Why Marco Rubio Is Important

I am finally presenting my full response to Marco Rubio’s speeches in English and Spanish following SOTU last week.  Because I am a new user on youtube, I am limited to just fifteen minutes of presentation time.  I went over the mark by two minutes, so I had to use another channel, edit it, which was a nightmare, and upload it all over again. I am glad I figured it out before this year was over! Edit add (2/22/2013): It has come to my attention that the views on this article are far exceeding those on the clip. I can only attribute it to the fact that the video is embedded.  To upgrade on  Youtube I have to increase the views on my links. Please press “youtube ” in the link below. I know it is an extra step, but I would appreciate it.  Thanks.  (End Edit) Enjoy!

I saw the Rubio speech in Spanish, and it was superior to his presentation in English.  He was not nervous.  He did speak a little longer, appealing to single mothers at one point, which I thought was more pandering on his part.  Needless to say, everyone has been talking about the “sippy cup” incident.  He made a $100,000 off the sale of his water bottles, which is pathetic in itself, and he continues to make light of it worldwide.  It’s all fake!

Marco in Israel

For over a year and a half, I have focused on our GOP – its key players who are indeed our enemies, the endless steering and manipulation of the election process, and the corruption of Tea Party candidates.  Rove’s shenanigans are being exposed, and Marco Rubio’s association with him should attract our attention, because it is marking his departure from “the people”.  It is important to note that he defended Rove and the American Crossroads group’s project to find the most “conservative” electable candidates. In a one-on-one interview with The Brody File recently, Rubio said:  “They both have a place in politics”, referring to Rove and the Tea Party.  As we know, Rove has an abysmal track record of finding conservatives and has complete disdain (for whatever reason) for the Tea Party, thus the outrage.

Thieves always enter through the weakest links.

Rubio’s blind ambition is exploitable. Rove financed him in 2010 with millions, so that should concern us. His character flaw is also easy target for cunning by the left, and as a prop for Obama. As Rubio basks in opportunities for fame and attention, his false sense of “grandeur” is a gift to President Obama who can use it to his advantage.  I wish Rubio knew how much stature he will have lost because of his character flaw, blind ambition, and what a predicament it puts us in.  This IS his crossroads and the point of no return if he does not take seriously, not personally, these warnings.

Again, psychologically, the left knows Rubio would sell his soul for attention, unlike his supporters who do not want to see the truth. He is not feared or respected.  Someone needs to talk to Senator Rubio with maturity and honesty; unfortunately, those closest to him are not the least bit interested in the facts, or hearing those of us who want to share them.  As they continue to deny what is happening, Obama advances in all areas and with all groups while blaming and dividing Republicans.

If I were Rubio, I would stop listening to all my “yes” people. 

It cannot feel good to lose control of a message you intended to be taken seriously, or to be mocked and portrayed as an idiot on a national scale. It cannot feel good to lose the respect of constituents who were betrayed, not unless you do not have a conscience anyway. It remains to be seen if he does or does not. If Rubio wants to be taken seriously, he needs to heed these warnings seriously and not take them as personal attacks. They are for his own good and the party’s, which has been at the point of no return.

Just because Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are projecting their own integrity onto candidates, does not mean Rubio’s supporters should be gloating about his performance, corruption and comportment.  Eventually the truth will be known, and sooner than later if I can help it.  I am also very disappointed in other commentators comparing this incident to palinization.  Nothing could be further from reality. To compare self-afflicted wounds which he deserves to pay the consequences for by his actions, to the savage and unfounded lies, smears and violent threats against Sarah Palin’s life, is beyond insulting.

I have given Senator Rubio ample opportunity to show me he IS part of the solution, but he is officially “our problem child” now.  This latest episode is yet another red flag that he is headed in a wrong direction.

Supporters, put the RUBIO 2016 signs down!

Stop lying to your politicians, and to yourselves about them!  Eventually the truth will catch up with you and we will all have paid the price for such mistakes.  This is a team (against the Democrats), and weak players should not be encouraged!  Great public relations and $100,000 will never make up for what cannot be hidden. He is not Presidential material.  How did the mantra of Romney being the most electable work out for all of us? It’s happening all over again. If we don’t catch this in time, it will be impossible to fight it later.

