Colin Powell is a Liar and Should Exit the Party If He Does Not Like It!


By Isabel Matos

Colin Powell was doing his rounds on Sunday talk shows insinuating how the Republican Party is intolerant.  He used as an example a phrase by Sarah Palin to make his point:  “When I see a former governor say that the president is shuckin’ and jivin’, that’s a racial era slave term.”  This proves he is not only out of touch, but ignorant as well because this has been explained at length by her and her brother, but I don’t want to make the article about his comments today.

This is to reveal the true character of Colin Powell ~ a man whose is guided not by a moral compass but by what he gains from those who he is trying to impress.  His actions, both recent and past, should be known by all, especially GOP Voters.  So-called Republicans like him do not help our cause, and are convenient tools our opponents use to further divide us.

Colin Powell is wrong about our party.  It is the party of the Right Message.. a message which is NOT racist, intolerant or extreme. Unlike others who think he should stay in the Party to expose what a fool he is, I would rather suggest to him to find the nearest EXIT door and start his own “C” (for Cocktail) Party if he does not like ours.  I wouldn’t care if he left today.

The following is a personal account of what Colin Powell did during the My Lai Massacre incident in Vietnam by a friend who shared it in my group yesterday.
By Carl Irwin 
Everyone has heard about the My Lai Massacre that took place in Vietnam, I know a lot about that incident because I was in that unit, not the infantry company that did the killing, but the infantry battalion they belonged to.  I am not going to go into what happened or waht caused it to happen, but the aftermath.
A high ranking officer in our unit withheld letters from soldiers telling about what happened and also lied to reporters and military investigators about what
happened, and that officer was Captain Colin Powell, and he was rewarded very well for his loyalty.  Look at his background, there is nothing there that ever qualified the man for the high positions he was later given.  The guy will do or say anything to promote Colin Powell and will stab anyone or group in the back if that is what it takes.
This is a picture of our firebase which was only about 5 miles from My Lai. At the top right of the picture is the village of Tu Mai, which is a refugee camp we set up. Any people outside of that camp were considered enemy and were fired upon. The firebase you are looking at was hit every single day with anywhere from 5 to 30 motor and rocket rounds. The only way in and out of the base was by air.  For most of its existence the NVA had the base cut off from roads leading into it.
my lai massacre
Carl thinks that Colin Powell’s portrayal as being an honorable is a myth and a symptom of the times we live in. His military accomplishments are questionable at best. The fact is, according to Carl, his importance is blown way out of proportion.  I agree!
Just for your reference, and to reinforce what was written above, I was able to obtain the article below provided by two other friends. It supports Carl’s version of Captain Colin Powell’s choice to lie about the My Lai Massacre.  All of this leaves us wondering, what else has he been lying about? And why would anyone in the GOP ever want support or have associations with him if he is so dishonorable?


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14 responses to “Colin Powell is a Liar and Should Exit the Party If He Does Not Like It!

  1. I agree, Powell should leave the Party. Unfortunately, he knows he’s too valuable to his Leftist buddies by staying in the Party. We’re stuck with him, I’m afraid.

    • Isabel Matos

      Hi Bruce!

      I know we differ about the Third Party idea, but it has a lot to do with the comment you just made. Let me ask you this (apart from Sarah making her decision on it or not).. Would you rather leave the party, inconvenience yourself and a whole lot of other people to start one, than face these people head on?

      To me, it’s time to be truthful and not pull punches. Why should we leave a party when all these RINOS are confused about its message?

      If they don’t like what the true and timeless conservative message of the party is, exemplified by Ronald Reagan, then good riddance! My opinion is in part symbolic, and in part serious. A very toothless and bland progressive agenda since Bush 41 has resulted in the demise of the party over 30 years. We have given the power to the left. It’s time to do something from within. Running FROM a problem is never going to help SOLVE the problem.

      So happy you came by! I enjoy the debate. Thanks so much.

  2. USNVET65

    Funny how the Republican party (Bush) made Powell top General, and secretary of defense then secretary of state and the republican party showed him nothing but the utmost respect and typically he bites the only party that gave him a chance. Lincoln (republican freed the slaves)

    The Republicans even offered him a shot to run for the presidency

    The Democraps wanted to make sure blacks were disarmed during the 1940’s until present time

    Mr. Powell never read up on history and like the Clinton’s he has selective amnesia

    Amazing what loyalty or lack of money can buy

    We are blessed with the best congress and senate money can buy

    • Isabel Matos

      I could not agree with you more! And you made me chuckle because our Congress has all been bought. We could probably curb all the corruption in just one election cycle by asking them to do their jobs for free.

