Alive and Kicking, More or Less!


By Gary P Jackson

Wow, what a wild last few weeks!

As readers know, I’ve been away from the helm of our website for the past several weeks due to some health issues. Without boring everyone with the long details, I have an arthritic condition called gout, that while normally under control, can sometimes flare up with devastating results. Many people have this condition, and flare-ups usually only effect a joint or two, usually feet, or knees. With me, it hits every single joint I have. This usually requires more aggressive treatment when it happens. [Hospitalization]

To complicate matters, whilst dealing with this attack, and the severe joint pain associated with it, I also experienced massive chest pains. This of course, was of some concern, as in March of 2012 I had a heart attack and a stent placed to open up a clogged artery.

I always say God works in mysterious ways. I had been feeling a tad slow over the past few months and had an appointment to get looked over anyhow.

As it happens, the stress, and physical pain, from the gout attack caused the heart to go into overdrive, and testing showed the stent that was placed last March had failed. The type I had chosen [yeah, they let you choose] has a 7% failure rate. Call me Mr 7% from now on!

Anyhow, last week, the cardiology team at Scott and White placed two new stents of a different [and hopefully better] manufacturer. Easy deal. You’re actually fully awake for the procedure.

The big issue has been the after effects of the gout attack. I found myself unable to walk, or even stand a week after the attack had been finally gotten under control. Not fun, and of course this meant other treatment was required.

So, for the past week I’ve been undergoing some long, hard core physical therapy at Scott and White’s state of the art facility at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco, Texas.

I have nothing but praise for everyone at Scott and White, from the ER staff, to the nurses and aides, to, of course, the cardiology team. All are top notch. That said, I cannot say enough about the team here at Hillcrest. I came in knowing we had a bit of work to do, and told the ladies to work me hard, good advice they didn’t need! They work you like a rented mule for three to four hours a day. No excuses, no mercy! It’s exactly what was needed, and now I’m walking under my own steam again.

For the past few years my daily routine includes walking two to five miles daily for exercise. Not quite there yet, but good enough to be getting out of here tomorrow. [Friday]

This is a very hard working dedicated crew up here. They deserve all kinds of praise.

I was especially impressed since I came through the emergency room, and had few items with me, like a cell phone charger, and other goodies. The nurses and staff were more than helpful rounding things up. In fact, I’m typing this on one of my therapist’s laptop!

It’ll take me some time to get back in the full swing of things, and I’ll have more therapy and doctor visits as a follow-up, but I am ready to get back into battle. As Conservatives, we find ourselves fighting a three front war. We’re battling the liberal swine, the dishonest, corrupt media, and the Republican Party machine. I know we can’t spare a single warrior either.

I want to thank all of our loyal readers for their kind words and prayers. I also want to thank Whitney and Isabel who have been cranking out great articles and commentary in my stead. We are all blessed to have so much talent in one spot!

God bless all of you and please keep up the fight!

Gary P Jackson
Editor & Publisher,

A Time For Choosing



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8 responses to “Alive and Kicking, More or Less!

  1. What an ordeal! So glad to hear you’re better. The Lord was definitely watching over you.

  2. Gary, glad you’re getting better. Turns out, we have more in common than I had guessed.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks Mark. Evidently so!

      Keep up the fight bro. Been trying too keep up with your writings while I was away. Great stuff.

  3. Linda kinnear

    Glad you are feeling better, stay strong and I’ll keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks Linda! I’ve been very blessed by the thoughts and prayers of so many of you. I’m glad to be back in the real world and ready to get back to the fight for Liberty and Freedom.

  4. Michael

    Wow. Glad to hear that you are ok. Prayed for you when I heard that you were in the hospital.

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