Senator Rubio still has an open invitation, which I have extended through different channels, to have a face-to-face with me to discuss his association with our enemies.




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23 responses to “Why Marco Rubio Is Important

  1. Isabel, have you been peeking around in my brain?!? Those are the very thoughts & ideas that have been bouncing around in my quirky head ever since this Cuban0-American first came on the national scene! At first, as did so many of us, I was bowled over and VERY impressed. But now that he’s been in the Senate a couple of years, certain things/flaws – whatever you choose to call them – are emerging, not the least of which has been the eager-beaver move on the part of the GOPe/RNC to make him THEIR “boy!” That’s a dangerous & slippery slope – and it can only lead to disappointment &, possibly, political ruin.

    Anyway, your analysis so far is spot-on – and it deserves a MUCH wider exposure & distribution – which I’ll endavor to do through my various channels. It won’t come as a shock or surprise to Commonsense Conservative Patriots, but it might serve as a vital wake-up call to the others in our Movement that aren’t quite as in-tune with the back-room politics that are inevitably involved.

  2. Greg Gorski

    My response to the Republican “frontrunners” is this. LISTEN and take heed:

  3. Christopher Fromme

    I have the proof the Marco is not a Natural Born Citizen. At the time we were taking Obama to court in PA the man that got the info on the Rubio family history contacted his office and asked him to come clean and at the same time call out Obama for not being a NBC. Rubio’s office stonewalled him

    • Gary P Jackson

      Rubio is corrupt and most certainly a fraud, politically, but it’s debatable whether he’s natural born.

      Rubio was born in Miami, Florida, the second son and third child of Mario Rubio and Oria Garcia. His parents were Cubans who had immigrated to the United States in 1956 and were naturalized as U.S. citizens in 1975.

      Marco was born in 1971.

      This is something SCOTUS should have taken up with Obama. Now it’s too late, a precedent has been set.

      • Isabel Matos

        Marco Rubio is a natural born citizen. I still have a problem with his eligibility for being President because I do not think his parents were American citizens when he was born, despite what his supporters say. When asked directly,they just avoid a direct answer. The issue, because there is so much more to get him on, is a turn-off, but it bothers me. He came “out of nowhere” onto the national stage. How is it that all of this information is not out there anymore? It is possible it was scrubbed (it would not beyond Rubio, Romney or other corrupt politicians to do so).

        I never see Rubio with the people, either, have you?

    • I’m not surprised to hear that. I’ve been saying for the last three years that Rubio is hoping to ride into the presidency on the coattails of Obama’s usurpation.

  4. Well, you about summed up the problems with the Republican Party & the Tea Party & I applaud you for this. The Republican Party has betrayed us to corporate greed & payoffs (campaign contributions) by their lobbyists in D.C. (District of Corruption).

    A TIME TO STAND by Oliver is precisely like A TIME FOR CHOOSING so I recommend it as a must read cause it’s just decent Americans taking a stand against federal tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution (kind of like Bunker Hill). THE DIARY is a sequel & even better. I gave them out at Christmas as stocking stuffer since they didn’t cost much, but was a great read.

    The 2016 presidential election is going to be interesting, but I still feel that there has been no change in the Republican Party. It’s controlled by a few individuals & they are not about to give up their power.

    • Isabel Matos

      I cannot stop saying, “let’s bring all the 2016 campaigning to a complete halt!” (for now anyway).

      There is so much to discuss, that the minute a supporter pushes a candidate, they stop the conversation. It’s a turn off that leads us nowhere. We need to make progress WITHIN our party to avoid 2008 and 2012 being repeated. It is happening as we speak (the same mistakes of steering, ill-conceived strategies, and no real communication.)

      I am against the Democrats, but OUR party, including its voters, must be willing to do the dirty work of looking in the mirror and finding inconsistencies in reasoning. I wish the commentators would open up the conversation, but since they won’t, I will. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can expand this conversation in a more efficient way, please share your thoughts. I am willing to move this along quickly.