      I think it’s great you brought up Powell’s appointment with the Bushes. I remember when Colin Powell was chosen to endorse Bush 43. He was so haughty and smug and made himself hard to get, but when he finally did, it’s as if he had been “paid” to do it. He really didn’t feel for the party. I remember he reluctantly accepted the chance to speak at the convention. He had an attitude then about abortion as well. But what I will never forget is his over-reaction to the issue of the WMD’s in Iraq .. rather than be loyal to and defend the president, he took extreme personal offense to it saying it was the lowest point in his career. He was so full of himself! It’s always been about him. That never sat well with me either.

      Just a note about the Bushes, I have never thought of them in a negative way. Never. It’s important for me to say that because I am not doing any of this out of a personal need to bash the family. I was not brought up that way, and I don’t have an ounce of hatred towards them. This is about the TRUTH. Voters who choose to lie to themselves are not helping to clean up our party. Leaving is not the answer. As we learn about these things surfacing, it gives us higher MORAL ground to tell them as I did: Get with our program, or get out!

      I am glad I am not a Democrat, but this is not about Them v. Us anymore. This is about exposing how the GOP is against us. We have 4 years to clean up our side, 2 until the next election.

      Thanks for stopping by. Again, awesome comments!

  3. would Powell ever respond to these hits on him about Vietnam, the answer to that is no, he would rather slide down a razor blade on his bare ass.

    • Isabel Matos

      ROFL!!! The one and only.. You are such a gift every day. I enjoy your words of wisdom mixed with sarcasm and cutting humor. By the way, OUCH! I don’t even want to picture that in my mind.

      Thanks for letting me post this everywhere. It’s getting a lot of attention. Everyone was talking about what he said, but to hear a first hand account just makes it that much more disgusting. I hope this opens up the can of worms that is the way things are done in Washington. Like I was mentioning to the lady earlier, something never sat well with me with him, and he acted like he was better than us. The joke will be on him, because he is making a real arse out of himself with all this.

      Thanks for coming by and for letting me share your story (there are so many more, too!)

  4. Isabel, I said Powell should leave the Party in my above comment., not me.
    I’d also like you to know that between the 2009 inauguration of Obama up till the 2012 election, I was a warrior for “remove and replace” within the Republican Party, and worked in the trenches both locally and on line to further that strategy, and to attempt to convince as many as possible not to vote third Party.
    I had a very public blow out with Mark America prior to the 2012 election over that very issue, as I fought tooth and nail to convince him and his readers not to vote third party or boycott the election because Romney was not their choice.
    He wasn’t mine either, but I was looking at the big picture of defeating Obama
    We, you and I, have not disagreed on anything to date, Simply because I made the aside remark, in frustration, after this last election, that I’m leaning towards considering a third party…you missed the proviso that I was waiting for Sarah to speak on the issue before I decided.
    Which means, if she says no third Party, then I’m not going to be leaning that way anymore…
    I’ll let you know when we have a REAL disagreement (kidding 🙂

    • Isabel Matos

      Hey, glad you came back to clear that up.

      I was just wanting to know what you thought about it, because we are probably not going to hear from Sarah before 2014 because she would give her cards away. Time is on her side.

      About the rest.. ll the people who we know who were against Romney have been vindicated, including Mark, but it was difficult when there was no choice but to vote for Romney, for us to get on board after all we knew about him. People resisted. I never cared about Romney, so I dealt with it like necessary medicine. It is our PARTY that really makes my blood boil. They never cared that we were divided, they ignored our cries that said no to Romney. It is because of them that we lost this election, not us. We have the moral high ground to reclaim what is rightfully ours.

      I don’t care about Colin Powell. He has been exposed for the fool that he is. I don’t care about the establishment pundits. They are never right! You should see their track record in previous elections.. abysmal! All I care about right now is fighting the pernicious establishment and establishment MENTALITY that the voters have, too. We HAVE TO kick it up a few notches. EXIT the party means WE are HERE, we’re not going anywhere, so DEAL with it or leave!

      I hope if there is ever any disagreement between us that you don’t tell me. 🙂 !! From one tireless warrior to another (that remove and replace sounded impressive lOl!

      • If I know Sarah, I believe that if she sees the movement towards a third party gaining too much momentum, and she doesn’t think it’s the right strategy, I believe she would speak up to head it off.

