Exclusive: The Washington Post Receives Coveted Fishwrapping Contract with Seattle’s Pike’s Place

by Whitney Pitcher
news_fish (1)

Washington D.C.–The Washington Post announced in a press conference today that they  received a coveted contract with Seattle’s famous fish market, Pike’s Place, to become the exclusive provider of fish wrap for the market.  

The Post’s Kevin Merida, who was just named managing editor earlier this month, said, “this is a step in an exciting and bold direction for the Post. We want the Washington Post to reach not just to the District of Columbia, but also to Washington state as well. We do share the same name, and we want our excellent news coverage and in depth analysis to reach from the Potomac River to Puget Sound”. 

A press release from Pike’s Place noted that the market was thrilled with the partnership: “We are known for having fun at Pike’s Place, and we think that this new relationship will added need depth and seriousness to our efforts to bring fresh fish to Seattle and its tourists.” The release also noted, ” we are glad that the Post takes diversity so seriously as to expand their outreach to new species”.  

The Sierra Club also was pleased to hear of the contract. Their executive director, Michael Brune, noted that the Washington Post prints their newspaper on post consumer recycled paper and uses soy based ink. Brune also stated, ” Pike’s Place previously used non-recycled fish wrap. This is a step in right direction to make sure that our nation’s precious trees are being preserved”. 

The contract begins in March of 2013. The Washington Post beat out the New York Times and Politico’s print edition for the contract. Newsweek had to withdraw their proposal after recently suspending their print edition. 

The above passage is quite obviously satirical. However, when a “journalist” is operating with a biased agenda, satire appears like legitimate news. Earlier today, Suzi Parker of the Washington Post based and entire post around a “story” at a satirical website that claimed Governor Sarah Palin had signed on with Al-Jazeera to reach out to religious people. The article’s overarching point was that Governor Palin was supposedly trying desperately to hang on to relevancy, yet if she were truly irrelevant, why would the media have to grasp at straws to find something to pin on Palin?

For the Washington Post, this is par for the course. Since Palin burst on to the scene in 2008, the Washington Post has aimed to smear the Governor at every turn. During the 2008 election, then blogger Dave Wiegel, who covered conservative politics at the site, operated an email list among journalists to coordinate stories. Later, in 2010, it was revealed that these email exchanges included discussion on how to cover speculation that Governor Palin was not the mother of her son, Trig. Weigel left the Washington Post shortly after the news of this email list hit only to be replaced by “conservative” Jennifer Rubin. Rubin was complementary of Palin when she wrote at Commentary, but within eight days of signing on at the Washington Post, she began to slam Palin. As I wrote nearly two years ago:

Last November, the Washington Post hired Jennifer Rubin to replace journolister, Dave Weigel, as their “conservative” blogger. Yes, those quotation marks are needed. Many, including Newsbusters, saw this hire as a step in the right direction for the Washington Post, as Rubin replaced the unscrupulous Weigel and had a great tenure writing for the neoconservative outlet Commentary.In fact, prior to her departure from Commentary, Rubin wrote at least four lengthy pieces supporting and defending Governor Palin. Rubin wrote articles supporting Governor Palin’s non-elitism, highlighting her as a strong Tea Party voice, offering high praise for Governor Palin’s political instincts, and defending Governor Palin against those who criticized her Restoring Honor rally speech.

What a difference a new employment contract makes! Rubin was announced as a new conservative commentator for the Washington Post on November 23, 2010 writing a blog called “Right Turn” and eight days later, wrote her first anti Palin screed arguing that Governor Palin was not a front runner for the GOP presidential nomination and poo pooing Governor Palin’s use of the term “death panel”–a phrase that Rubin was supportive of in her articles at Commentary. 

This kind of anti-conservative coverage has continued, as Rubin bashed Senator DeMint when he resigned from the Senate and knocked Senator Ted Cruz’s early days in Washington D.C.

