Financial Services Committee by John Boehner, who punishes Representatives for doing their job!

This is interesting:  Congressman Walter B. Jones voted to replace current Speaker of the House John Boehner with David Walker, President Ronald Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of Labor, and Comptroller General of the United States and head of the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

You will see this comment on his facebook page: “America cannot afford to continue down the path we’re on. The debt is strangling this nation.  Speaker Boehner has done the best he could, but this House of Representatives was elected to stop the spending, and time and again, opportunities have been missed.”

A big Kudos to Walker who has dedicated his life to actually walking the walk and not just talking.  So easy, and yet, so difficult for the rest to understand.

His Facebook Page is!/pages/Walter-Jones/15083070102?fref=ts


These six representatives did WHAT was right.  They are probably not seeking approval or pats on the back because they have a moral compass that guides their decisions. It would still be nice to let them know we are aware of their sacrifice.  The fact that they will face challenges and adversity because they chose to do what is right is CRIMINAL!  Remember, the GOP and John Boehner are against We-the-People, so anyone representing our interests will be punished.  Shame on OUR Speaker who does NOT stand up or speak for us, and SHAME on all who voted for John Boehner’s renewal! There is no excuse for having done so.



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2 responses to “Twelve Representatives Who Deserve Our Thanks and Recognition (I of II)

  1. Christopher Fromme

    Isabel, I visited Louie Gohmert’s office in DC on Jan 3 and let his staff known that his actions where appreciated by the conservative base.

    • Isabel Matos

      He is awesome! I have spent more than two days just catching up with them. Not only did I post the articles on each of their walls last week, I add a comment whenever they appear on my news feed now, or just repost the articles. It can be a lonely place for them in Washington. They need to know there is a network of support for them.

      Thanks for sharing that. It already made my day!

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