Insecurities, Intransigence and Intolerance: Meet the Establishment’s GOP.

Mr. and Mrs. Wuss


I want you to take a good look at this picture. Does it make you feel proud and confident, or does it make you cringe and want to scream in frustration? Is this the face of a someone who represents you? Someone who looks healthy? Strong? Vibrant? Self-assured? It is not for me. One look at the body language of these two and all I think of is, insecurity issues compounded by a partner with co-dependent ones. It does not take a psychology degree to see that something is wrong. Looking at this picture makes me feel embarrassed for our party; however, John Boehner is the Speaker, and this is the face of the lame, weak and failed politics of not ours, but the Bush’s GOP establishment party.

What could be more pathetic than the look on John Boehner’s face? The fact that representatives on our side voted to renew his Speakership on January 3rd.

Voters, it’s time to get tough, and with some love, gather some courage to do something about the unhealthy state our party is in. This picture should make you angry, not sad.

Although John Boehner answers to Obama, he shows contempt for us. Although he is afraid of Obama’s shadow, he has much bravado for the Conservatives in his base. It is lamentable and unacceptable that he continue to be rewarded for failing us. John Boehner was losing support for his speakership and had to resort to bribing representatives with favors in exchange for votes to retain his position, so it cannot be that hard to do. We do not have to deal with him.

John Boehner must be pressured to RESIGN!

Just this week, at the Inaugural speech, the president suggested “to the people” that Congress wasn’t needed to pass an agenda on their behalf. He had also expressed through a spokesman, that his goal was to annihilate the Republican party, which John Boehner has openly admitted to. This picture of Mr. Wuss and Mrs. Wuss-Enabler is not a joke. I did not post it to poke fun at him or their marriage. Mocking or making jokes will not change anything. What must change is our refusal to accept this dysfunctional situation we are in, where those who fail to represent us are rewarded, time and time again.

This crisis of leadership requires intervention. Let’s face it, we are leaderless. John Boehner’s character flaws and style of leadership have produced positive results for our President and his policies, not ours, which is why Obama loves him. Is that who we should accept as Speaker? How much more punishment can we take before it is too late and even more damage will have been done? Speak up, Conservatives, or forever you will have to hold your peace! At least let your position be known ~ I am against John Boehner because he is against me.

One more picture to bring the point home. We can be the enablers, or are we can be the heroes who show John Boehner the door to have a healthy leadership again. There is no excuse for him to continue as Speaker. None. A lot is at stake, and it’s up to you to MAKE it happen. Don’t forget, it’s OUR party, not Theirs.

Mr and Mrs Wuss


Even if his supporters don’t like it, I will continue to insist that Marco Rubio is carrying water for Jeb Bush. I am not seeking to single out, mock or trash Senator Rubio. I still like even love him because he is a fellow Cuban-American, but I know that his greatest weakness is his blind ambition, and it is being exploited by both the left and right on our side who continue to think, in all their self-unawareness, that they (via him) will have a winning message for 2016. It is beyond frustrating to witness.

Immigration Reform is not the answer to our problems. Hispanics do not vote on Immigration. It is a myth that needs to be dispelled. Charismatic leaders with a winning Conservative message are

The Establishment’s party does not care about the fact that constituents do not want Amnesty. Rubio’s case looks strong, but is quite weak. He has to resort to posting positive comments from the list below to push a phony buzz about it. This ill-conceived notion that Immigration Reform will bring the party back comes from Jeb Bush’s concerns about us not being the party of the white guy.  I hate to be repetitive, but he is behind all this, and Rubio is his useful idiot, as well as the useful tool for the left who wants us to be divided.  The party is pushing Immigration Reform as the answer to our problems the same way they pushed the mantra that Romney was “the most electable” in 2012.  On the one hand, it is laughable; but again, the stakes are so high, that we cannot afford to joke about this. It is  who and what we are dealing with.

Here is Marco Rubio’s impressive list (not) of supporters of his plan:

1. Representative Paul Ryan: “Senator Rubio Is Exactly Right On The Need To Fix Our Broken Immigration System. I Support The Principles He’s Outlined (Paul Ryan will do or say anything to get along in Washington.)