Those who don’t wear the conservative moniker,and some who even claim to be objective have engaged in this type of behavior as well. When Governor Palin’s emails were released in the Summer of 2010, the Post’s “journalists”, obviously averse to the idea of performing due diligence and actual research, crowd sourced the emails, asking readers to find juicy tidbits about Palin. During the 2012 election, shortly after writing a piece on how sexist it was that the media focused on Michelle Obama’s clothes, one Washington Post “She the People” blogger spent most of a post criticizing what Governor Palin wore at a rally for Missouri Senatorial candidate Sarah Steelman.

Just recently, Chris Cillizza, who has been less-than-objective to Governor Palin in the past wrote a lengthy post declaring Palin irrelevant following her decision not to renew her contract with FoxNews. Just a few short weeks later, Cillizza invoked Palin’s name to take a shot at both Palin and the Pope when the Pope announced his resignation. While Palin is still supposedly irrelevant in his eyes, she was still relevant enough to mock.

To be sure, the Washington Post is known to smear and misrepresent many conservatives, but it is especially   apparent and pointed when it comes to Governor Palin. When Palin gave her acceptance speech at the RNC  in September 2008, she looked right into the camera and noted that she wasn’t aiming to seek the media’s approval; she was aiming to serve the people of the country. That is what she has done. She served Alaska as governor leading to multiple credit upgrades, ethics reform, and strong budgets for the state. She has supported conservative candidates, rallied the Tea Party faithful, helped in tornado relief in Alabama, visited Haiti after a devastating earthquake, flew thousands of miles to attend the memorial service of a fallen hero on her birthday. Palin often notes that only dead fish go with the flow. Palin is no dead fish, but the media who continue to claim her irrelevance may find their writing only serve to wrap actual dead fish, proving that real irrelevancy lies with the legacy media.


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7 responses to “Exclusive: The Washington Post Receives Coveted Fishwrapping Contract with Seattle’s Pike’s Place

  1. Annie

    Word is the WaPo contract with Pikes Place Fish market will likely fall through because of the Post’s lack of complete coverage, tendency to smear, and the yellow tinge that permeates its journalistic endeavors. Alas.

  2. It’s the Pike Place Market. I’ve never understood why out-of-staters insist on calling it Pike’s Place. I’ve even heard that in a formal context on TV.

    Pike Place. Say it with me, people… Piiikkeee Plllaccee. No s. No apostrophe.

    Whitney, I know this isn’t your fault. It’s just a pet peeve of mine being from the Seattle area.

  3. dariaanne

    I’ve been to the Pike Place Market many times, during my days of working for Washington Mutual Bank as a Program Manager based in South Florida. Always loved the area but hated the long flight as someone who battles an intense fear of flying…lol. Sadly, most of my Seattle-based co-workers were committed lefties, though typically friendly, as were most people I met there.

    Great piece, Whitney. Although I don’t think the Washington Post deserves the honor of being the fish wrap of choice for Pike Place Market. 😉

    As for Jennifer Rubin, what an utter disappointment she turned out to be! Meanwhile Sarah continues to zing ’em. I participated in her #sotUGottaBKiddingMe live-tweet last night and was hit with the stark reality that she is unmatched when it comes to taking on Obama with facts, clarity and plenty of well-deserved snark. If only GOP “Girlie Men” in elected office had an ounce of her courage. Sarah seems to be the only one (with a few exceptions) willing and able to fight effectively.

  4. Annie

    Being an Eastsider, wildninja, I can only offer an abject apology for my egregioussss error. You know how those rascals on the other side of the lake are. Maybe it’s sssimply a hisssss at the 5-mile-square festering pssshole in Sssseattle that continues to negate the votes of the rest of the state, and drag it further and further into a ssssocialissst fussster cluck of dependen(c)ssssy.
    Being from the Seattle area is a pet peeve of many others also, so we understand your irritation.

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