Sarah Palin Tweets Washington Post She’s Having Coffee With Elvis at Mocha Moose in Wasilla!


Yeah, it’s a pretty bad photoshop job. Never stopped us before, ain’t gonna stop us now!

By Gary P Jackson

This is simply delicious! After the Washington Post’s pathetic excuse for a “journalist” Suzi Parker wrote her nonsensical article, after falling for a satire piece claiming the Governor was going to work for Al Jazeera, Sarah Palin is having some fun with these nimrods on Twitter:

She gets in a dig at Dear Leader Obama as well:

Thanks to our friends at Twitchy #SuziParkerScoops is trending on Twitter, with hilarious results!

Michelle Malkin had a couple of tweets for Miss Suzi:

Word has it Parker was blocking anyone on Twitter who was using the #SuziParkerScoops hashtag. Many liberals act this way on Twitter. They can dish out their hateful rhetoric, but can’t take anyone criticizing them.

Our very own Whitney Pitcher added a few scoops for Miss Suzi:

Read more at Whitney’s feed here.

Read more fun tweets at Twitchy here.

One thing that sets Sarah Palin apart from many in politics today, and frankly, life in general, is she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and she can give as good as she gets. In this, she reminds me a lot of Ronald Reagan. Having a great sense of humor was one of the great things about Reagan. Palin too!



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6 responses to “Sarah Palin Tweets Washington Post She’s Having Coffee With Elvis at Mocha Moose in Wasilla!

  1. Jim Thompson

    Man, o man. I do believe it’s time to put out this warning: PDS(Palin Derangement Syndrome) may be hazardous to ones career opportunity, as well as your current Occupation. Failure to heed this warning, er advice will result as being a permanent resident of Bellevue Hospital taking up Paper Machet or Basket Weaving.In addition, you may be allowed to participate in the annual Fashion Show modeling the latest design of straight jackets. Otherwise, get with the program. It’s useless to resist the Palins.

    I stand with Sarah Palin!!!

  2. Hey Gary– glad you’re back. If you’re still here, your work on earth isn’t finished. Credit to God for getting you through your recent health crisis and rejoining us in cyberspace.

    That video’s like a bad dream you’d have when suffering from a fever although the song’s catchy…

    • Gary P Jackson

      God works in mysterious ways! If I hadn’t had that severe gout attack, they may have never found the heart problem. I feel very blessed. I’m very glad to be back.

      I figure I’ll be here a long time to come, as Heaven doesn’t want me and Hell is afraid I’d take over!!

      The Dire Straits video is kinda out there, it’s based on a 1960’s animated series. Was rather cutting edge in it’s day. That whole DS album has some great songs.

      • God knows exactly what He’s doing! I’m sorry you had to go through it but at the same time know this could have been worse.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Oh yeah! I’ve had these bad attacks before BTW, but never this bad. It is what it is. All I know is God is looking out for me. I’m blessed.

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