      The Cheerleading has to stop! It is NOT politics! It should be done ONLY and WHEN the race is going on. Rand Paul supporters are annoying many already because RAND PAUL wants attention, so he uses the gimmick of 2016, like Rubio, to trap supporters. It will not work. It is meaningless, time-consuming and divisive. It’s about them, not US, and VOTERS have to be aware of what is going on.

      We are shooting ourselves in the foot if and short-changin ourselves by NOT COMMUNICATING effectively. I don’t care to “get along” because I like a good debate; but at least, let’s agree on what NEEDS to be debated. I see a lot of shallowness, a lot of short-sightedness, and a lot of immaturity and childishness in this whole process. Voters don’t care to listen to the facts. They don’t read either. They just care to give opinions. Nothing could be worse for us than to have rigid, misinformed GOP VOTERS who think they know everything but WHO ARE part of the problem.

      Thanks for bring up those references, and for stopping by. I agree with everything you said.

  5. Christopher Fromme

    Obama had the money to fight the citizens that have taken him to court. He does not believe in the Constitution and the SCOTUS is chicken to rule on the case. So should the Republican’s ignore the Constitution also. When McCain ran they had a Senate Res that declared him a NBC it was a smoke screen to shield Obama

    • Isabel Matos

      Christopher, you may not have noticed, but I avoid speaking about Obama almost 99% of the time.

      First, because people get engulfed by taking on the vast left’s agenda, and I choose (this is my choice) to focus on what I can change so I do get overwhelmed. I will leave it up to those who are elected to do this work, politicians, to do that for me. I talk to my politicians to pressure them to do their job. That is MY job as a voter. We all have to be better at being “the People”.

      He also bores me to tears. You’ve seen one dictator you’ve seen them all. Obama is the equivalent of a smart car compared to the rolls royces of dictatorships. He is quite clumsy and should not be respected or feared. We just have such completely inept Republicans on our side, that he is made to look better and scarier than what he is. But for the thugs around him, he is just a garden-variety politician. He never wrote his own book, he can’t do speeches without the help of a teleprompter. He doesn’t really have a revolutionary vein.

      What has he done but repeat the same tired ideas of the past? He did not come up with his own views on how the world must change. He is NOTHING but a narcissist who has taken his issues and played them out on the world stage for all to suffer from. He is punishing us for his childhood. He needs a shrink to deal with his insecurities, his moral vacancy, and his horrible attitude towards women who threaten him. I’m not even mentioning the daddy issues.

      Sarah Palin makes him nervous and is the only person I’ve seen besides Jan Brewer who makes him look like a shivering fool, and just bad. That is why we need her, and yet, our GOP is stuck on STUPID! It must mean to me they really have no interest in taking him on. Like I said in the clip, being anti-communist is quite taboo for the leaders in our party.

      What happened in 08 when McCain was running, was that the media, clever as they are, chose McCain early on because he would be the guy they could beat, so they passed him along by not trashing him. McCain had been thinking about changing parties. They saw the weakness, and he eventually lost, as planned, in the end. The only time he didn’t lose was when Sarah Palin, unexpected choice came along.

      They tried to destroy with the wink and a nod of our GOP but it backfired. She will have been stronger than ever because of all the adversity thrown at her.

      In 2012, the same was done with Romney in 2012. He was the guy we didn’t want, so he got the pass from scrutiny. The same is being done with Rubio. Rubio is not being savaged like Sarah was. He is not the focus of ethics complaints. His family isn’t being targeted mercilessly and threatened violently like hers has been. It is to the left’s benefit to have someone like Rubio (to keep with the article’s title) who thinks he is the savior of the republican party, which is why I call him a useful tool, and I urge his supporters to see what is going on. They are so STUCK on pushing him for president, that they cannot be reasoned with. This belief that he has, which he is lying to himself to, is being exploited so the Dems can beat us in 2016.

      Rubio is a RHINO with an H, because he is unaware of what is going on. His supporters are RHINO voters because they dont see what is going on. That is my focus… to urge voters to see what is going on.

      Thanks for stopping by to chime in. We will prevail, I am confident, but we have to get the word out that the debate is no longer between the D’s vs. the R’s, but between the RHINOS (D’s and R’s) vs. us.

    • Gary P Jackson

      John McCain is a natural born citizen. Both of his parents were American citizens when he was born. [as were THEIR parents] Just because one was born out of the country, doesn’t disqualify them from being natural born, as long as BOTH parents are citizens.