        You know what, Isabel? I’m so frustrated and TIRED after the 2010 and 2012 battles, that all I’m good for right now is that little morning email and some minimal, local work for a hometown 2014 candidate.

        I’ll get the fire back eventually 🙂

      • Isabel Matos

        HA! I don’t blame you for being tired. I started just a year and a half ago and it feels like I haven’t slept for that long, but I have news for ya. This will not be over any time soon. This is forever now. 24/7. We must stay healthy, strong and happy to be the best warriors out there! 🙂

        I have an idea.. there are 12 amazing representatives who actually did something right. Sleep on that tonight and start anew tomorrow. I will be right here. Nothing is more important to me right now, but I am not indispensable. None of us is, so we have to find time for the niceties in life (I just learned that word by the way), and pace ourselves.

        GOOD post.

  5. Isabel, you’re the best! Love how you’re starting to help shape this argument – the winning strategy, perhaps? – that, NO, it’s not US that needs to leave the GOP, but it’s the RINOs and the GOPe that need to become one of us, take the Conservative pledge and toss
    those “go-along-to-get-along” policies of Dem-lite that have got us absolutely NO WHERE!! Actually, I’m wrong: They have gotten us somewhere: Namely, on the losing side every time!! Personally, I’m sick of losing, but I’m even sicker of following RINO “leadership” to the polls! 2012 was the watershed year for THAT bit of nonsense and foolishness! 2014 must see us go all out for Conservative values & candidates; even a loss among many victories would be preferable to losing with a loser candidate!!

    BTW, that was quite a revealing report about Colon Bowel (as one very sarcastic blogger renamed him in the wake of his idiot remarks!), but it almost lends a bit of credence to “Reporting for Duty” Kerry’s accusations upon his return from Vietnam. As the first-hand reports themselves attest, and despite a widespread dislike – and distrust – of the Vietnamese civilians on the part of our conscripted military, I don’t think the atrocities were that universal – albeit, apparently, they were counterproductive and, in many cases, simply unnecessary acts of war.

    • Isabel Matos

      I am sick of losing, too, Joy! We cannot afford four more of the same in our party. Those Rinos need to take a hike!

      We should not reward failure. That is what the left does. We need to pray really hard for the strength and confidence to face this, and more, head on.

      It is not easy, but the only way to beat a pernicious entity is to be more pernicious than the entity! I am tenacious and I believe! I believe Good conquers Evil in the end.

      It is appalling and clear to me that, but FOR the GOP, we would not have the president we have. His present measures to control guns is very unsettling. These are scary times but we have to keep forging ahead and be restless, restless and determined to fight to win the war, not just fight small battles.

      Thanks for coming by, most gracious and kind lady. We have the truth on our side. God will protect us if we let Him.

  6. lemonv

    We could boot out those undeserving when the mid term elections comes and when those we voted in does not follow the tea party (and Sarahs”) principles of:

    1.fighting the legal corruption (or as Sarah said nicely, crony capitalism)(must be Sarahs’ own intiative)

    2. An end to expanding the federal government via a respect for the Tenth Amendment

    3,Repealing Obamacare.

    4. No more runaway debt. This necessitates prioritizing and cutting spending.

    5. Energy independence, an “all of the above energy policy.” She distilled it down to this: “America’s economic revival starts with America’s energy revival.”

    6. Making America the most attractive country to do business. Included in this is eliminating all federal corporate taxes, which frees up job-creators but requires that they “stand or fall on [their] own.

    Then we should boot them out again in the next election cycle ad infinitum until it registered in their thick skulls that we the people meant business.

    Same goes when we the people vote for the Congressmen and Senators when the presidential election comes.

    That is the only way in my view that we could change the Beltway.

    • Isabel Matos

      If you read my article posted today, it is clear that they are afraid of the ground we are making. Sarah has all the qualifications and policies that are needed to get not only the party but the country back on trace. WE are all too blessed to have her. Can you imagine not having even had the chance to hope for true leadership, and how depressing our future would look like if it is taken over like it has been by the elite in our party.

      If each person had a moral compass like hers, we wouldn’t have corruption, runaway debt or ObamaCare, because leadership inspires others to lead. The party (our party) does not want us to have a moral compass so that they, like the left, can continue manipulating us.

      We are in a very unhealthy place. This country has a lot of work to do. I just hope and pray that people will be fed up enough to deal with what is coming in the next fours, see her as the Esther of our time, and change their ways.

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