2. James Pethokoukis from American Enterprise Institute: “But The Rubio Plan Is A Thoughtful, Solid Start, And I Look Forward To Hearing More Details, Including The Parts Concerning Legal Immigration, High-Skill And Otherwise.” (Who is he?)

3. Grover Norquist Of The Americans For Tax Reform Told Right Turn It Was ‘A Good Step In The Right Direction. (Norquist is no friend of Conservatives. He has links to the Muslim Brotherhood and also wants to make Puerto Rico a fifty-first state.)

4. American Conservative Union’s Al Cardenas: “Kudos to @MarcoRubio for leading on immigration reform w/ conservative principles. Now the hard work begins. Don’t let libs get ahead.” Remember Al Cardenas was the one pushing for Jeb Bush to be drafted at last year’s CPAC.

5. (My personal favorites): Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, both whose comments were taken out of context.

Do you know who is not on the list? You and I. Why is the humble opinion of those who voted for him not on there? Eat Your Peas, GOP Voters! We know what is best for you. Just sit down and shut up! Rubio does not answer to us, but to the Establishment leaders of our paty who helped groom him to be the “Rising Star” and future of the Republican Party? It reminds me of this clip in the movie “City Hall” (please don’t miss it!)


Speaking of eating your peas, and insecurities.. I want to be clear: I do not want to see the party split, but we are dealing with a GOP mentality that it can do no wrong: dense, self-unaware and intolerant.

The Republican “Insecurity” Council

is so insecure and intolerant that I was banned from posting these comments on their wall:  “GOP and BUSH Inc. IS AGAINST We-the-PEOPLE. Enough of the touchy-feely Bushy wishy-washy RINO-y distractions. Get With the PROGRAM! It’s not about personality, it’s about MESSAGE and the Message has not been delivered ~ conservative principles, not “reform conservatism” or “compassionate conservatism” or “immigration reform”. None of those terms are in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. We need GOP Reform! Wake UP GOP Voters! Your party is against you.”

The fact is, the GOP is against We-the-People. It is the party of Bush, Inc., and it has not been listening to us for 25 years. It’s time to mercilessly let them know their party is over. Step aside! We’re here. We’re not going anywhere.

I shall end my activist commentary with this question: Do you want to continue being the party of WUSS or be respected and feared as the party of FIGHT? It’s up to you. I know who leads me. I feel his spirit in me, and I hope you will, too. We must speak up. We must tell the truth relentlessly. We must have each others’ backs. We are in the belly of the beast already so there’s no turning back. It’s time to confront our enemy and overcome our fears. Self-preserve. Stay healthy. Be patient. But, above all..




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2 responses to “Insecurities, Intransigence and Intolerance: Meet the Establishment’s GOP.

  1. Christopher Fromme

    The Republicans are trying again to be democrats and all they will do is lose support of the base. The Dem’s will take credit for amnesty

    • Isabel Matos

      The Democrats will not use the term Amnesty which is why this is win-win situation for them. They garner “latino” support, but don’t get the backlash our side does. Look at Senator McCain’s comments on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday:

      Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said that the Republican Party has to accept a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants as part of an immigration-reform package.. that a group of bipartisan senators would be announcing “principles” on immigration reform this week, which he said was similar to a plan unveiled during President George W. Bush’s second term that ultimately failed.

      McCain said there’s one big reason that his party has to loosen its opposition to providing a path to citizenship.

      “Look at the last election,” he said. “We are losing dramatically the Hispanic vote, which we think should be ours for a variety of reasons, and we’ve got to understand that.”
      Who benefits from this? Certainly not us. Joh McCain has been the left’s useful tool for a while now. I will repeat this until I go blue in the face: Hispanics do not vote on Immigration Reform, so who are they appealing to? This situation is divisive, aggravating, and our leaders make us work harder than we have to because they don’t care or listen to what we have to say. The people know best. Where is their common sense? It is simply jaw-dropping!

      Thanks for coming by, Christopher.

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