      If we used your kind of logic, ANY child born to U S military personnel, while serving overseas, would be ineligible to be president.

      This nonsense has been going on for decades. The left tried to declare Barry Goldwater ineligible. Goldwater was born in Arizona, but before Arizona had been granted statehood. It got pretty ridiculous.

      • Isabel Matos

        Thanks for clearing up the last part of Christopher’s question, Gary. I had not addressed it in my answer.

        Christopher is right about Marco Rubio stonewalling and not pursuing Obama’s eligibility issue because it was a problem of his own. The stonewalling and forgetting when his parents came was all part of the attempt to make the NBC a non-issue, and it hurt the story he was trying to get across.

        His parents were exiles, there was nothing wrong with being in the U.S. before the revolution, because we as Cubans were living a good life, and were free to come and go as we wished. It is because he omitted this out of an eagerness to impress others, that caused reporters and others tp call this an embellishment, and they were right! He was using the plight of freedom for the sake of political gain, which is despicable to me. I will have more on this soon.

      • Have to disagree slightly with Gary and side with Christopher on one point: When the Senate passed that special resolution declaring McCain an NBC (natural born), it was really in response to the false charge of McCain’s supposed “ineligibility” ’cause of his being born in a Panamanian hospital, technically NOT “on US soil.” But Gary’s arguments, in detail, about cases of children being born outside the USA to US citizen parents is totally valid & without question. But at the time of that particular special resolution, I had the same gut reaction as did Christopher: Namely, the Dem (& GOP) weasels in the Senate HAD to take the heat off the entire subject, so I do believe that was the REAL motivating factor in their passage of the resolution. Besides, all those Old Boy Senators circle the wagons & stick together…

      • Gary P Jackson

        I suspect you are right, the Senate was possibly giving cover to Obama, by passing an absolutely meaningless resolution declaring McCain “natural born.” Congress can’t just declare someone “natural born.” one either is, or isn’t.

        Thing is, McCain didn’t need any resolution in the first place. Doesn’t matter where a child is born, as long as they are born to U S citizens. Obama’s status has been questioned by many, including myself, because his father was NOT a U S citizen and his mother was underage.

        The McCain thing started when Hillary supporter Phillip Berg not only sued Obama, but McCain as well, claiming neither were eligible.

        Look for questions to come up about both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

        Marco’s parents WERE NOT naturalized citizens when Marco was born. Questions arise.

        On the other hand, Ted Cruz’s mother was born in America, and his father became a naturalized citizen long before Ted was born, no question he’s eligible. Ted, of course, was born in Canada, while both parents were there on work visas.

      • Thanks, Gary – I think you made some good points that draw a distinction between Rubio & Cruz (in more ways than one, of course…) in this NBC discussion. But I’d like to see Cruz develop an even stronger base and greater following as a Conservative “lion” in the Senate (now that the false “lion” Ted K. has met his Maker…)!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Me too. I’m not a fan of congresscritters running for president in the first place. I’d love for Cruz to have a long career, but in my mind, I see him on the Supreme Court at some point. possibly chief justice.

      • Agreed!! In fact, I love the idea of a future position on SCOTUS for Sen. Cruz – he’s too valuable to throw to the media dogs if he ever decided to run for POTUS. Let him hold his seat in the Senate until a possible position, as you outlined, might one day materialize.

      • Gary P Jackson

        One thing about it, Cruz promised to shake things up in DC, and he has yet to disappoint!

        Here’s his latest that has the left going absolutely crazy:


  6. Karan

    Isabel: A “Tam” follower posted your link at Tammy Bruce’s website. I like what you had to say about Rubio. I love your passion. Keep up the good work. Karan L

    • Isabel Matos

      Thank you! This fight has just begun and the word needs to get out that his sense of grandeur is just that.. an illusion. He is not great. He is a garden variety politician like so many others, but in a position to do great damage to our party if we let him. It’s not personal. It’s serious.

      I appreciate your kinds words, and the heads-up about the post over at Tammy’s website. Tammy gets what is happening in the GOP, and Lisa does, too. She is amazing.

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